Bachelor of Fine Arts | Course Catalogue

2020-2021 Catalogue

Bachelor of fine arts (BFA) - ART

The Art department at Wesleyan College offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with a major in Art. The BFA requires highly intensive and focused coursework in the arts to prepare students for professional careers in visual arts fields and further study. The BFA especially prepares students for entrance into Master of Fine Arts (MFA) graduate programs. Students will cultivate a disciplined methodology for studio art production and develop the skill and confidence to speak, write, and professionally present her work in a gallery or public setting. The BFA student will focus on one or two areas of study to refine her skills and develop a cohesive, professional, and original portfolio. This degree incorporates the same liberal arts general education curriculum, which it requires of the Bachelor of Arts (AB) programs.

The Student Learning Outcomes for the BFA major in Art are:

I. To develop a focused knowledge of the elements and principles of visual art and design as well as  a broad awareness of the history of art to contextualize their personal work.
II. To achieve highly developed skills, techniques and knowledge in one area of concentration in studio art as evident though a cohesive portfolio.
III. To gain a broad knowledge of the processes of art in various media while learning to analyze and critique the art of others as well as their own artwork
IV. To demonstrate professional preparedness for a career in art.

Wesleyan College BFA Art Requirements

1. Students may declare the BFA Art major at anytime but must take required preliminary coursework and apply for acceptance by March 1st. Students may apply a second time by October 1 in the following fall semester if the first attempt is unsuccessful.

2. The student must complete 120 semester hours with a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or higher and a grade point average of 2.50 or higher in the major.

3. BFA students will participate in a department critique during their junior year.

4. Each senior student is required to have an exhibition at the end of her coursework along with an illustrated catalogue and artist’s statement.

5. BFA students are required to attend lectures, exhibition openings, and workshops provided by the art department as an essential part of their educational experience and coursework in studio art.

6. Students are encouraged to become involved in art related internships and collaborations on campus.

Major Course Requirements: A BFA in Art requires a total of 69 hours of coursework from the following:

I. Core Foundations (18 hours)
ART 101 Drawing: 3 hours
ART 106 Understanding Images: 3 hours
ART 110 Creativity: Art/Design from Nature: 3 hours
ART 108 3-D Design: 3 hours
ART 205 Concepts in Drawing: 3 hours
ARH 126 Art History I: Prehistoric to 16th Century: 3 hours

II. Fundamental Studio Processes (18 hours)
ART 221 Painting: 3 hours
ART 225 Graphic Design: 3 hours
ART 250 Traditional & Digital Printmaking: 3 hours
ART 231 Ceramics: 3 hours
ART 260 Intro to Jewelry: 3 hours
ART 275 Digital Photography or ART 285 Video: 3 hours

III. Art Historical Context: (9 hours: 3 of the 9 hours must be at the 300 level)
ARH 220: Visual and Curatorial Studies: 3 hours
ARH 230 Art History II: 16th to 20th Century: 3 hours
ARH 354 Art History III: 20th Century to Contemporary: 3 hours
ARH 396 Special Topics: 3 hours

IV. Intermediate/Advanced Study: (21 hours, 6 hrs at the 400 level must be in the same area of study)
BFA students may take a 300 or 400 level course for 3 or 6 hours at a time. If the student wishes to take 6 hours of the same course in the same semester she must obtain advisor and instructor approval.

ART 302 Intermediate Painting & Drawing: 3 or 6 hours
ART 318 Intermediate Ceramics: 3 or 6 hours
ART 338 Intermediate Printmaking: 3 or 6 hours
ART 340 Intermediate Graphic Design: 3 or 6 hours
ART 345 Web Design: 3 or 6 hours
ART 360 Documentary Photography: 3 or 6 hours
ART 385 Studio Photo: Portrait & Product 3 or 6 hours
ART 396 Special Topics: 3 or 6 hours

ART 402 Portfolio Building: Painting & Drawing: 3 or 6 hours
ART 418 Portfolio Building: 3D: 3 or 6 hours
ART 438 Portfolio Building: Printmaking: 3 or 6 hours
ART 440 Portfolio Building: Graphic Design 3 or 6 hours
ART 451 Directed Independent Study 1-3 hours
ART 452 Field Study 1-3 hours
ART 460 Portfolio Building: Photography 3 or 6 hours

V. Senior Capstone (3 hours)
ART 408 Senior Studio Seminar 3 hours

Students will follow the outlined curriculum. A recommended sequence of courses for the student majoring in studio art is shown below:

First Year: ART 101; ART 106; ART 110; ART 108; ARH 126

Second Year: ART 205; ART 221; ART 225; ART 231; ART 260; ART 275 or 285; ARH 220 or 230

Third Year: ARH 354; Nine to Twelve hours from ART 300 level

Fourth Year: ART 408; Three to Six hours from ART 300 level; Six hours from ART 400 level

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