Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the U.S. and the U.S. is the second-largest Spanish speaking country in the world, after Mexico.

Currently the fourth most widely spoken language in the world, it is predicted that by 2030 Spanish will be the world's second most widely spoken language, after Chinese. A Spanish major is very much in demand in the United States today in many professional arenas, and may be combined with other majors such as business, international relations, education, and political science, among many others. Students can earn a major or a minor in Spanish taking courses in language, literature, culture, and professional studies. Comprehension, reading, speaking, and writing are taught at all levels.

Major: Spanish
Minor: Spanish
Related Major & Minors: International Business, International Relations
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Career Development

Career Development

A liberal arts education prepares you for your first job and your last. Wesleyan has a four-year plan to prepare students to make the connection between a liberal arts education and success in the workplace.

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Wesleyan offers 29 majors and 32 minors, as well as eight pre-professional programs. Students also have the opportunity to self-design their own major, combining two or more interdisciplinary major programs.

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Get Qualified

Wesleyan graduates enter the workforce with unique qualifications, often combining major and minor programs in ways that separate them from other job-seeking candidates. Double major combinations which include Spanish are popular among students also studying political science, international relations, international business, and biology.



Outside The Classroom

The Modern Language Department encourages students to participate in internships and volunteer opportunities, which tap into language skills acquired in the classroom. A well-developed project or internship may earn academic credit toward the major in the field studies category. Additionally, all students are encouraged to study the language in a Spanish-speaking country. Wesleyan maintains cooperative agreements with numerous Study Abroad programs (IES, AIFS, CIEE, Travel and Education) that provide access to a wide range of institutionally approved programs in universities in destinations such as Spain and Argentina. Institutional financial support is available through our own Royal Scholarship fund. Faculty often leads short-term study abroad programs that also earn academic credit.



Wesleyan Women In Spanish

Selfie of Alumnae GinaMarie Cody


After earning her master’s degree at Vanderbilt, GinaMarie worked at Turner Broadcasting System until recently accepting a position in learning and development at Facebook in San Francisco. At Wesleyan, she was class president two years and made the Dean’s List all four years.

MARIAH CARTER ’13 smiles for the camera


Mariah graduated with a major in Spanish and a minor in biology and served an internship with the Spanish Medical Program in Salamanca, Spain. Currently she is working towards her master’s degree in Spanish at Georgia State University, and also working as a public relations manager at First Choice Primary Care.



University of Georgia, Georgia State University, Washington University, St. John’s University, The Ohio State University, Syracuse University, Vanderbilt University



The demand for Spanish-speaking teachers is increasing in urgency. As schools scramble to adapt curricula and classes to a changing population, it’s more critical than ever that teachers can communicate in two languages.


Hospitals and health clinics are facing an immediate and chronic shortage of bilingual physicians -- a serious problem in a field where lives can depend on an accurate exchange of information between doctor and patient.


It is said that in our constantly globalizing world Spanish has become an obligatory second language for anyone who wants to be “someone” in the international business sphere.


Field interviews in Spanish will speed up dissemination of information, prevent incidents from escalating by comprehending the language, promote trust with the Hispanic community, and help keep police safe when they understand threatening slang.


A growing number of Americans who speak Spanish at home are in need of assistance with healthcare, child and family welfare, aging and other complex services.


Translate messages simultaneously or consecutively into specified languages while maintaining message content, context, and style as much as possible.

Sarah Harrell DeSmet
Professor of Modern Languages (478) 757-5222 Profile
Alain-Richard Sappi
Assistant Professor of Modern Languages (478) 757-5231 Profile
Teresa Parrish Smotherman
Professor of Modern Foreign Languages (478) 757-5220 Profile


Of the student population at Wesleyan is international


Number of majors we offer including the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees


Of fulltime faculty members hold the highest degree in their fields

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Calendar of Events

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NCAA Division III Athletics

NCAA Division III Athletics

Wesleyan College is home to five NCAA Division III sports: soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and softball. In addition, we offer an award-winning Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) Equestrian program.

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