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When you hire from Wesleyan, you will gain an employee who is both academically and professionally prepared.

Founded in 1836, Wesleyan College prides itself on preparing students for lives of leadership and service. Through a liberal arts education and academically challenging coursework, Wesleyan College's students develop the vital skills desired by employers. 

Wesleyan College students are…
  • Professionally Ready. All students receive professional development training throughout their college career.  
  • Team Oriented. Students participate in leadership positions, community projects, and challenging academics.
  • Critical Thinkers. Wesleyan College's rigorous core curriculum ensures that all students learn to synthesize complex information through classroom participation and assigned projects.
  • Effective Communicators. Students develop strong verbal and written communication skills in small classroom settings.

If you are interested in hiring a Wesleyan student as an intern or full-time employee, please contact Erin Bowler, Executive Director of Career Development, at

See some of the amazing work Wesleyan students are doing! 


A Guide to Internships

Creating an Internship

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) defines internships as “a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in professional fields they are considering for career paths; and give employers the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent."

Does your organization want to create an internship, but is unsure of where to start? The following guidelines may be helpful in creating an internship:

  • Create a job description, outline qualifications you want candidates to have, and set desired beginning and end dates. 
  • Include internship duties that help the intern build skills and knowledge that they can transfer to future employment settings.
  • Identify an internship supervisor who has experience in and professional knowledge of the field in which the intern is working.
  • When identifying desired hours for the intern to work, schedule in time for the student to meet with the supervisor and receive regular feedback. 
  • Identify 2-4 core skills and/or content knowledge areas that the intern will gain throughout the internship, focusing on creating connections between internship tasks and a specific academic field of study.
  • Ensure the company can provide an environment in which the student can gain the desired skills/content knowledge areas (e.g. providing a work space, scheduling supervisor meetings, assigning meaningful tasks, etc.).

These guidelines are adapted from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). 

Pre-Internship Checklist

Below you will find preparation suggestions to help facilitate a valuable internship experience.

  • Identify the primary tasks and projects your intern will complete.
  • Identify the primary supervisor/mentor for the intern.
  • Create an internship description identifying requirements and responsibilities.
  • Create an interview and hiring timeline.
  • Post the opportunity on Handshake.
  • Contact Wesleyan College's Center for Career Development to identify ways to promote the opportunity to students.
Ongoing Internship Checklist

Below you will find helpful suggestions for actions to take during the internship experience.

  • Provide an orientation to the department that discusses workplace expectations, office policies and procedures, and department goals.
  • Discuss specific learning outcomes and internship projects with the student.
  • Meet on a regular basis to discuss the student's professional goals and provide feedback on their performance.
  • Complete a final performance evaluation of the student and discuss the evaluation with the student at the end of the internship.
Employer FAQs: Internships for International Students

Did you know that Wesleyan College hosts students from across the globe? International students are an integral part of Wesleyan's campus community. Employers often have questions about the requirements and logistics in hiring an international student for an internship. Here are some of the top F.A.Q.s to show how easy the process can be!

As an employer, what paperwork am I responsible for in order to hire an international student for an internship?

Answer: None! U.S. immigration regulations do influence internship applications for international students. As an employer, however, you will not be responsible for this process. Wesleyan College's Center for Career Development and the International Student Services Coordinator work together to process the necessary CPT paperwork. 

What is CPT?

CPT stands for Curricular Practical Training. This is the authorization form that the student, along with the college, completes and submits. It grants the student permission to intern in the U.S., as long as they are also registered for academic credit for an internship related to their field of study.

Will I have to pay for the CPT process?

No! There is no cost involved in this application process.

What will I need to provide?

To complete the CPT form, the student will need you to provide an official offer letter that contains the following information:

1. Company information, such as location and contact details
2. Student name and internship title
3. A specific start and end date
4. A description of their duties and responsibilities
5. The number of hours they will work per week
6. Their salary/pay rate

This letter will serve as proof of employment and will allow the paperwork process to proceed.

What is the timeline for this process?

It takes 1-2 weeks to complete the required forms and to process the paperwork. Please note that the student cannot begin work until the approval is given. We thank you for your patience during this stage of the process.

How many hours is the student allowed to work?

For visa purposes, a student's work hours must not exceed 20 hrs./week during the academic year (August-May). A student may work over 20 hrs./week in an internship during the summer term (May-August).

Our amazing international students enrich our campus with their diverse perspectives and broad experiences. We can't wait for you to see the value they bring to your organization!


Hiring a Wesleyan College Student

Wesleyan College Policy Statement

It is the policy of Wesleyan College to comply with career development and employment guidelines, as set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). All employment recruitment practices, including on-campus visits, job postings, and interview requests, must adhere to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) standards.

Last Revised: 07.16.2020

Employer Recruitment
  • In promoting a nondiscrimination recruitment policy, all employers seeking to advertise both on and off campus opportunities must maintain equal employment opportunity (EEO) compliance in recruiting
  • In promoting a nondiscrimination recruitment policy, all campus departments must maintain equal employment opportunity (EEO) compliance in hiring students including the following:
    • Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring individuals without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, veteran status, sexual orientation, or disability, and providing reasonable accommodations upon request;
    • Reviewing selection criteria for adverse impact based upon the student's race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, veteran status, sexual orientation, or disability;
    • Avoiding use of inquiries that are considered unacceptable by EEO standards during the recruiting process.
  • All employers seeking to promote employment opportunities on campus to Wesleyan students must coordinate recruitment activities with the Center for Career Development.
  • The Center for Career Development will not permit employers to recruit on campus if employers are promoting any of the following:
    • Any employment opportunity that requires students to pay any type of fee, such as for required training or job-related equipment.
    • Events used to market or sell products to students.
    • Opportunities based on a ‘pyramid’ or ‘multi-level’ type of networking structure requiring the recruitment of others to sell products and services.
    • Additionally, no alcohol may be provided to students during on-campus recruitment events.

Last Revised 07.16.2020

Connect with Wesleyan College on Handshake

Wesleyan College utilizes Handshake, the #1 career development platform for colleges and universities. Visit the site today to create a free employer account and connect with Wesleyan!

Job Posting Policies
  • Employers looking to promote an opportunity must do so by creating an employer account on the online job platform used by Wesleyan College. If an organization is unable to create an account, they must contact the Center for Career Development.
    • All employment opportunities must comply with federal law and guidelines for equal opportunity employment. Jobs that appear to discriminate (based on race, color, religions, creed, age, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, disability, or gender) are prohibited.
    • The Center for Career Development does not pre-screen applicants for employers. All positions are posted and promoted through the online job platform that all students may access.
  • The following job postings will not be promoted by the Center for Career Development:
    • Positions that require students to pay fees.
    • A posting that does not identify a specific client or employer.
    • Commission-based opportunities without federal minimum wage compensation.
    • From organizations without a valid company email address, or emails that do not correspond with contact information listed on the company website.
    • ‘Multi-level’ type opportunities that require the recruitment of others to sell products and services.
    • Positions requiring interns or employees to promote or create programs, products, services, events, etc. and/or collect student information on campus on behalf of an employer are ineligible. Examples include campus brand ambassadors.
  • Wesleyan College does not post opportunities where the student performs work in an individual’s home, unless the individual receives a referral from a Wesleyan College staff or faculty member. In that case, please contact the Center for Career Development directly. Please note that Wesleyan College does not screen postings from individuals or student candidates. Ultimately, it is the job seeker’s responsibility to verify the legitimacy of an employer and job opportunity, and the individual’s responsibility to evaluate student candidates. All opportunities will simply be made available via an electronic bulletin board.

Last Revised 07.16.2020

Third-Party Recruitment Policies

To ensure student privacy and safety, the Center for Career Development will enforce the following policies regarding third-party recruiters:

  • The National Association of Colleges and Employers defines third-party recruiters as “agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time, or full-time employment opportunities other than for their own needs. This includes entities that refer or recruit for profit or not for profit, and it includes agencies that collect student information to be disclosed to employers for purposes of recruitment and employment.” Examples of these agencies include, but are not limited to:
    • Employment Agencies: Organizations that list positions for a number of client organizations and receive payment when a referred candidate is hired. The fee for listing a position is paid either by the firm listing the opening (fee paid) or by the candidate who is hired.
    • Search Firms: Organizations that contract with clients to find and screen qualified persons to fill specific positions. The fees for this service are paid by the clients.
    • Contract Recruiter: Organizations that contract with an employer to act as the employer's agent in the recruiting and employment function.
    • Online Job Posting or Resume Referral Services: For-profit or commercial organizations that collect data on job seekers and display job opportunities to which job seekers may apply. The data collected on job seekers are sent to prospective employers. Fees for using the services may exist for the employer, school, or job seeker.
  • All third-party employers must agree to the following in order to promote opportunities at Wesleyan College:
    • Third-party employers must name the specific client that they are representing, and indicate with whom the student’s information will be shared.
    • Third-party employers must disclose information, such as client contact information, upon request that allows the Center for Career Development to verify the validity of the job posting. This information will remain confidential and will not be distributed to students. It is intended for research purposes. No direct contact will be made without the third-party recruiter’s knowledge.
    •  Third-party employers must not charge fees of any kind to student or alumnae applicants.
    •  In posting descriptions, third-party employers must identify that they are a staffing or recruiting agency and provide a detailed description of duties and responsibilities.
    • Third-party employers must not disclose any student information without obtaining prior written consent from the student. Under no circumstances can student information be disclosed for anything other than the original posted position nor can it be sold or provided to other entities.
  • In most cases, temporary agencies, staffing services, outsourcing contractors, or leasing firms will be treated as employers unless they recruit individuals to be employees of another organization. Such activity will result in a third-party recruiter status.
    • Temporary Agencies or Staffing Services: Temporary agencies or staffing services are employers, not third-party recruiters, and will be expected to comply with the professional conduct principles set forth for employer professionals. These are organizations that contract to provide individuals qualified to perform specific tasks or complete specific projects for a client organization. Individuals perform work at the client organization, but are employed and paid by the agency.
    • Outsourcing Contractors or Leasing Agencies: Outsourcing contractors or leasing agencies are employers, not third-party recruiters, and will be expected to comply with the professional conduct principles set forth for employer professionals. These are organizations that contract with client organizations to provide a specific functional area that the organization no longer desires to perform, such as accounting, technology services, human resources, cafeteria services, etc. Individuals hired by the outsourcing or leasing firm are paid and supervised by the firm, even though they work on the client organization's premises.

Last Revised 07.16.2020

Undergraduate Majors, Minors, and Pre-Professional Concentrations

Wesleyan College offers a wide range of majors, minors, and pre-professional concentrations. 

Visiting Campus

Employers are welcome to visit campus to recruit students, and are asked to coordinate visits with the Center for Career Development. The CCD is happy to work with you to schedule an on-campus information table or presentation. 

Posting a Job or Internship

Once you have created a Handshake account you will be able to post jobs, internships, and other professional development opportunities. Click HERE to read an article on how to create a job posting on Handshake!

Additional Employer Resources

Handshake Employer Help Center

Open the Door: Disparities in Paid Internships

National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE): Best Practices for Virtual Internships

Handshake: Creative Ways to Make Your Virtual Internship a Success

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