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Business Nonprofit (BNP) Course Descriptions

BNP 613 Theory of Nonprofit Management (3 hours): The course will provide an Introduction of management and leadership issues in the world of nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit businesses have a unique standing in the world of business where they rely on voluntary exchanges to obtain revenue and resources such as donors, the government, or one group to provide clients or beneficiaries with their services. Understanding who leads, the decision making process, and other executive functions are vital to nonprofit success.

BNP 614 Fundraising in Nonprofit (3 hours): This course will outline the many different forms of nonprofit fundraising including fundraising models and approaches. A closer look as fundraising ideas and potential barriers that can exist in this sector. Understanding how to make a fundraising plan, working with donors, and keeping the givers giving are all essential to nonprofit fundraising success.

BNP 615 Nonprofit Strategies (3 hours): This course is designed to help individuals understand how to successfully create a strategy to achieve nonprofit organizational goals. Ideas outlined here involve how to begin the key elements of writing a strategy such as defining the problem, recognizing the needs and/or benefits of the beneficiaries, designing the operational plan, and measuring the conditions.

BNP 616 Social Entrepreneurship (3 hours): This course is designed to give students the ability to understand an emerging sector of nonprofit where entrepreneurs are trying to enrich the lives of those who are disenfranchised. The course introduces theory and practices of social entrepreneurs to understand the skills for social innovation and certain tools needed for starting a social business.

BNP 617 Nonprofit Volunteer Management (3 hours): This course is intended for students who are interested in the basic understanding of how volunteerism works and the management of volunteers in the nonprofit sector. The course will prepare students to assume roles as leaders in nonprofit to improve their skill set for handling volunteers inside the organization. Elements of critical thinking and decision making will be examined to prepare managers to lead an array of volunteers.

BNP 699 Nonprofit Management Thesis (3 hours): This course is intended for students to create a master's thesis to demonstrate their culminating assessment of the nonprofit degree coursework. The thesis in an original project designed to create a business plan outlining the creation of a nonprofit organization.

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