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PHDs, NOT TEACHING ASSISTANTS. Wesleyan’s faculty has been ranked among the best in the nation. You won’t find a large lecture hall on the Wesleyan campus. Our professors teach seminar style and expect students to join in the conversation. Wesleyan’s full-time faculty members hold the highest degrees in their fields from places like Oxford, MIT, Georgetown, Duke, Loyola University, University of California at Berkeley, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, and Yale.

Wesleyan College’s faculty have been ranked among the Nation’s Best by Forbes Magazine, highlighted and reported by CBS Money Watch, and by The Princeton Review. According to student surveys conducted by The Princeton Review, Wesleyan students praise these “excellent…open-minded professors who teach … how to look at things from different perspectives.”

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Karen Bray
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies & Philosophy (478) 757-2839 Profile
Holly Cole
Assistant Professor of Psychology (478) 757-3706 Profile
Sirena Sawyer Fritz
Director & Associate Professor of Nursing (478) 757-5234 Profile
Chenny Q. Gan
M.A. Program Director, Associate Professor of Music (478) 757-5147 Profile
Laura Lease
Associate Professor of English / Assistant Dean for Teaching & Learning (478) 757-5232 Profile
Michael McGhee
Associate Professor of Music, Music Dept. Chair (478) 757-2433 Profile
Seth D. Selke
Assistant Professor of Business & Director of Graduate Business Programs (478) 757-5184 Profile
Ying Zhen
Associate Professor of Business and Economics (478) 757-3917 Profile
Wesleyan Adjunct Faculty 2021-2022




  • Barbara C. Altman, Instructor of Music. B.M., M.M., Eastman School of Music.
  • William Ayears, Instructor of Health and Physical Education. B.A., Washington State University.
  • Catherine Baker, Instructor of Horseback Riding. B.S., St. Edward’s University; M.B.A., University of Arkansas; M.Ed., Texas A & M.
  • Nancy Brynteson, Instructor of Nursing. B.S., Georgia College & State University; A.S.N., Macon State College; B.S.N., M.S.N. Chamberlain College.
  • Terence Cantwell, Instructor of Music. B.M., M.M., University of Georgia. M.B.A., University of Chicago; Ph.D., Northwestern University.
  • Helen Carter, Instructor of Mathematics. B.S., University of Southern Mississippi; M.Ed., William Carey University.
  • Miquel Castro, Instructor of Music. Certificacion, Conservatorio Nacional de Musica.
  • Alan Chan, Instructor of Music. B.M., University of Miami; M.M., University of Missouri – Kansas City; D.M.A., University of Southern California.
  • Brenda Chatmon, Instructor of Nursing. B.S., University of Southern Mindanao (Philippines); B.S.N., Notre Dame University (Philippines); M.S.N., University of Phoenix.
  • Sergey Y. Chernokov, Instructor of Computer Science. B.B.A., M.B.A., Georgia College & State University.
  • Jas’Min Shy Coates ’06, Instructor of Education. B.S. Wesleyan College; M.Ed., Grand Canyon University.
  • Tera Edwards, Instructor of Yoga. B.A., J.D., Mercer University.
  • Robert Fieldsteel, Instructor of Theatre. Artist in Residence - Playwriting. B.A., Dartmouth College; M.A., Antioch University.
  • Mary Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Instructor of Music. M.A., Goucher College.
  • Jill Foote-Hutton, Instructor of Art. B.F.A., Webster University; M.F.A., University of Mississippi.
  • Katherine A. Francis, Instructor of Political Science. B.A., Wheaton College; Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
  • Jada Garling, Instructor of Nursing. B.S.N., Macon State College.
  • Denise Greaves, Instructor of Business. B.A., Long Island University; M.B.A., University of Phoenix; J.D., University of the District of Columbia; Ed.S., University of West Georgia; Ed.D., American College of Education.
  • Ellen Hanson ’83, Instructor of Music. B.M., Wesleyan College; M.M., University of Tennessee.
  • Jessica Hardman, Instructor of Dance. B.A., University of Southern Mississippi.
  • Randy Heaton, Instructor of Mathematics. B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology; Ph.D., Florida State University. 
  • John Hintermaier, Instructor of History. A.B., Indiana Wesleyan University; M.A., Purdue University; Ph.D., Princeton University. 
  • Margaret Hollis, Instructor of Music. B.M., Furman University; M.M., University of South Carolina.
  • Ji-Soo Kim, Instructor of Psychology. B.A., M.A., University of Arizona; M.A., Catholic University of Korea.
  • Miriam Langley, Instructor of Aerobics. B.S., M.Ed., University of Georgia.
  • G. Pilar Wilder Lowden ’01, Instructor of Dance. B.A., Wesleyan College.
  • Hannah Holder Mackey ’19, Instructor of Nursing. B.S.N., Wesleyan College.
  • Allarey A. Magallano, Instructor of Nursing. B.A.N., M.S.N., Georgia College and State University.
  • Paul M. Midkiff, Instructor of Mathematics. B.A., M.F.T., Mercer University; M.Ed., University of Georgia.
  • Daniel Miller, Instructor of History. B.A., Middle Georgia State University; M.A., Sam Houston State University.
  • Kimberly Minor ’09, Instructor of Art History. B.A., Wesleyan College; M.A., University of Nebraska.
  • Mallory Neil, Instructor of History. B.A., Georgia College; M.A., Clemson University; Ph.D., University of Houston.
  • Mary O’Malley, Instructor of Art. B.F.A., The University of the Arts; M.A. Royal College of Art (London).
  • Kimberly Minor ’09, Instructor of Art. B.A., Wesleyan College; M.A., University of Nebraska.
  • Kimberly Nelms Smarr, Instructor of Psychology. B.B.A., University of St. Thomas; M.B.A., University of Arizona (Clinton, IA); Psy.D, University of Arizona (Denver, CO).
  • Cynthia Pengilly, Instructor of English and Communications. B.S., Clayton College & State University; M.S., N.J. Institute of Technology; Ph.D., Old Dominion University.
  • Madeline Pieschel, Instructor of Art. B.A., Marquette University; M.F.A., Georgia State University.
  • Barbara Rowan, Instructor of Business. B.A., Malone College; M.S., Georgia College and State University; Ph.D., James Madison University.
  • Seth Semones, Instructor of Health and Physical Education. 
  • Tisha Simeral, Instructor of Music. B.S., B.M., The Ohio State University; M.A., Middle Tennessee State University.
  • Clay Singleton, Instructor of Health and Physical Education. A.S., Middle Georgia College.
  • Lisa Sloben ’00, Instructor of Art History. A.A.S., Fashion Institute of Technology; B.A., Wesleyan College; A.L.M., Harvard University.
  • Tina Smith, Instructor of Biology. A.S., B.S., Brewton-Parker College; B.S.N., M.S., Georgia College and State University. 
  • Teresa Smotherman, Instructor of Spanish. B.A., Valdosta State College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Georgia.
  • Mark Robert Stecher, Instructor of Mathematics. B.A., Brewton Parker College; M.S., Louisiana State University A&M. 
  • Anne Carter Stowe, Instructor of English. B.A., Sewanee: The University of the South; M.A., University of Mississippi.
  • Rachel F. Taylor, Instructor of Business. B.A., University of Georgia; M.B.A., Mercer University.
  • Kelly Hart Tibbetts, Instructor of English. B.A., M.A., Lamar University.
  • Kenneth Trimmins, Instructor of Music. B.A., Valdosta State University; M.M., Mercer University; D.M., Florida State University.
  • Shara Veda, Instructor of Spanish. M.A., The Institute for the Study of the Americas (University of London); M.A., Ph.D., University of St. Andrews (Scotland).
  • William Wi ’06, Instructor of Business (Accounting). B.Commerce, Philippines; Baguio, B. Theology, Portland Bible College; M.B.A., Wesleyan College.
  • Angie Wright ’07, ’10, Instructor of Business. B.A., MBA, Wesleyan College.
  • Vincent Youngbauer, Instructor of History. B.S., Pennsylvania State University; M.S., Wilkes University; Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University.
Wesleyan Emeriti Faculty


  • Dr. Fletcher Clark Anderson
    Professor Emeritus of Music (1970-2005)
  • Dr. H. Elizabeth Bailey
    Professor Emerita of Art (1976-2020)
  • Mr. Arch F. Beckelheimer, Jr. *
    Associate Professor Emeritus of English (1962-1991)
  • Dr. Ernestine Bledsoe 1933 *
    Professor Emerita of Education and Psychology (1954-1977)
  • Dr. David A. Bobbitt
    Associate Professor Emeritus of Communication (1999-2021)
  • Dr. Lillian M. Cowie *
    Professor Emerita of Biology (1956-1980)
  • Dr. William Leonard Curry
    Professor Emeritus of Psychology (1970-2007)
  • Mr. Charles Edward Eikner, Jr.
    Professor Emeritus of Music (1973-2013)
  • Dr. Horace Benton Gray *
    Professor Emeritus of Education (1962-1976)
  • Ms. Patricia Ross Hardeman 1968 *
    Professor of Biology and Registrar Emerita (1974-1985; 1988-2014)
  • Ms. Mary Pate Hatfield 1948 *
    Professor Emerita of Speech (1951-1980)
  • Dr. Joseph A. Iskra, Jr.
    Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (1983-2021)
  • Dr. Hilary Watson Kight
    Professor Emerita of Mathematics (1984-2009)
  • Mr. George W. McKinney *
    Professor Emeritus of Theatre (1964-1989)
  • Mr. Norman Parrish McLean *
    Professor Emeritus of Music (1952-1985)
  • Dr. Darlene Debault Mettler *
    Professor Emerita of English (1987-2008)
  • Dr. Glenna Dod Meyer
    Professor Emerita of Business and Economics (1983-2020)
  • Ms. Eunice Ann Munck 1938 *
    Professor Emerita of English (1950-1991)
  • Dr. Bernard Constantine Murdoch *
    Professor Emeritus of Psychology (1954-1991)
  • Dr. Patrick C. Pritchard *
    Professor Emeritus of Education (1999-2019)
  • Dr. Jacob S. Quiambao *
    Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Religion, and Missions (1974-1991)
  • Ms. Hasseltine Neal Roberts 1960 *
    Librarian Emerita (1964-2004)
  • Dr. Sylvia L. Ross 1992 (H)
    Professor Emerita of Music (1960-1993)
  • Ms. Cornelia Anna Shiver 1925 *
    Associate Professor Emerita of History (1952-1974)
  • Dr. William Earl Strickland *
    Professor Emeritus of Religion (1960-1979)
  • Dr. Leah Audrey Strong *
    Professor Emerita of American Studies and United States Language and Literature (1961-1987)
  • Dr. Leah Marcile Taylor
    Professor Emerita of History (1969-2005)
  • Dr. Philip Davis Taylor
    Professor Emeritus of Economics (1991-2018)
  • Ms. Corawayne W. Wright *
    Associate Librarian Emerita (1969-1989)
  • Ms. Ruth Harley Young *
    Librarian Emerita (1959-1963)

* deceased

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