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Leadership and Social Change (LED) Course Descriptions

LED 207: Effective Leadership in Community.
Goal: Designed to put basic leadership principles and skills into practice as well as provide emerging student leaders with an understanding of effective leadership practices, philosophies of social change, social change strategies, and information on engagement opportunities on campus and in the community.
Content: Students will explore a variety of theories and philosophies of social change and will engage academic research on these topics. Students will use their new found understanding of philosophies of social change to focus
on the social change model of leadership in experiential learning settings. Students will evaluate their own personal leadership style and its implications as a practicing leader of social change.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of WIS 110 or permission from the instructor.
Cross-listed as: PHI 207.
Credit: 3 hours.

LED 307: Power and Service Leadership.
Goal: This class is designed to assist emerging leaders with knowledge, skills, and practice to enact effective social change. This course is also designed for students to think critically about questions of power in various leadership,
and particularly service leadership positions.

Content: Students will explore philosophies and critical theories of power, including philosophies of race, gender, sexuality, class, and ability. This course discusses the following aspects of service learning for social change – why we are involved in service learning, what we get out of service learning, what do we give to those we serve, what do we take from those we serve, what are the unintended consequences of our service, and how can we maximize the good of our service for all involved? Students will engage how social change is accomplished in our society as well as advantages and limitations of various change strategies in terms of their impact on and use of societal power dynamics.
Prerequisites: PHI/LED 207 or permission of the instructor.
Cross-listed as: PHI 307.
Credit: 3 hours.

LED 450: Senior Project Seminar.
Goal: To provide advanced Religion, Philosophy, and Social Change and Leadership Certificate students with the opportunity to complete and present a lengthy, meaningful research project or capstone integrative experience in
Religious Studies, Philosophy and Critical Theory, or Leadership and Social Change and to reflect on their development as a Religion, Philosophy, and Social Change or Leadership scholar and on how their course of study informs their future plans.
Content: Students will create a senior portfolio that includes several representative papers, a reflection on their growth as a Religion, Philosophy, and Social Change and/or Leadership scholar, and a reflection on how their major
can inform her their future plans. They will also engage in extensive research on a problem in Religion, Philosophy, or Leadership and Social Change that will issue in a work that will be presented in a public forum. Students taking
this class for credit toward the Leadership and Social Change Certificate will have the opportunity to integrate the knowledge they have gained from their academic endeavors coupled with their knowledge of the social change
model of leadership development to design and implement a capstone project that demonstrates their ability to apply what they’ve learned about leadership and social change in a local context to problem solving beyond their college careers.
Prerequisite: Four REL or PHI courses, or three LED courses, or permission of the instructor.
Cross-listed as: PHI 450 and REL 450.
Credit: 3 hours.

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