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Connecting Alumnae to Current Students

As an alumna, you know better than anyone the impact your Wesleyan experience has made on your life. As our current Wesleyannes look towards and prepare for their futures, our alumnae are in a unique position to give back to the next generation of leaders. 

Wesleyan College’s Center for Career Development and Alumnae Office are especially excited to facilitate mentorship opportunities via Purple Briefcase. Purple Briefcase is a career development platform which creates opportunities for professional connections between current Wesleyan students and alumnae. As an alumna, you can use this platform to share industry knowledge with students at various stages of career exploration, post employment positions (including jobs, internships, and fellowships), and indicate your interest in engaging with students via the mentorship platform. 

This mentorship option is a very small time commitment (on average, 1 hour/month), but has a big impact on students. You can offer such opportunities as...

  • Scheduling a one-time coaching conversation with a student on tips to succeed in a challenging industry.
  • Reviewing a resume with a student preparing for an internship or job search.
  • Conducting a practice interview with a student who wants to overcome her public speaking jitters.
  • Connecting a student who’s passionate about working at your company to one of your hiring managers.
  • Investing as a long-term mentor to provide consistent professional support to a student pursuing her dreams.
Step 1: Create a Purple Briefcase Account
  • Visit the Purple Briefcase registration page and create an “employer” account. (You’re creating an employer account because by offering a mentoring relationship, you’re offering a professional service. On this platform, an “alumni” account only allows you to receive CCD services, NOT create a mentor profile.)
  • Fill out the information under the “Personal Account Information” and hit the continue button
  • Fill out the information in the “Business Account Information” section. 
    (In the “Company Name” section, please list your current employer/company. If you’re retired, simply type “retired” or “former _____ [educator/attorney/etc.].” You can use either your personal or your work contact information to register. Since this account is linked to you and not your employer, you can update it at any time.)
Step 2: Connect with Wesleyan College
  • On the My Schools page, select "Yes" for the question “Did the School Provide You with a School Code?”
  • Enter the code WCGA172
Step 3: Create a Mentor Profile
  • Select the Be a Mentor tab (on the left side of the screen)
  • Fill out all fields on the page
  • Click “Submit.” The Center for Career Development will confirm your submission and publish your mentor profile for students to see!


Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a lot of time. Am I signing up for a long-term commitment?

No! By creating a mentor profile, you are not necessarily committing to a long-term mentoring relationship. There are a variety of ways to connect with students, such as by offering informational interviews or resume reviews. In the “Opportunity Type” box, just choose the opportunity that best matches how you’d like to be involved. You can elaborate in the “Opportunity Description” box.

Do I have to only choose one way to be involved? 

You will only be able to select one option in the “Opportunity Type” drop down menu. However, we encourage you to describe any expertise you want to share or any types of mentoring that interest you in the “Opportunity Description” box.

How do students contact me?

When a student sees your profile, they request to connect with you through the Purple Briefcase platform. They won’t be able to see your email address, but the message will be sent directly to you via the email address you used to create your account. Once you respond to the email, then the student sees your email address. All subsequent communication happens outside of the Purple Briefcase platform.

What does the “Opportunity Term/Duration” section mean?

This field indicates the length of time you can commit to working with/communicating with a student (e.g. via a job shadow). You can also select “email/phone,” or “To be discussed.” Most of the students will be interested in connecting with you first via phone or email, and you can then share further opportunities with them directly.

In the “Personal Account Information” section, what should I include?

In the “Company Name” section, please list your current employer/company. If you are retired, you can either list your most recent employer, or type “retired.” You can then choose to use either your personal or your work contact information.

If I am retired, what should I type in the "Your Professional Experience" section?

You may simply type “retired,” your most recent job title, or “former _____ [educator/attorney/etc.].” You will be able to elaborate on your experience later on in the form.

I created an account. Why don’t I see the “Be a Mentor” tab?

You may have accidentally clicked on the “New Alumni” tab to create an account. You will need to create a “New Employer” account in order to create a mentor profile. Once you create an employer account, you then need to connect with Wesleyan College via our school code before you will see the mentor options. See Step 1 above for information.

For the “Your School (most recent)” section, what should I list?

Please list the university you attended most recently, (even if it’s not Wesleyan). This is helpful if a student is considering further study at other institutions.

I don’t see a good match for my industry under the “Your Professional Experience” section. What should I do?

Unfortunately, this list is generated by Purple Briefcase. You may either select the most relevant category, or click “other” and elaborate in the “Opportunity Description” box below.

How do I update my mentor profile?

Once you have created a mentor listing, it unfortunately cannot be changed unless the Center for Career Development deletes the original post and you submit a new mentor submission. Please contact the CCD if you wish to change your original submission.

How do I create a virtual internship?

Visit the CCD’s Employer Page to access information and resources on virtual internships.

What can I do as a Wesleyan alumna to assist current students with their career development?
  • Post a full-time or internship position on Purple Briefcase login page.
  • Connect the Center for Career Development with the hiring representative in your organization.
  • Donate to the annual Professional Clothes Closet in the form of lightly used business attire or department store gift cards.
  • Designate a portion of your giving to the Center for Career Development for programming.
  • Naming opportunities are also available in our new space in the Olive Swann Porter Student Center.

If you have questions about the mentor platform, or are interested in using your experience to impact current Wesleyan students in other ways, please reach out to the Center for Career Development staff for more information:

Mallory Neil, Director of Career Development
(478) 757-5209, mneil@wesleyancollege.edu 

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