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Wesleyan brand/style guide

An institution's "brand" is a necessary and invaluable marketing tool. A strong brand creates a quick and permenent impression of an organization's identity and mission. The Wesleyan College brand was established, and is reinforced, by logos, graphic elements, font choices, and the use of a consistent voice (Chicago Manual of Style). 

To ensure that Wesleyan College's brand stays strong and recognizable, all publications, printed and digital, must follow the Wesleyan College style guidelines outlined here. 



The primary Wesleyan College logo contains two elements: the circle and the wordmark (wordmark is a term used to refer to a specific design for the written name of an organization, company, or product. It is intended to aid recognition). They should always be used as shown in this section of the guidelines.

Wesleyan's wordmark is an original piece of art created for the College. It is not a font. A font should never be used in place of the wordmark.

The logo circle can also be used separately on certain collateral, such as header images. Approved primary logo files Download.

The Wesleyan Seal is also an approved logo that can be used to represent the College. Download the Wesleyan Seal stuffed file.

Wesleyan Circle with wordmark standard for branding

Dotted pink lines represent where the wordmark should line up with the "w" circle.


More guidelines on logo usage

Logo Size

Never reproduce the logo at widths smaller than 1.50 inches or 200 pixels. There is no maximum size limit, but use discretion when sizing the logo. It should never be the dominant element on the page; instead it should live comfortably and clearly as a signature. 

Consider using the wordmark only (without the circle) when the logo gets smaller.

Clear Space

Ensure that clear space is maintained around the logo. That way, it’s always legible and has room to breathe. Photos, text, and graphic elements must follow this guideline. Use the circle as shown to gauge the clearance. See example below.

White space around logo.

Approved Logo Colors

Below are the pantone colors for the primary light purple and dark purple Wesleyan College logo.



Logo over color and photography

When placing the logo on a colored background, it should be reversed out to white, as shown. The background must be either an approved Wesleyan College brand color or the darker area of a photo.

White logo on dark background


When placing the logo over photos, consider the image’s overall tone and composition. If the photo is darker, use the reversed-out version of the logo. If the photo is brighter or has a large light area, then use the full-color version. The circle can be white or purple in conjunction with white logo. 

Example of white logo on photo.

Unacceptable treatment of logo

Bad examples of logo treatment



Color helps audiences identify us at a glance, and the way we use color sets the mood for each of our pieces. Our palette is diverse and flexible, but to maintain visual consistency across all Wesleyan College materials, only use the colors outlined in this section.

Our color palette has two layers: the primary colors and a secondary palette.

Lean heavily on our primary palette, but use the secondary palette to build color schemes that are complementary and balanced. This offers us the flexibility to meet the needs of our various communications. These colors are always used at 100% tint, except where indicated.

NOTE: For printing materials, it’s best to use spot colors (PMS). If that isn’t possible, please use the four-color process builds listed here, because they match our spot colors most closely.


Approved purple color for Branding Wesleyan College



Approved secondary colors for Wesleyan Branding.


To strike the right balance of color for each audience, use these recommended palettes as a guide to proper color ratios.

Use the primary colors prominently in all print and digital collateral. These colors are typically used for type and icons. The secondary color palette can be used sparingly to not overshadow the primary colors.



    Worksans, Avenir, Helvetica, Futura, or Arial 

    Minion, Garamond, or Times





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