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Career preparation should start early in your college experience.


The Center for Career Development offers a variety of resources that students may access at any point. 

  • The Career Development section of WesNet includes downloadable resources, such as:
    • Sample resumes, CVs, and cover letters
    • PDE 400 information
    • Graduate school planning guides
    • Interview prep tips
    • CPT information...and so much more!
  • Purple Briefcase features:
    • Links to job boards and company research resources (via the “my links” section)
    • Access to Wesleyan alumnae interested in connecting with you to discuss careers (via the “mentor program” section)
    • Information about CCD events and virtual career fairs (via the “my events” section).
  • The CCD’s Youtube Channel has informational videos on a variety of topics.
  • Follow the CCD on Instagram for additional articles, resources, helpful websites, career tips, and more.


During this period of remote learning, the Center for Career Development staff is available for email resume reviews, as well as phone and virtual (video) advising appointments! 

Schedule an advising appointment to discuss topics such as:
  • Job search strategies
  • Using informational interviews to explore industries and discover new opportunities
  • Interview strategies (including preparing for virtual interviews)
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Building your LinkedIn, and using it to network and conduct company research
  • Networking with Wesleyan alumnae and company recruiters
  • Graduate school applications
  • PDE 400
  • ...and many more! 

Have a topic that is not mentioned above? Contact the CCD staff! We are happy to talk to you about any aspect of career exploration.

How to schedule an appointment:

STEP 1: View available appointment times: 

Mallory Neil, Assistant Director of Career Development:
Click HERE to view Mallory’s appointment calendar. 

Stephanie Baugh, Director of Career Development: 
Click HERE to view Stephanie’s appointment calendar.

Note: Both Mallory and Stephanie can discuss any of your career development questions. Contact Mallory if you have a question about PDE 400.

STEP 2: Complete the appointment form at the links provided above.

If you request a phone appointment, provide your phone number (with area code). We will call you at your appointment time.

If you request a virtual appointment, check your email for a Hangout request at your appointment time.

Note: Please let us know prior to your appointment if you need to cancel or change your time.


PDE 400: Summer 2020
  • The CCD is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation. While we hope on-campus internships will be available to students in summer and fall, this depends on social distancing guidelines and on when campus opens to students. At the moment, it is unclear when on-campus internships will be available for future semesters. The CCD will keep students up-to-date about this option, so stay tuned for more information as the situation unfolds.
  • If you already have an internship lined up for the summer, we suggest asking your employer if they could turn your internship into a remote internship. Many companies are now converting summer in-person internships into remote/virtual internships. Review the policies below for additional information on virtual/remote internships. If your supervisor has questions about implementing a virtual internship, refer them to the CCD’s Employer Page. They may also email Mallory Neil, Assistant Director of Career Development to discuss this process.
  • A Research PDE 400 experience may be a good choice for a remote PDE 400 option. For further information on the summer PDE types, visit the Career Development section of WesNet.
  • The deadline for submitting your PDE 400 application to the CCD is June 29th (or for international students, 2 weeks before your internship begins). This gives you some time to research options.
PDE 400: Fall 2020
  • The CCD is currently updating the PDE 400 applications for the fall 2020 semester.
  • Some components of PDE 400 will be determined by the COVID-19 situation. The CCD will keep students updated as the situation unfolds.
  • Are you trying to find an experience for the fall? A virtual internship may be a good option. Review the information below about virtual internships, and talk to the CCD about how to network with employers and alumnae to ask about virtual internship opportunities.
  • While we hope on-campus internships will be available to students in summer and fall, this depends on social distancing guidelines and on when campus opens to students. At the moment, it is unclear when on-campus internships will be available for future semesters. The CCD will keep students up-to-date about this option, so stay tuned for more information as the situation unfolds.

Contact Mallory Neil, Assistant Director of Career Development ( with any questions you may have about PDE 400 this fall.

Virtual Internships FAQs
What are virtual internships?

“Virtual internships are internships that are done online or remotely. You are placed with a company, and have a supervisor that you report to. You are in regular contact with the supervisor/team via virtual methods such as video call, phone call, email and instant messenger.” [Source:

What are the benefits of a virtual internship?
  1. Provides you a learning experience in a safe environment.
  2. You can develop technology-based skills, such as online communication and management.
  3. It is an option for those who cannot afford relocation expenses for an internship.
  4. “Virtual work experience attracts employees who take initiative, have aspirational career goals, and don’t need a lot of oversight. Moreover, online projects allow early-career talent to hone their communication skills and master time management. In fact, studies have shown that remote work can boost productivity by allowing team members to work more efficiently.” [Source: Nace Community Blog- Jeffrey Moss
What skills can I gain with a virtual internship?

Great question! With all internships, you want to make sure you’re learning transferable skills that will help you in your career. Some of the key skills that come from virtual internships are:

  1. Change management
  2. Data-informed decision making
  3. Professional communication

Do these sound familiar? Hopefully so! They are three of Wesleyan’s “From Here to Career” Skills

How can I find a virtual internship?

There are several ways that you can search for a virtual internship. The CCD will be working with employers who are interested in hosting a virtual intern. These positions will be posted on Purple Briefcase.

There are several online boards that include virtual/remote internships. Some examples are:

The Borgen Project Remote Internships

Virtual Internship Policies and Best Practices (for students)
Virtual internships must meet these criteria in order to qualify for academic credit:
  • You will have a supervisor that provides consistent feedback.
  • You must be assigned project-based assignments, professional responsibilities, and learning-oriented work that contributes to the organization’s goals and helps you build professional skills.
  • The internship relates to your future career plans, and gives you the opportunity to apply academic knowledge to a professional setting.
Virtual Internship Best Practices Checklist:
  • Set a schedule and stick to it
  • Create a task list and refer to it throughout the day
  • Check-in with your supervisor consistently
  • Take breaks and move around throughout the day

[Source: Eastern Washington University]

Virtual Internships: Additional Resources


The four year plan is designed to help you take initiative throughout your entire time at Wesleyan to be prepared for lifelong career success. Career development is a combination of exploration and action as well as reflection on skills gained both inside and outside of the classroom. 

First Year

Career preparation should not start in your senior year. Lay the groundwork now to ensure that you are successful later. Engage in student life through Wesleyan's variety of clubs and activities, and acquaint yourself with resources on campus. 

  • Complete the Focus2 Assessment (during WISe)
  • Activate your Purple Briefcase account & explore its resources (during WISe)
  • Explore majors, minors, and different career paths
  • Familiarize yourself with CCD resources & attend at least one CCD event
  • Get involved with at least one organization on campus or in the community
Sophomore Year

Your sophomore year should be about taking initiative and getting ahead of the game. Explore and declare a major, participate in campus events, and build transferable skills by taking on a leadership role in a club or organization. Begin researching what is needed for your desired career path, and make sure you are on track to be successful.

  • Set up a meeting with the CCD to review your resume and begin your LinkedIn profile
  • Meet with your faculty advisor for your major to discuss curriculum requirements
  • Participate in at least one CCD event each semester
  • Explore options for part-time jobs, internships, and professional development experiences
Junior Year

Your junior year is a crucial time in planning for employment or graduate school after graduation. By the end of the year you will likely have completed a professional development experience, and further clarified your desired path after graduation. Keep up with your co-curriculars and document them on your resume/LinkedIn, and your senior year will be smooth sailing!

  • Set up a meeting with the CCD to complete a strategic career plan and mock interview
  • Complete an internship or other professional development experience
  • Enroll in a Professional Practice Seminar to prepare for your next career steps
  • Build your network through alumnae and CCD events
  • Participate in at least one CCD event each semester
  • Learn more about graduate programs in your field and prepare for any testing
Senior Year

Your final year at Wesleyan should be focused on solidifying your plans and understanding your professional and financial responsibilities post-graduation. Be sure to check in frequently with both the CCD and your faculty advisor to ensure you are on track.

  • Set up a meeting with the CCD to complete a senior check-in appointment
  • In the fall, complete your graduation audit with the registrar
  • Identify and articulate transferable skills gained through your leadership
  • Continue to build your network and transition into the alumnae association


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