The history major at Wesleyan is designed to provide a solid background in different approaches to history crossing geographical, theoretical, and chronological boundaries. Courses focus on the nature of historical inquiry and seek to expose students to a variety of historical interpretations. Our program also places historical study in a comparative and international perspective, with great emphasis on helping students undertake significant individual research in the areas and eras most interesting to them. Through the study of history, students come to a fuller understanding of the nature of the human experience and the meaning of global citizenship. As historians, students gain experience in how to read critically, argue persuasively, and write effectively.

Major: History
Minor: History
Related Major and Minor: Political Science, Art History, International Relations, Religious Studies, Women's Studies
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Choose between 3 different degree programs: bachelor of arts, bachelor of fine arts, or bachelor of science in nursing.

Majors and Minors
Minors Only


  • Accounting     
  • Art History     
  • Art, Studio      
  • Asian Studies 
  • Biology
  • Business         
  • Chemistry       
  • Communication         
  • Economics      
  • Educational Studies   
  • English (Concentration in writing or literature)
  • Environmental Science          
  • Equine-Assisted Therapy       
  • Finance          
  • Forensic Science        
  • History
  • Mathematics 
  • Music 
  • Neuroscience 
  • Organizational Behavior        
  • Philosophy      
  • Political Science         
  • Pre-Law          
  • Psychology     
  • Reading          
  • Religious Studies       
  • Spanish          
  • Sport Management   
  • Theatre          
  • Women's Studies
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  • Allied Health
  • Dental
  • Engineering (dual-degree)
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Seminary
  • Veterinary
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Career Development

Career Development

A liberal arts education prepares you for your first job and your last. Wesleyan has a four-year plan to prepare students to make the connection between a liberal arts education and success in the workplace.

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Wesleyan offers 23 majors and 30 minors, as well as eight pre-professional programs. Students also have the opportunity to self-design their own major, combining two or more interdisciplinary major programs.

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Wesleyan’s student-centered approach to history allows students to find their own passions from the first day of class. From our survey courses, which emphasize using primary sources to build effective historical arguments, to our advanced research seminars, students have opportunities to find the moments of historical change that intrigue, excite, and inspire them. We even have a regular fall-semester course, “Reacting to the Past,” where students engage in exciting active-learning historical “games” to study and live some of the key turning points in history. Our advanced students have multiple opportunities to pursue guided research projects and students with solid reading ability in a second language are encouraged to use these skills to build unique and meaningful research agendas. History majors frequently present their findings both at our annual Celebrating Student Scholarship Day and at professional historical conferences around the Southeast.

History student presents work to classroom


Outside The Classroom

Our program emphasizes active learning and extra curricular and co-curricular opportunities to enhance historical study. All students are strongly encouraged to incorporate a study abroad or travel-study experience into their curricular plans.  History faculty have taken students to international destinations like France, Greece, and Japan, as well as on US trips to Washington, D.C., Chicago, Savannah, Tallahassee, and Civil Rights sites around the Southeast. Students have recently completed significant internships in the Wesleyan College Archives, with the Georgia Trust, with the National Park Service, and with other local historic sites. History majors also participate in our very successful Model United Nations team, work as teaching assistants for certain active learning courses, and serve as tutors to other students. 


Alumnae Jennifer Eadie Hopkins in her uniform.
Jennifer Eadie Hopkins ’14
History Major

My decision to attend Wesleyan was based on educational opportunities such as undergraduate research, study abroad, and the teacher to student ratio. Doing research at Wesleyan prepared me for my career in multiple ways. For starters, it made me confident in my skills as a researcher, taught me to explore different avenues of research like conducting interviews, and looking beyond the books in the library. I use what I’ve learned in my everyday life.


Wesleyan HISTORY Majors ATTEND TOP graduate PROGRAMS:

Indiana University, Howard University, Georgia State University, Eastern Carolina University, University of North Georgia 

Recent graduates have secured careers at prestigious organizations like the National Park Service and Bulloch Hall, Roswell Georgia.


Arts Administration

Work in any organization such as a theater, gallery, museum, arts center, dance company, etc. This career may include responsibilities in areas like finance, communication, public relations, buildings and facilities, and creative staff.

Theater Production

A theater production manager is responsible for the planning and running of the production of plays, operas, and events large and small including duties like verifying purchases, organizing meetings, and scheduling rehearsals.

Arts Marketing

Works to communicate what their organization has to offer, builds and promotes the brand for the organization, identifies new prospects as they become available, and strengthens the relationships they already have.

Public Relations

This career creates and maintains the positive image of an organization. It requires collaboration and coordination with media outlets, event planning, coaching, and writing for many different forums.

Theater Manager

Requires an administrator and visionary responsible for the success or failure of a theater. Oversees the organizational structure, marketing, budgeting, fundraising, accounting, and day-to-day operations that require keen awareness.

Exhibition Curator

Oversees the care, display, and information about exhibits. Works with others to assemble the museum catalog. Works with exhibit designers and docents to maintain integrity of exhibits.


Anyone who wishes to starts their own business, whether it be a new theater company, setting up an art gallery, or as a working artist. Knowledge of all areas of arts management will provide the tools needed to succeed in a solo endeavor.

Nicholas Steneck
Associate Professor of History (478) 757-2811 Profile


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Number of majors we offer including the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Fine Art degrees


Of full-time faculty members hold the highest degree in their fields

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Calendar of Events

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NCAA Division III Athletics

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