A liberal arts degree with a minor in communication prepares students for a variety of career options in media, film, public relations, journalism, business, and nonprofit organizations.

The field of communication has a long and prominent intellectual history as one of the oldest liberal arts. It dates back to ancient Greece where rhetoric was essential for participation in civic life. The field has expanded to study many kinds of human communication phenomena in various contexts such as media, culture, and relationships. This minor presents a broad overview of the discipline based in a relational, mediated, cultural, and rhetorical topics of focus. 

Students pursuing a minor in communication will acquire a broad and deep understanding of communication theory; the ability to engage in informed criticism and analysis of communication acts and artifacts; develop critical thinking skills; and learn to practice effective communication. All courses will be offered within a two-year rotation. 

Minor: Communication
Related Major: Advertising and Marketing Communication
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Why Wesleyan?

Why Wesleyan?

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Career Development

A liberal arts education prepares you for your first job and your last. Wesleyan has a four-year plan to prepare students to make the connection between a liberal arts education and success in the workplace.

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Wesleyan offers 25 majors and 35 minors, including self-designed interdisciplinary studies, eight pre-professional programs and the bachelor of science in nursing and bachelor of fine arts degrees.

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By learning critical thinking, students can apply their knowledge to a variety of professions.

We provide students with a broad overview of communication from a liberal arts perspective that enables them to pursue their areas of interest. Students also have enjoyed directed independent research on topics such as:

  • How corporations use social media to communicate with their customers
  • Use of social media by independent film producers
  • Television programs such as Game of Thrones
  • Rhetorical techniques of investor relations professionals
  • Persuasive techniques for fundraising in nonprofit organizations
  • Starbucks “Meet Me at Starbucks” branding campaign
  • Analysis of LGBT identity & the evolution of the queer political/social movements
  • Analysis of the representation of Asian American's in television

Communication class discusses social media strategies for communicating.



Most employers say the ability to speak clearly in a public context with confidence and clarity is more important than the undergraduate major.


The ability to write effectively is one of the most important factors an employer considers in their hiring process. It’s the primary basis upon which your work, your learning, and your intellect will be judged.

CONDUct Research

The ability to conduct research is a valuable skill to take into any profession or volunteer situation.


The ability to work effectively with a group of peers to produce desired results through teamwork.


The ability to make decisions is an asset to an employer. Decision-making and reasoning involve gathering information, evaluating a variety of solutions, and selecting the best option.


Identifying a reasonable number of priorities that will have the greatest possible impact on the success of your organization.


Of the student population at Wesleyan is international


Number of majors we offer including the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees


Of full-time faculty members hold the highest degree in their fields

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