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Arts Management | Course Catalogue

2021-2022 Catalogue

Arts Management is an interdisciplinary major that will equip students with the knowledge, skills, experience, and confidence to become leaders in the fields of arts management, entertainment, and other creative industries. Students will gain broad instruction in business models, managerial roles, and best practices that apply to a range of arts enterprise in the not for profit and commercial sectors. In addition to this core, students will choose a track that will focus on a particular area of the arts offered at Wesleyan College. This major exemplifies the core of the Wesleyan College mission of mentoring students to become leaders in their field after graduation.

This major will prepare students for a wide range of graduate programs and careers in arts and cultural institutions. This major is designed to be either a stand-alone major, or to be a double major with the related majors reflecting the trends to incorporate arts management into art practice. One of the main advantages of this major is that it gives both an understanding of business and a trained creative sense. This leads to a very versatile student ready for today’s job market.

The Arts Management major has field experience and self-designed projects incorporated into its curriculum, allowing students the opportunity to work with professionals outside of Wesleyan College, and tailor their learning to their interests post-graduation. It will enable students to become leaders and managers as they engage with organizations on and off campus. Students will be encouraged to engage in summer work at arts and cultural institutions, going to conferences in their area of study, and internship opportunities outside of the required field experience that is a part of their capstone class.

The Student Learning Outcomes for the major in Arts Management are:

  1. Students will demonstrate a foundational understanding of different business models used in arts and cultural organizations, as well as the underlying financial principles.
  2. Students will demonstrate the communication, collaboration, and business skills that can lead to study in a graduate program, entry level jobs in arts and cultural institutions, as well as entrepreneurial projects.
  3. Students will gain an understanding of an area of the arts including its history, best practices, and communication style.
  4. Students will understand through the core classes and demonstrate through their AMM 470 Capstone what best practices in personnel management are.

Major Requirements: The major program requires a minimum of 48 hours of course work, including the following core classes and choosing one track (Theatre, Music, or Art):

Required Core Courses (21 credit hours)
BUS 105 Contemporary Business
ECO 104 Issues in Microeconomics
ACC 201 Financial Accounting: Concepts and Applications
AMM 200 Management and the Arts
ART 225 Computer Graphic Design
BUS 303 Principles of Marketing
BUS 315 Principles of Management

Electives (choose 6 credit hours)
ACC 202 Principles of Managerial Accounting
ARH 220: Visual and Curatorial Studies
BUS 317 Organizational Behavior
BUS 318 Human Resources Management

Senior Seminar (3 credit hours)
AMM 470   

Theatre Track (choose 18 credit hours)
THE 110 Criticism and Practice in Theatre
THE 125 Acting 1
THE 134 Introduction to Theatre Design
THE 210 Theatre History and Literature I
THE 212 Theatre History and Literature II
THE/WST 328 Women, Culture, Theatre
THE 318 Directing
THE 322 Stage Management and Producing for Theatre
THE 330 Marketing for Individual Artists

Music Track (choose 18 credit hours)
MUS 181 Foundations of Music
MUS 182 Harmony and Tonality
MUS 331 History of Music I
MUS 332 History of Music II
An additional 6 credits of MUP Courses (Applied lessons and/or ensembles)

Art Track (choose 18 credit hours)
ART 106 Understanding Images
ART 108 3-D Design
ARH 126 Art History I: Prehistoric to 16th Century
ARH 230 Art History II: 16th to 20th Century
ART 275 Photography
ART 340 Intermediate Computer Graphic Design

Integrative Experience. The integrative experience is fulfilled in the Arts Management major (AMM) by the Senior Capstone course, AMM 470. Each student works on a self-designed project with focus given to project management. 

Professional Development. Throughout her Wesleyan education each student is given opportunities to explore professional and career choices, and to develop and demonstrate the knowledge and skills essential for professional success. Each student will complete PDE 400 Professional Development Experience and PDE 401 Professional Practice Seminar.

In addition, students meet individually with Arts Management faculty at the end of each year to assess their work that is being built into a portfolio of work covering core courses and courses in their specific track. If interested in professional work or graduate school, students are encouraged to intern during the summer or during the school year with arts and cultural institutions in conversation with faculty.  The internship must not interfere with the student's obligations to Wesleyan College curricular work during the academic year. Academic credit is available.

Arts Management (AMM) Course Descriptions

AMM 200: Management and the Arts
Goal: To explore the field of arts management, including career possibilities, and to develop awareness of both the history and current trends in the field.   
Content: Overview of the arts management discipline, including issues related to arts administration, business/financial aspects, and leadership theory.
Taught: Spring semester in alternate years.
Prerequisite: None.
Credit: 3 hours. 

AMM 396: Special Topics in Arts Management.
Goal: To provide an opportunity for exploration of a topic not offered as part of the established curriculum.
Content: Examination of special topics, problems, or issues in accounting that seem particularly relevant to student needs and interests.
Taught: Offered occasionally.
Prerequisite: Dependent on topic.
Credit: 3 hours. A student may take a maximum of six to eight semester hours (two courses) of special topics in any one field.

AMM 451: Directed Independent Study.
Goal: To provide the student with the opportunity for independent study, under careful supervision, of significant topics in accounting selected in consultation with the instructor.
Content: Varies.
Taught: Fall, Spring, and Summer.
Prerequisite: Adequate course work for the topic selected.
Credit: 1–6 hours.

AMM 452/199: Field Study.
Goal: To provide the student with intensive, specialized work experience in the area of accounting.
Content: Observation and participation in the work of accounting professionals.
Taught: Fall, Spring, and Summer.
Prerequisite: Adequate course work for the placement selected and permission of the faculty advisor; approval of the Director of Career Development.
Credit: 1-12 hours.

AMM 470: Senior Capstone.
Goal: To provide the student with an opportunity to integrate skills to create a self-designed project with focus given to project management. 
Content: The student will make a formal presentation to the Program Director and faculty of the chosen track as in a business setting.
Taught: As needed.
Credit: 3 Credit Hours.

AMM 499: Honors Thesis. (Fee required).

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