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2022-2023 Catalogue

Dual Degree Programs

3+3 Law Program with Mercer University Law School

Advisor: Dr. Nicholas Steneck

Career Description: A Juris Doctor (J.D.) leads to a broad range of careers that impact people’s lives. Lawyers help with buying homes, writing wills, prosecuting and defending criminals, creating business contracts, and attempting to protect people from litigation. A law degree may also open up law-related careers in government, business, higher education, health care, communication, and numerous other fields. Legal practice is intellectually challenging and requires the use of ethics, reasoning and judgment. To practice law, students must typically complete an undergraduate degree, earn a Juris Doctor (JD) diploma from an accredited law school and pass their state's bar examination
3 + 3 Program Description: Mercer University School of Law and Wesleyan College recognize that certain students have the ability and readiness to complete their undergraduate education and their law degree training in less than the normally required seven years of study. The 3 + 3 program provides an opportunity for select students to accelerate their course of study by completing both an undergraduate degree (from Wesleyan) and the Juris Doctor degree (from Mercer University) in approximately six years of full time study. Students enrolled in this program are expected to complete all Wesleyan College core requirements, including requirements of their chosen major, with a minimum of two and a half years in residence and at least 90 credit hours at Wesleyan prior to attending Law School. This program is recommended for majors in Politics & Global Studies (BA) or English (BA); students may elect other majors, but MUST have a pre law minor and engage in the requisite coursework required for the 3 + 3 program. To be considered for Mercer Law, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above in Wesleyan College coursework and score at or above the median LSAT score of the preceding year’s entering class.

Three Year Curricular Plan:
The 3 + 3  student should take at least 15 hours each semester and should be prepared to finish her Wesleyan courses in three years, prior to application for the Law School at Mercer. The following courses must be taken at Wesleyan:

Coursework Plan:
Year One:  Fall Semester    
WISe 101, Foreign Language, GenEd, POL 115, ENG or POL or other major coursework    

Year Two:  Spring Semester
Foreign Language, COM 202, ENG 111, HIS 130, ENG or POL or other major coursework

Year Two:  Fall Semester    
ENG or POL or other major coursework, HIS 135, ACC 201, PDE    

Year Two:  Spring Semester
ENG or POL or other major coursework, POL 320, BUS 310, PDE

Year Three:  Fall Semester    
ENG or POL or other major coursework, GenEd, COM 340, POL 319    

Year Three:  Spring Semester
ENG, POL or other major coursework, GenEd, PHI 223

4+1 Wesleyan Program

Introduction: Committed to our values of educational opportunities and excellence, Wesleyan College has provided a pathway for students to accelerate their course of study by completing both their bachelor’s degree and their master’s degree in approximately five years of full-time study, saving both time and money. Students can take up to 6 credit hours in one of our graduate programs, while still enrolled as an undergraduate student. Programs that participate in this program are: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Nonprofit Management, and Master of Arts Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

Program Summary: Students must apply for admission to the 4+1 program in their Junior year of study. If accepted to the program, the student will take two graduate courses during their senior year. Graduate-level program courses completed may be substituted by the academic advisor to count towards an unmet undergraduate degree course requirement if the course content is related (see below of courses that have been approved for substitution.) Otherwise, the graduate-level courses will be counted as elective credit.

Program Requirements: The 4+1 Graduate Bridge Program is only open to Wesleyan students who:

  • Have earned a cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 3.00 or higher by the end of the Junior year of study.
  • Have been accepted to the graduate program by completing the admissions for the program they are applying for:

Industrial-Organizational Psychology

  • a completed application
  • a Statement of Purpose (approximately 500-1000 words)
  • a curriculum vita or resume
  • one letter of recommendation from a Wesleyan faculty member
  • academic writing sample (a paper written for a course you completed)
  • Completion of PSY101 General Psychology and MAT/PSY 220 Statistics prior to applying with at least a C grade. This program is open to any major.
  • an admissions interview will be scheduled with the program director once all documents have been received

MBA/MS Nonprofit Management

  • a completed application
  • Current major in Business Administration with the completion of at least 6 of the 12 business core classes in the major, including at least one upper level course, all with a C grade or higher.
  • a curriculum vita or resume
  • one letter of recommendation from a Wesleyan faculty member
  • an admissions interview will be scheduled with the program director once all documents have been received

Program Specifics:

  1. Once a student has been admitted to the graduate program, they are eligible to enroll in two graduate courses.
  2. Being accepted into the 4+1 Graduate Program does not alter the student's type. Until the bachelor’s degree is conferred, the student remains a bachelor’s degree-seeking student for purposes of federal and state financial aid as well as any aid awarded to them as part of their undergraduate admission.
  3. Upon graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, the student is immediately eligible to take the remaining graduate classes to complete the master’s degree.  
  4. To obtain a master’s degree from Wesleyan, a student must have completed the required credit hours at the graduate level required by the program. All graduate coursework counting toward the master’s degree must meet the regular, published master’s degree requirements from Wesleyan.
  5. While an undergraduate in the 4+1 Program, Wesleyan will collect and retain undergraduate tuition at Wesleyan’s rates. Financial aid, including scholarships, will be calculated in accordance to Wesleyan College’s then-current policies. Part-time students and students taking the graduate course as an overload will be charged the undergraduate rate for the course.
  6. A student must complete 150 credits total for their undergraduate and graduate degree. Therefore, students in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology program will be required to earn 123 undergraduate credits to graduate.

Course Substitutions:

Industrial-Organizational Psychology

  • PSY504 Organizational Behavior and Theory may substitute for PSY312 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • PSY503 Social Psychology in the Workplace may substitute for PSY203 Social Psychology

MBA/MS Nonprofit Management

  • EBA600 Executive Management Accounting may substitute for ACC202 Principles of Managerial Accounting
  • EBAA 602 Organizational Behavior in Management may substitute for BUS317 Organizational Behavior

Students may also substitute the two graduate courses for 6 credits of elective to complete their credits to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

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