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Academic Credit Options

Wesleyan College offers the following options for awarding academic credit where appropriate.

1. Credit for prior learning. Wesleyan College supports the idea that learning outside the classroom can be college level and under certain circumstances warrant academic credit. Students who are enrolled in a degree program may earn a maximum of 15 semester hours of academic credit for prior, college-level learning experience by submitting a portfolio documenting relevant knowledge gained through such experience. Preparation of the portfolio, however, does not guarantee credit will be awarded. The student must demonstrate having attained the knowledge, competency, and/or analytical and synthesizing abilities equivalent to those she would have gained in the college classroom. Such credit is granted on a Credit/No Credit basis. Letter grades are not awarded.

Portfolio Guidelines: This process requires a student to prepare and submit an analysis of her learning to support her claim that she has specific skills, knowledge, values, attitudes, understandings, achievements, experiences, competencies, training, or certifications that align with specific course objectives. The portfolio developed should not only describe the relevant experience but should also identify how the student has met the particular learning outcomes.

The student will include a critical self-assessment of what college-level learning has been acquired through selected non-traditional experience. This experience might include a variety of work, training, reading and research, civil and military service, or life learning.

Most students who take advantage of this policy receive credit in an applied knowledge area such as management, marketing, technology, finance, arts, communications, public relations, etc.

A student must complete a portfolio for each class she is seeking credit for that will include the following:

a. Cover letter explaining the portfolio and the contents of the portfolio.
b. Course title, description and learning outcomes for the course (these may be obtained by a faculty member who teaches the course or the Department Chair.)
c. Detailed explanation of the relevant experiences a student has had that satisfy the course outcomes. Students should reflect on the nature of the experiences and what was learned. For instance, for work experiences, students are asked to consider the skills, concepts, principles and/or ideas that student learned or improved upon during the work period. Just listing a title of a position or tasks completed is not enough to document the learning that has occurred.
d. Any artifacts that might support the claims made in the explanation (e.g., certificates, letters from employers or other experts, job descriptions, licenses, programs listing the student as a participant or conductor, or work samples).
e. Letter of support from the faculty member or department in which the course is taught.

1. A student must submit the Credit for Prior Learning request form and fee to have the portfolio evaluated.
2. The student must work with her academic advisor on the development of the portfolio and a faculty member who teaches the relevant course.
3. A student has two semesters (fall, spring)to complete the portfolio once the application has been submitted.
4. A student should submit the completed learning portfolio to her academic advisor for review.
5. The academic advisor will submit the portfolio to the Provost's office.
6. Provost sends the completed portfolio to a sub-committee of three members of the curriculum committee (selected by the Provost).
7. The sub-committee meets with the Provost within two weeks of receiving the completed file to determine a recommendation on the amount of credit to be awarded.
8. The Provost provides a memo to the Registrar indicating courses and credit hours to be awarded.

2. Transfer Credit. Credit will be considered from institutions accredited by the following agencies:
• Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) Western Association of Schools and Colleges
• Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
• Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)
• New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE)
• Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)
• Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
• WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC)

Credit from an institution of higher education accredited by an institutional accreditor not listed above will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Courses at the undergraduate level with a final grade of "C" of higher and related to applicable programs of the offerings at Wesleyan College are considered. Coursework at the graduate level is not considered for transfer.

A student can receive credit for a maximum of 90 semester hours. Credit from a junior college may not exceed 60 semester hours. Credits earned in a quarter system are converted to semester hours by multiplying the quarter credits by .667. The final 30 semester hours of coursework must be taken at Wesleyan unless prior approval is granted by the Registrar.

Transfer coursework classified as a 'core requirement' may also be applied towards Wesleyan's General Education requirements. Coursework may be accepted as a substitution or as a direct course equivalent. Individual course substitutions may be assigned to Wesleyan's General Education categories as deemed appropriate by the Registrar and the most closely associated Program Director.

Students earning an Associate of Art's degree from an institution of higher education accredited by an agency listed above does not have to take additional general education courses at Wesleyan College to earn the bachelor's degree. Associate of Science degrees are reviewed on a case by case basis. Associate's degrees from an institution of higher education accredited by an institutional accreditor not listed above are reviewed for waiver on a case by case basis.

Credit hours awarded for transfer are included in the student's cumulative hours earned. Grades earned in transfer courses accepted for credit are not reflected in a student's Wesleyan cumulative grade point average and transcript.

For senior honors to be awarded upon graduation, grades accepted for transfer credit will be computed in the honors GPA, but the student may not receive a higher honor at graduation than that merited by her academic performance at Wesleyan.

If a student wishes to appeal credit equivalency, she may submit a Transfer Credit Appeal form along with the course description and syllabus to the Registrar. The Registrar and the most closely associated Program Director will consider the appeal.

Please refer to the Academic Credit Options section in the Wesleyan Catalogue for other ways to earn credit such as credit for prior learning, credit by exam, rigorous high school programs, and departmental challenge.

International transfer credit is awarded on a case by case basis. A course-by-course credit evaluation from a professional evaluation agency indicating credit hours and grades converted to the semester system of higher education in the United States is required before credit is considered.

Wesleyan College has articulation agreements or memorandums of understanding with the following institutions and organizations:

Andrew College
Auburn University
Georgia Military College
Georgia Technical Institute
Guangzhou University
Lingnan University
Louisburg College
Mercer University
South China Normal University
Technical College System of GA

3. Credit by Examination. Wesleyan College has an established program for awarding credit by examination. The general conditions related to awarding credit, the applicable testing programs, and standards for awarding credit are outlined below.

General Condition for Awarding Credit by Examination:

A. A maximum of thirty (30) semester hours will be accepted from the combined sources of College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge International Examinations (A-Levels), and Departmental Examinations.

B. No student will be permitted credit by examination for a course after she has enrolled in the course.

C. Credit earned by examination will be recorded on the student's record by course, course number, and semester hours earned. No grade or grade points will be assigned.

(1) Advanced Placement Program (AP) of the College Entrance Examination Board
AP Course Score Course Equivalent Hrs
Art, History of 3 ARH 126 3
Art, Studio (2D, 3D, Drawing) 3 ART 101*, 106*, or 108* 3
*Note: Determination of equivalent will be based
upon portfolio review by Art faculty.
Music Theory 4 MUS 181 3
Economics (Macroeconomics) 3 ECO 102 3
Economics (Microeconomics) 3 ECO 104 3
English Language and Comp. 3 ENG 101 3
English Literature and Comp. 3 ENG 102 3
Seminar 3 ENG 101 3
European History 3 HIS 210 3
Government &Politics: Comparative 3 POL 222 3
Government & Politics: U.S. 3 POL 115 3
U.S. History 3 HIS 130 or HIS 135 3
World History 3 HIS 120 or HIS 125 3
Chinese Language or Chinese Literature:
  3 CHN 102 3
  4 CHN 102 & 211 6
  5 CHN 102, 211, & 212 9

French Language or French Literature:

  3 FRN 102 3
  4 FRN 102 & 211 6
  5 FRN 102, 211, & 212 9
German Language or German Literature:
  3 GER 102 3
  4 GER 102 & 211 6
  5 GER 102, 211, & 212 9
Spanish Language or Spanish Literature:
  3 SPA 102 3
  4 SPA 102 & 211 6
  5 SPA 102, 211, & 212 9
Calculus AB 3 MAT 205 3
Calculus BC 4 MAT 205 & 206 6
Computer Science A 4 CSC 216* 3
*Note: Student must master the language in CSC 216
to meet prerequisite for CSC 218.
Computer Science AB 4 CSC 216 & CSC 218 6
Statistics 3 MAT 220 or PSY 220 3
Psychology 3 PSY 101 3
Biology 3 BIO 110 & 112* 8
*Note: Student may enroll in BIO 203 with concurrent
enrollment in CHM 101 or consent of department.
Contingent upon passing BIO 203 or any upper-level
biology course with laboratory, course credit will be
given for BIO 110 & BIO 112. The student may choose
not to accept the above course credits & placements
at her discretion.
Chemistry 4 CHM 101 & 102* 8
*Note: Credit will be awarded upon successful
completion of CHM 101L & CHM 102L or by
successful completion of a higher-level
laboratory-intensive course in chemistry.
Environmental Science 4 ESC 150* 4
*Note: Credit will be awarded upon successful
completion of ESC 150 Lab or by successful
completion of a higher-level laboratory-intensive
course in environmental science.
Physics B 4 PHY 115* 4
*Note: or, PHY 121 upon earning a grade of
C or higher in PHY 122.
Physics C: Mechanics 4 PHY 121 4
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism 4 PHY 122 4
(2) College-Level Examination Board (CLEP)
CLEP Exam Score Course Equivalent Hrs
American Literature 50 ENG 211 & 212 6
Analyzing & Interpreting Lit. 50 ENG 102 3
English Composition:
with optional essay 50 ENG 101 3
without optional essay 50 ENG 101* 3*
*Note: Credit will be awarded upon successful
performance on a written essay graded by
the Wesleyan faculty.
English Literature 50 ENG 201 & 202 6
Humanities 50 Elective 3
College Algebra 50 MAT 130 3
Biology 50 BIO Elective 3  
Chemistry 50 CHM 101 & 102 8**
** Credit will be awarded upon successful
completion of CHM 101L & CHM 102L or a
higher-level laboratory-intensive course in chemistry.
Calculus 50 MAT 205 3
College Mathematics 50 Elective 3
Natural Sciences 50 Elective 3
Precalculus 50 MAT 140 3
French Language 50 FRN 101 & FRN 102 6
French Language 62 FRN 101, 102, 211, 212 12
German Language 50 GER 101 & GER 102 6
German Language 63 GER 101, 102, 211, 212 12
Spanish Language 50 SPA 101 & SPA 102 6
Spanish Language 63 SPA 101, 102, 211, 212 12
Spanish with Writing 50 SPA 101 & 102 6
Spanish with Writing 63 SPA 101, 102, 211, 212 12
American Government 50 POL 115 3
History of the U.S. I 50 HIS 130 3
History of the U.S. II 50 HIS 135 3
Educational Psychology 50 Elective 3
Human Grow. & Develop. 50 PSY 240 3
Macroeconomics 50 ECO 102 3
Microeconomics 50 ECO 104 3
Psychology 50 PSY 101 3
Social Sciences & History 50 Elective 3
Sociology 50 Elective 3
Western Civilization I 50 Elective 3
Western Civilization II 50 Elective 3
Financial Accounting 50 ACC 201 3
Business Law 50 BUS 310 3
Information Systems & Computer Applications 50 ACC 333 3
Management 50 BUS 315 3
Marketing 50 BUS 303 3
(3) International Baccalaureate (IB): (Score range 1-7)
Students who earned an International Baccalaureate Diploma at the conclusion of their high school curriculum are not required to take the SAT or ACT for admission to Wesleyan College.
Wesleyan College awards credit for all higher level and standard level International Baccalaureate (IB) courses for which it has a comparable program. To receive credit, students must earn a score of at least 4 on the examination for that course. Upon receipt of an IB transcript and college admission, students will be awarded up to 30 semester hours of academic credit, with course equivalencies to be determined by program directors in the appropriate disciplines and the registrar. Thirty hours is the maximum amount of credit a student may receive for all credit by examinations.
IB Course Score Course Equivalent Hrs
Language A1 4 ENG 101 & 102 6
GROUP 2 *Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Japanese, or Spanish
Language B HL 4 * 102 3
5 * 102 & 211 6
6-7 *102, 211 & 212 9
Language B SL 5 *102 3
6-7 *102 & 211 6
Business 4 BUS 105 3
Economics 4 ECO 102 & 104 6
History (SL) 4 HIS 120 or HIS 125 3
History of Americas 4 HIS 130 & 135 6
History of Europe 4 HIS 120 & 125 6
Management 4 BUS 106 3
Psychology 4 PSY 101 3
Biology (SL) 4 BIO 110 4
Biology (HL) 4 BIO 110 & 112 8
Chemistry (SL) 4 CHM 101 4
Chemistry (HL) 4 CHM 101 & 102 8
Physics 4 PHY 115 4
Further Mathematics (HL) 4 MAT 205 & 206 6
Mathematical Studies (SL) 4 MAT 130 & 192 6
Mathematics (SL) 4 MAT 140 & 192 6
Mathematics (HL) 4 MAT 140 & 205 6
Music 4 MUS 150 3
Theatre 4 THE 110 3
Visual Arts 4 ARH 126 3
(4) Cambridge International Examinations (CIE): A-Levels
Art A, B, C*    
*Note: Students who score C or higher are invited to
submit a portfolio to the faculty in the art department
for review. The student will be asked to write a two-page
analysis of her work and to discuss the work with the
art faculty, after which the faculty will determine the
course(s), if any, for which the student may receive credit.
Biology A, B, C BIO 110 & 112 8
Business Studies A, B BUS 105 3
Chemistry* A, B CHM 101 & 102 8*
Note: *Credit will be awarded upon successful
completion of CHM 101L and 102L or upon
successful completion of a higher-level,
laboratory-intensive course in chemistry.
Economics A, B ECO 102 & 104 6
English A, B ENG 102 3
French A, B FRN 211 & 212 6
History A, B HIS Elective 3
Mathematics A, B MAT 205 & 206* 6
*Note: MAT 206 credit awarded only if an A is earned.
Physics A, B PHY 115* 4*
Politics and Government A, B POL Elective 3
Psychology A, B, C PSY 101 3
Spanish A, B SPA 211 & 212 6
(5) Departmental Examinations
With the permission of the faculty, a student may challenge a course(s) within the curriculum through departmental examination. Students seeking to challenge a course for credit should consult with the faculty member who teaches the course for the appropriate procedure. Credit earned through departmental examination is recorded as credit only. Neither a grade nor honor points is assigned to credit earned through a departmental challenge exam. Consult the Wesleyan College Catalogue for fees associated with course challenge.

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