Investing in women is an investment in our future.

A women's college education creates leaders, communicators, and persuaders who speak up and speak out.

Graduating from a women’s college significantly increases a woman’s chances of earning a graduate degree.

Women’s college graduates succeed in entering a range of career fields and graduate programs, regardless of their undergraduate major. Research also shows that a women’s college education develops critical skills for life and career. Women’s colleges help students learn to think analytically, bring social and historical perspective to issues, work as part of a team, write and speak effectively, make sound decisions, gain entry to a career, prepare for career change or advancement, and be politically and socially aware.

Women’s college alumnae report more in-class experience with making presentations than their peers at other institutions and are more likely to gain leadership experience in student government and campus media. Research also shows that when students receive honest feedback from faculty it predicts gains in physical health, gains in drive to achieve, and higher college GPAs for female college students.

Learn more about women's colleges by visiting the Women's College Coalition website.


Wesleyan students with Academic Honors
Spring 2022

President's Scholars

Sharee Anderson
Valentina Blanchard
Kylie Brinkerhoff
Erica Brown
Stephanie Brownlee
Cailey Bryant
Autumn Bryant-Williams
Bethany  Carnes
Valentina Castillo
Taylor Chestnutt
Julia Chinkhan
Carla Collins
Lisett Cruz
Paige Cupp
Daisy Daniels
Karina DeSantos Ortiz
Sharon Ebere
Kimber Eden
Emily Evans
Claudia  Franke
Cierra Gardner
Mia Garner
Jayna Gaudet
Adriana Gonzalez
Caroline Gowan
Jessica Hadome
Taj Haywood
Dymond Henry
Arden Hodgin
MacKenzie Hooker
Jailyn Howard
Yvette Huang
Amiel Johnson
Nalah Karriem
Bryce Kettlewell
Kortnee Key
Cady Leach
Susie Lin
Angel Lockett
Tia Logan
Catherine Lucas
Zay Malia-Hughes
Lisa Malone
Kelly Ann Matthews
Amber McNeal
Shante Miller
Les Mitch
Kanako Mori
Casey Parrish
Savannah Pegues
Janiya Pleas
Alex Poland
Savannah Polk
Kierra Prather
Saloni Rai
Zoe Redmond
Say say Reed
Claire Riley
Dio Rodriguez-Pizarro
Ashley Rooney
Kaitlyn Rozier
Lindsey Smith
Sarah Sulak
Ananda Thomas
Raven Toney
Skylar Twilley
Michelle Valdez
Mackie Wallace
Catherina Wang
Taye Watts
Alexis Ann Wheeler
Jada Whipple
Amber Whitten
Abby Wiggins
Faith Amber Wiggins
Carletta Williams
Annmarie Wimberley
Christina Wiswell
Ashleigh Woods
Marrow Woods
Abigail Young

Provost's List

Malika Allen
Rita Appiah
Maraline Argueta
Nallely Arnaud
Annika Austin
Isabelle Beach
Kaitlyn Bennett
Felix Bing
Janiah Black
Akosua Boamah Sefa
Emma Booker
Grace Bottorff
Jada Brazzell
Sherrel Briggs
Grace Brucker
Christine Buck
Alexis Carson
Olivia Clay
Cristin Cole
Logan Cook
Hannah Cooper
Jalyn Cooper
Candace Corey
Angel Cummings
Isabella De Stefano
Oliver DiGiovanni
Tamika Duncan
Presly Edwards
Adaugo Emeruwa
Mac Erwin
Sofia Espinosa
Shalise Gibson
Kristi Harrell
Erika Hendrix
Kelsey Houpt
Destinie Jones
Dottie Joseph
Jeonghyeon Kim
Amonica Kirkland
Rebecca Layfield
Ariana Lee
Anslee Leggett
Nat Nat Lindo
Minjia Luo
Stevie Maddox
Nancy Martinez
Savannah McBride
Abbey McGlashan
Aijalon McRae
Angie Monroy
Cassie Montelongo
Latoya Nash
Laura Oceguera
Yetta Pitts
Savannah Pollock
Lexi Rivera
Tiara Robinson
Christiana Russell
Riha Salahuddin
Amajhia Simeton
Shania Simpson
Marissa Smith
Ciarria Stewart
Zy Stroman
Juliahna Stuart
Maci Stubbs
Sylvia Tuomaranta
Kristen Wells
Kametrea West
Chasity Williams
Natalia Williams
Remi Xing
Kwan Chi Yuen
Luisa Zanchet Panazzolo
Tihana Zupanic

The liberal arts attract women who believe they can change the world's inequalities.

Liberal arts colleges teach students how to think for themselves, how to learn, and how to see things as a whole. A liberal arts education provides a student with general knowledge of many different subjects in order to gain a better working knowledge of the world, rather than focusing on and specializing in one specific area. This type of education can develop intellectual ability and prepare students for many fields in today’s workplace. A liberal arts background equips Wesleyan women with a unique perspective that makes them highly competitive for many professional opportunities, and quite successful at whatever they choose to do.

Society is changing. Our students are changing. The demand for career-based education is on the rise. Rhetoric would lead us to believe that the liberal arts are waning. However, research proves this assumption false. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Job Outlook Survey 2016, employers are seeking traditionally labeled “soft skills” in their hires’ resumes. These include what would be considered the hallmarks of a liberal arts education: leadership, teamwork ability, communication skills, and problem solving amongst others. In fact, it isn’t until #10 that technical skills make the list. In the same survey, employers were asked what attributes influenced hiring decisions the most. Major, unsurprisingly, was the first. Second and third? Leadership positions and extracurricular involvement. Wesleyan’s four-year plan From Here to Career exists to help students create connections between what they are doing inside the classroom and outside of the classroom and then be able to articulate their unique story to employers and graduate schools. At Wesleyan, we foster a career-ready community to help our students to be poised for lifelong career success.

A Liberal Arts Education prepares you for your first job and your last job.

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