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Advertising & Marketing Communication

The interdisciplinary major in Advertising & Marketing Communication prepares students for careers in advertising, graphic design, marketing, and media sales. It includes courses in business, communication, and graphic design and culminates in a capstone course that integrates the liberal arts and the interdisciplinary major.

The overarching goal of this curriculum is to provide the student with a thorough understanding of the advertising and marketing communication field, including a firm foundation in the application of visual and textual thinking in actual projects and presentations, as well as a broad understanding of the content and principles of business, communication, and graphic design.

The student learning outcomes of the major are for the student to:

I. Incorporate credible and relevant information into a marketing campaign.
II. Write technically and persuasively.
III. Use the elements and principles of design to create designs that effectively organize and present visual information to support a marketing plan.
IV. Orally present and defend a creative marketing solution.

Major Requirements: Advertising & Marketing Communication. The major program requires a total of 39 hours of course work from the following:

Business Administration Courses, Required: (9 hours)
BUS 105 Contemporary Business
or BUS 106 Business and Society 3 hours
BUS 303 Principles of Marketing 3 hours
BUS 306 Advertising Strategy 3 hours
Choose one of the following: (3 hours)
BUS 105 Contemporary Business 3 hours
BUS 106 Business and Society 3 hours
BUS 315 Principles of Management 3 hours
ACC 201 Financial Accounting: Concepts and Applications 3 hours
Communication Courses, Required: (9 hours)
COM 202 Public Speaking 3 hours
COM 215 Introduction to Media Studies 3 hours
COM 340 Persuasion 3 hours
Graphic Design Courses, Required: (12 hours)
ART 101 Drawing 3 hours
or ART 106 Understanding Images 3 hours
or ART 110 Creativity: Art/Design from Nature 3 hours
ART 225 Graphic Design 3 hours
ART 275 Digital Photography 3 hours
ART 340 Intermediate Graphic Design 3 hours
or ART 345 Web Design 3 hours
Upper Level Electives, Choose one of the following: (3 hours)
ART 340 Intermediate Graphic Design 3 hours
ART 345 Web Design 3 hours
ART 385 Studio Photo: Portrait & Product 3 hours
ART 440 Portfolio Building: Graphic Design 3 hours
BUS/COM 300-level course or higher 3 hours
ART/BUS/COM 452 Internship 3 hours
Capstone Course/Integrative Experience, Required: (3 hours)
AMC 470 Senior Project/Integrative Experience in Advertising & Marketing Communication

Integrative Experience. The integrative experience is achieved through the AMC 470 course, Senior Project/Integrative Experience in Advertising & Marketing Communication. In this course, the students are asked to draw on their General Education and major experiences as they work as a team to develop a written marketing plan and supporting graphic design materials for a local business or nonprofit organization. The final plan, market research, and supporting designs are presented to the client in a formal presentation at the end of the semester.

Professional Development. Throughout her Wesleyan education each student is given opportunities to explore professional and career choices, and to develop and demonstrate the knowledge and skills essential for professional success. Each student will complete PDE 400 Professional Development Experience and PDE 401 Professional Practice Seminar.

The AMC 470 capstone course in the Advertising Marketing and Communication major is designed to function as a working ad agency. This provides professional development by giving each student a real world marketing experience through the development of a marketing project for a real business or nonprofit organization. Professional aspects of this project include: working within a team atmosphere, learning to work for and meet the needs of a client, and employ learned theory and skills of graphic design, marketing research and planning, and public relations. These criteria are met by developing a researched based marketing plan, supporting graphics materials, and culminate with a professional presentation to the client.

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