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International Business | Course Catalogue

2021-2022 Catalogue

The interdisciplinary major in International Business prepares students to be effective in the international environment, with knowledge of the language, culture, business, and political affairs of other countries. Graduates with this major will be prepared to work for a multinational corporation in the United States and abroad or to pursue graduate studies in International Business.

The International Business major combines study in a foreign language (Chinese, French, Japanese, or Spanish), along with courses in economics, finance, marketing, management, accounting, political science, history, ethics, and cultural awareness. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in an exchange program or study abroad.

The student learning outcomes of the major are as follows:

  1. To understand cultural, social and political differences among peoples, and to interact successfully in different sociopolitical and cultural settings.
  2. To understand the economic and financial dimensions of international business management and the use of the computer in decision-making.
  3. To understand the historical and political context of international business management.
  4. To provide knowledgeable and socially responsive leadership for international businesses and institutions.
  5. To provide graduates with the functional and cross-cultural skills to become effective managers of multinational enterprises and institutions.
  6. To understand the issues in ethics which influence the international environment.
  7. To integrate knowledge previously gained and develop experience in application of knowledge, research, and critical thinking.

Major Requirements: International Business. A major in International Business consists of a minimum of 45**–69 credits, distributed as follows:
**exclusive of required courses in general education (12 hours) and modern foreign language (0-12 hours).

Each course is 3 hours.

I. Required Courses in General Education (12 hours)
•    COM 216: Intercultural Communication or WGS 250: Global Feminisms
•    ECO 210: Women and Economic Development
•    HIS 125: Emergence of the Modern World
•    POL 230: International Relations
II. Business and Accounting Courses (18 hours)
•    ACC 201: Financial Accounting: Concepts and Applications
•    ACC 202: Principles of Managerial Accounting or BUS 310: Business Law
•    BUS 105: Contemporary Business or BUS 106: Business Ethics and Society
•    BUS 303: Principles of Marketing
•    BUS 315: Principles of Management
•    BUS 488: Business Policy Seminar

III. Economics and Finance Courses (15 hours)
•    ACC 205: Principles of Finance
•    ECO 102: Issues in Macroeconomics
•    ECO 104: Issues in Microeconomics
•    ECO 302: International Trade
•    MAT/PSY 220: Statistical Methods
IV. History Course (3 hours)
Choose one course from the following:
•    HIS 342: Modern Europe
•    HIS 346: Modern East Asia 3
•    HIS 347: Modern Middle East
V. Political Science Course (3 hours)
Choose one course from the following:
•    POL 319: International Law
•    POL 335: Politics of the Developing World
•    POL 342: International Organizations
VI. Foreign Language (competency through 212; *0-12 hours)
     Choose one language from CHN, FRN, JPN, or SPN:
•    _____ 101           
•    _____ 102         
•    _____ 211          
•    _____ 212

•    Waiver from the foreign language proficiency requirements
VII. World Views (6 hours)
Choose two courses from the following:
•    AST 250: Introduction to Chinese Culture
•    AST 297: Special Topics in Asian Studies
•    BUS 332: International Business Management
•    FRN 305: French Civilization to the Revolution
•    FRN 306: French and Francophone Civilization
•    FRN 327: Business French
•    SPA 305: Spanish Culture and Civilization
•    SPA 306: Latin American Culture and Civilization
•    SPA 327: Business Spanish

Professional Development: Throughout their Wesleyan education each student is given opportunities to explore professional and career choices, and to develop and demonstrate the knowledge and skills essential for professional success. Each student will complete PDE 400: Professional Development Experience and PDE 401: Professional Practice Seminar.

The program recommends internship opportunities in the areas of international trade and finance, as well as working with business faculty on academic projects. Students interested in graduate study in law or business have numerous internship opportunities with local law firms and a wide variety of businesses. For those students who wish to work before attending graduate school, it is not uncommon for an internship to lead to a job offer. Some of the sponsors who welcome Wesleyan interns in business include Bank of America; Merrill-Lynch; Sun Trust Bank; BB&T Bank; Capital City Bank; McNair, McLemore, Middlebrooks, CPAs; and Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce.

Course Descriptions
Please refer to the following course catalogue pages for program information as well as course descriptions: 
•    Accounting (ACC)
•    Asian Studies (AST)
•    Business (BUS)
•    Chinese (CHN)
•    Communication (COM)
•    Economics (ECO)
•    English (ENG)
•    French (FRN)
•    History (HIS)
•    Japanese (JPN)
•    Mathematics (MAT)
•    Political Science (POL)
•    Professional Development Experience (PDE)
•    Spanish (SPN)
•    Women, Gender, & Sexuality (WGS)

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