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2021-2022 Catalogue

Healthcare is the largest and fastest changing industry in the U.S., making up close to 18% of our national gross domestic product (GDP). To make effective decisions, professionals working in the field must understand basic business principles and tools related to finance, information systems, strategic planning, human resource management, and marketing.

In the field of healthcare administration, one may be responsible for establishing and implementing the policies and objectives of a specific clinical or administrative department or service within a single facility, or an entire health care organization or system. A minor* in Healthcare Administration will prepare the student to work in a variety of settings, including:

  • Clinic/Medical group practice
  • Hospital/Health system
  • Home health/Hospice services
  • Residential/Long-term care
  • Insurance/Managed care
  • Medical supply company
  • Government Services
  • University/Research Institution

A minor in Healthcare Administration will provide the student with strong leadership abilities, including excellent communication and relationship management skills, diplomacy, collaboration and teamwork, adaptability and ability to manage change, and mentoring. The Healthcare Administration minor is designed to complement the student’s major with the objective of providing an introductory curriculum, which can assist the student in gaining employment in healthcare and healthcare related career fields. This objective can be achieved by: building on general education core foundations; introducing students to health services management functions through the mastery of certain skills including communication, decision-making, and coordination; and preparing students for graduate study.

*Healthcare Administration is also offered as a concentration for Business Administration majors; please see the Business Administration page of the course catalogue for additional details.

Required Courses (18 hours)
Each course listed is 3 hours.
•     BUS/HCA 308: Introduction to Healthcare Administration
•     BUS/HCA 309: Healthcare Operations and Quality Improvement
•     BUS/HCA 313: Healthcare Policy and Economics
•     BUS/HCA 314: Legal Aspects of Healthcare
•     BUS/HCA 340: Healthcare Information Systems Management
•     BUS 328: Art of Business Leadership

Course Descriptions

BUS 328: Art of Business Leadership
Goal: To examine the leadership theories and approaches used to effectively lead individuals, work-teams, and groups.
Content: Students examine the knowledge and skills successful leaders must possess in the following areas of leadership: understanding leadership variables, the power of vision, the importance of ethics, the empowerment of people, leadership principles, understanding people, multiplying effectiveness, developing others, and performance management.
Taught: Fall, alternate years
Prerequisite: None
Credit: 3 hours

HCA 308: Introduction to Healthcare Administration
To examine the behavioral and organizational factors that affect healthcare managers and to examines some of the strategies for problem solving and implementing change.
Content: Included will be information on the U.S. healthcare delivery system and examine the historical growth of the healthcare system, trends for the future, and the various settings where healthcare is provided.
Taught: Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: None
Cross-listed as: BUS 308
Credit: 3 hours

HCA 309: Healthcare Operations and Quality Improvement
To understand quality management and improvement is important in healthcare operations because of patient care, safety, and outcomes.
Content: This course will address quality management tools and concepts, including root cause analysis and performance indicators.
Taught: Fall.
Prerequisite: BUS/HCA 308
Cross-listed as: BUS 309
Credit: 3 hours

HCA 313: Healthcare Policy and Economics
To introduce students to U.S. health policy and how it is developed, and the requirements of the major regulatory agencies.
Content: Major debates related to healthcare legislation will be discussed. The course will also look at how basic economic principles influence policy decisions.
Taught: Spring
Prerequisite: BUS/HCA 308
Cross-listed as: BUS 313
Credit: 3 hours

HCA 314: Legal Aspects of Healthcare
To examine laws and regulations that guide almost every interaction in healthcare.
Content: This course will explore the evolution of the laws and regulatory agencies that are actively involved in healthcare administration, and the contemporary issues that are likely to affect healthcare in the future.
Taught: Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: BUS/HCA 308
Cross-listed as: BUS 314
Credit: 3 hours

HCA 340: Healthcare Information Systems Management
To introduce the student to the principles of computer technology related to health care with emphasis on computerized medical billing, health care data collection, storage, retrieval, security arrangement, presentation, and verification. This course will also introduce the components and requirements of the electronic health record.
Content: Origins, sources and content of healthcare data; technologies used to manage and control healthcare databases; key components of healthcare databases; telecommunications technology; electronic medical record (EMR); project management; systems evaluation.
Taught: Annually
Prerequisite: None
Cross-listed as: BUS 340
Credit: 3 hours

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