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2021-2022 Catalogue

Sport Management

The highly competitive field of sport management provides sports, fitness, and recreation minded students with business knowledge and exciting opportunities in the world of athletics.

Students with a Sport Management minor* will gain experience and knowledge in areas of business, accounting, law, facility management, and marketing to create an expansive knowledge base for many careers. As part of our program, students in the sport management field will work with local semi-professional athletic teams, club sports, NCAA institutions, and other relevant fields to create a one-of-a-kind professional development opportunity to solidify their area of expertise and interest. The curriculum is designed to give students a broad understanding of all aspects of sport management and prepare them for careers in athletic administration, coaching, physical therapy, athletic training, and health and wellness.

*Sport Management is also offered as a concentration for the Business Administration major; please see the Business Administration page of the course catalogue for additional details.

Required Courses (18 hours)
Each course listed is 3 hours.
•    BSM 110: Introduction to Sport Management
•    BSM 307: Sport Marketing
•    BSM 314: Sport Law
•    BSM 328: Facilities Management
•    BSM 400: Event Marketing/Management Capstone
•    BUS 303: Principles of Marketing

Course Descriptions

BSM 110: Introduction to Sport Management
Goal: To introduce students to the overview and structure of sport, fitness, and leisure industries with an emphasis on history, management, leadership, ethics, and governance.
Content: Professional, Olympic, intercollegiate, and interscholastic sport as well as the exercise and fitness business sector will be explored to provide the foundation knowledge necessary for Sport Management careers and study.  Students will gain the foundation for functional and administrative management of sport.
Taught: Fall, alternate years
Prerequisite: None
Credit: 3 hours

BSM 307: Sport Marketing
Goal: To develop and apply the theories and functions of sport marketing and sales as applied across various sport management fields.
Content: Students will utilize research and development skills, sport promotion, advertising, marketing, and development of campaigns to investigate the sport industry. Demonstration and understanding of various sport and exercise/fitness industries, target audiences, and needs in marketing and promotion will be examined to provide a foundation for current/future practices in marketing.
Taught: Spring, alternate years
Prerequisites: BSM 110, BUS 303
Cross-listed as: BUS 307
Credit: 3 hours.

BSM 314: Sport Law
Goal: To develop a broad view of law that encompasses athletes, spectators, venues, business, finance and management issues within the sport, exercise, and leisure realms.
Content: Law principles, systems, and functions over a variety of disciplines will be explored to gain an understanding of sport law as it pertains to business, facilities, and persons involved.
Taught: Fall, alternate years
Prerequisite: BSM 110
Credit: 3 hours

BSM 328: Facilities Management
Goal: To provide students with the skills and basic understanding necessary to manage, maintain, and operate various sport and fitness facilities and events.
Content: Examination of funding, design elements, construction, physical operation, and maintenance of sport and fitness facilities. Event and facility issues regarding participants, ethical issues, legal matters, operations, planning, and risk management will be explored to gain knowledge of the full facilities management processes.
Taught: Fall, alternate years
Prerequisite: BSM 110
Credit: 3 hours

BSM 400: Event Marketing/Management Capstone
Goal: To provide sport management majors a forum in which students discuss, analyze, critique and prepare a senior portfolio documenting their integrative experience.
Content: Students will reflect upon the interdisciplinary nature of their courses of study including the general education experiences and their relationship to their major.
Taught: Spring, alternate years
Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing; satisfactory completion of internship experience (1 credit hour min.) through either BSM 452: Field Study in Sport Management or PDE 400: Professional Development Experience

BSM 452/199: Field Study in Sport Management
Goal: To provide the student with intensive, specialized work experience in the area of sport management.
Content: Observation and participation in the work of sport management professionals.
Taught: Fall, Spring, and Summer
Prerequisites: Adequate course work for the placement selected and permission of the faculty advisor; approval of the Director of Career Development
Credit: 1-12 hours

BUS 303: Principles of Marketing
Goal: To understand the basic marketing functions: product policy, pricing, advertising, selling, distribution, and marketing research, and to apply them to practical marketing problems.
Content: The examination of the "4 P's" of marketing-product, price, promotion, and place. Practical application of these concepts by developing a global marketing plan.
Taught: Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: None
Credit: 3 hours

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