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Organizational Behavior

Combining content from business and psychology, the Organizational Behavior minor* provides students with a more focused exploration of the impact of human behavior (both as individuals and in groups) on organizational practices. This concentration would be an ideal option for a Psychology or Business Administration major who plans to apply to related graduate programs. Students who plan on entering the workplace following graduation will benefit from increased knowledge relating to human resources, conflict management, and employer-employee relations in governmental, for-profit, and non-profit organizations in both public and private sectors.

Required Courses (18 hours)
All courses are 3 hours.
•    BUS 315: Principles of Management
•    BUS 317: Organizational Behavior
•    BUS 318: Human Resources Management
•    PSY 101: General Psychology
•    PSY 203: Social Psychology
•    PSY 312: Industrial and Organizational Psychology

* Organizational Behavior is also offered as a concentration for Business Administration majors.

Course Descriptions:

BUS 315: Principles of Management
Goal: To understand the basic concepts, theories, and research in management and to apply them to practical management problems.
Content: Examination of the principal functional areas of management-planning, organizing, directing, and controlling as well as environmental, legal, economic, ethical, statistical, international, and career issues.
Taught: Fall
Prerequisite: None
Credit: 3 hours

BUS 317: Organizational Behavior
Goal: To examine the three components of an organization - the individual, the group, and the system.
Content: This course will study the relationships of these components, the effects on decisions, and the strategies to employ to best meet organizational needs.
Taught: Fall
Prerequisite: None
Credit: 3 hours

BUS 318: Human Resources Management
Goal: To examine human resource strategies and to acquaint students with human resource functions in business organizations.
Content: Studying the major human resource functions-recruitment, selection, planning, job analysis, orientation, training and development, career planning, performance appraisal, compensation management, employee benefits, safety and health, employee relations, collective bargaining, and research-in an organizational context.
Taught: Annually
Prerequisite: None
Credit: 3 hours

PSY 101: General Psychology
Goal: Understanding self and others, predicting behavior, and understanding and control of behavior. To be able to apply methods of research and application of psychological principles to everyday life.
Content: Research methods; child, adolescent, and adult psychology; psychological testing; personality, and abnormal psychology; psychotherapy; social psychology; applied psychology; history of psychology; and physiological processes, principles of learning and memory, human perception, and cognition.
Taught: Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: None
Gen. Ed. Category: Exploring; Individuals & Communities; (SBS/PS)
Credit: 3 hours

PSY 203: Social Psychology
To provide students with a scientific understanding of human social behavior in its various forms.
Content: Social perception, attitude formation and change, interpersonal attraction, aggression, group processes, health, gender and other topics through examining contemporary social psychological theories and research.
Taught: Fall
Prerequisite: PSY 101
Credit: 3 hours

PSY 312: Industrial and Organizational Psychology
To understand the application of psychological principles to the workplace and business organizations.
Content: Organizational behavior, job culture, organizational change and leadership, personnel recruitment and evaluation, job safety, job satisfaction, productivity, and team behavior will be examined. Research methods in I/O psychology and global issues in I/O psychology will be explored.
Taught: Spring, alternating years
Prerequisite: PSY 101
Credit: 3 hours

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