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2023-2024 Catalogue

Educational Studies (EDS) Course Descriptions

EDS 114: Understanding Learning.
Examination of learning theories, personally applied.
Content: Students will examine classical, historical, and contemporary theories of teaching, learning, and intelligence with the intent of gaining a better understanding of the nature and function of human learning, especially as applied to their own lives. Focus is on lifelong learning.
Gen. Ed. Category: Foundation Building; Speaking (SBS/PS).
Credit: 3 hours.

EDS 116: Mindfulness, Meditation & Learning.
Goal: During this course, students will examine mindfulness and meditation practices as they apply to learning, education models, and the neuroscience of the brain. Students will critically assess mindfulness and meditation research findings on learning, such as focus, executive functions and working memory as well as emotional regulation, and current educational models being used in k-12 and higher education settings. In addition, students will investigate first-hand experiences of mindfulness and meditation through various methods and techniques.
Content: Curriculum within this course will include: the history and traditions of mindfulness and meditation, mindfulness and meditation in society, mindfulness and meditation models in education and teaching, and neuroscience of mindfulness/meditation.
Prerequisite: None.
Gen. Ed. Category: Exploring; Individuals and Communities (SBS/PS).
Credit: 3 hours.

EDS 301: The Playful Learner: Examining Play in Cultures, Society, History, and Marketing.
Students will examine types of play, reasons for play, and lessons learned through play ultimately designing a play based product to address a need for a targeted population.
Content: Play and its impact on learning, cultural rites and rituals, and society will be explored through observations, reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Targeting a population, trait, skill, or observed need will be the focus as participants ultimately offer new insights by utilizing the design thinking process to create a new product to meet a need and designing a marketing package to accompany the new creation.
Prerequisites: None.
Gen. Ed. Category: Synthesizing Perspectives; Diverse & Interdependent World; (SBS/PS).
Credit: 3 hours.

EDS 313: Children, Nature, and Society.
Students will learn to think critically about the urbanization/industrialization of our landscape and the corresponding effects on humanity.
Content: This course focuses on the importance of wild places in the social, emotional, psychological and physical development of children. Students will explore the relationship between nature, learning, and well-being.
Prerequisites: None.
Credit: 3 hours.
Note: Class meets one evening a week for two hours with several required weekend meetings.

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