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2021-2022 Catalogue

Digital Marketing

Businesses big and small, in every corner of the world, and selling any and every type of product rely on digital marketing to reach their consumers. Today’s digitally connected world allows us to connect with friends all around the world, video chat with family in other time zones and read about any interest we may have without leaving the comforts of home. For businesses in every industry producing any number of items, this means it is harder than ever to reach their target audience.

The Digital Marketing minor will provide the student with baseline marketing skills so they understand the language of business, and to help them land internships and jobs. It is designed to give the student a competitive advantage with the skills needed to compete in the fast-changing business world where most companies are using technology to reach their consumers. This competitive advantage gained by digital marketing skills will help enable the student to hit the ground running in their chosen profession.

*Digital marketing is also offered as a concentration for Business Administration majors; please see the Business Administration page of the course catalogue for additional details.

Required Courses (18 hours)
Each course listed is 3 hours. Courses with an asterisk are available online through the Rize consortium.
•     ART 225: Graphic Design
•     BUS 303: Principles of Marketing
•     BUS 336: Social Media Marketing*
•     BUS 337: Email Marketing*
•     BUS 338: Digital Marketing Analytics*
•     BUS 339: Viral and Organic Growth*

Course Descriptions:

ART 225: Graphic Design
Goal: To understand the methods of commercial art through the use of the computer. To work through the design stages, working with type, layout, photographic art and drawn images. To understand the persuasive and informative nature of design.
Content: Projects in the field of graphic design. Use of computer drawing, painting, image manipulation and page-layout programs.
Taught: Annually
Gen. Ed. Category: Exploring; Thinking & Expressing Creatively; (FA)
Credit: 3 hours

BUS 303: Principles of Marketing
Goal: To understand the basic marketing functions: product policy, pricing, advertising, selling, distribution, and marketing research, and to apply them to practical marketing problems.
Content: The examination of the "4 P's" of marketing-product, price, promotion, and place. Practical application of these concepts by developing a global marketing plan.
Taught: Fall, Spring
Credit: 3 hours

BUS 336: Social Media Marketing
Goal: To introduce students to the particularities of advertising via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Students will learn how to build effective ads for these platforms, select their appropriate audience, and measure the success of their efforts.
Content: Social media content, running social media campaigns, follower growth, and retargeting.
Taught: Annually
Prerequisite: BUS 303 
Credit: 3 hours

BUS 337: Email Marketing 
Goal: To students how to craft successful email marketing campaigns when targeting business or individual customers. Students will also learn how to use email campaigns for customer engagement and activation. 
Content: Messaging and the subject line; email campaigns, conversion, engagement and onboarding; automation; metrics; and engagement.
Taught: Annually
Prerequisites: BUS 303; satisfaction of writing competency requirement
Credit: 3 hours

BUS 338: Digital Marketing Analytics
Goal: To learn how to analyze digital customer behavior data using a range of tools, and use that data to test marketing hypotheses and improve customer acquisition. 
Content: Digital marketing funnels; analytics tools; A/B testing; data analysis; and rich data, vs. poor data.
Taught: Annually
Prerequisites: BUS 303, BUS 337; MAT 130 or higher
Credit: 3 hours

BUS 339: Viral and Organic Growth
Goal: To teach students what drives users to share content, how to build shareable content, and how to run contests and perform other activities that tend to lead to viral or organic growth. 
Content: The psychology of virality; meme culture and marketing; influencer marketing and referral programs; and viral contests.
Taught: Annually
Prerequisites: BUS 303, BUS 336
Credit: 3 hours

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