International Relations

2017-2018 Catalogue

The international relations major is intended to reflect that we live in an ever more interrelated and interdependent world. As such, it is a course of study that combines the disciplines of history, political science, economics, and foreign language study. Often it is done in conjunction with a study abroad experience. Students majoring in this field study the historical, political, cultural, and economic processes that shape the international system today, as well as the roles of the main actors, such as states, international organizations, nongovernmental organizations, multinational corporations, ideologies, and individuals.

The major provides an excellent background for those who wish to pursue careers in international organizations (governmental and nongovernmental) and in international business. It also provides ideal preparation for those planning communication and the law. The international relations major will help prepare the student for relevant graduate study and for the foreign service examination.

Major Program: Students who major in international relations will acquire knowledge of major international political events, phenomena, and institutions and of the frameworks and theories used in considering and interpreting global issues; the analytical skills essential for understanding the international system and for interpreting the sources, processes, and outcomes of global change; and the ability to express concepts concisely and forcefully through both written and oral communication. They will be familiar with the best practices associated with research in the field of international relations and prepared to enter graduate programs and careers in international relations and related fields.

Student learning outcomes for the major in International Relations:
I. demonstrate knowledge of major international political events, phenomena, institutions, and the theories and frameworks for considering international developments and change.
II. demonstrate the methodological skills commensurate with discipline-specific analysis.
III. be able to apply the best practices associated with the conduct of research in the disciplines of history and political science.
IV. demonstrate preparedness to enter graduate programs and/or to pursue careers in these areas of study and related fields
Major Requirements: International Relations (43-57 hours)
The major consists of between 43 and 57 hours of coursework, depending on the number of courses a student must take to complete the foreign language requirement.
1. Required modern language: (0-12 hours)
Completion of the 212 level in one language or the 102 level in two languages
2. History (9 hours)
HIS 125 The Emergence of the Modern World 3 hours
HIS 135 The American Experience since 1877 3 hours
HIS 299 Historical Methods and Historiography 3 hours
3. Political Science: (12 hours)
POL 222 Comparative Politics 3 hours
POL 230 International Relations 3 hours
POL 328 United States Foreign Policy 3 hours
POL 332 Research Methods in Political Science 3 hours
4. Economics: (9 hours)
ECO 102 Macroeconomics 3 hours
ECO 104 Microeconomics 3 hours
ECO 302 International Trade 3 hours
5. Choose four courses from the following (12 hours)
HIS 305 Empires and Diaspora 3 hours
HIS 323 20 th Century Genocide 3 hours
HIS 342 Modern Europe 3 hours
HIS 346 Modern East Asia 3 hours
HIS 347 Modern Middle East 3 hours
POL 305 Democracy and Democratization in the Contemporary World 3 hours
POL 319 International Law 3 hours
POL 326 European Politics 3 hours
POL 335 Politics of the Developing World 3 hours
POL 342 International Organizations 3 hours
POL 351 Nuclear Weapons 3 hours
HIS/POL 348 Terror and Terrorism in the Modern World 3 hours
6. Senior Research Seminar: (3 hours) 3 hours
HIS 480 or POL 480

Professional Development: Throughout her Wesleyan education each student is given opportunities to explore professional and career choices, and to develop and demonstrate the knowledge and skills essential for professional success. Each student will complete a PDE 400 Professional Development Experience and submit a PDE 401 Professional ePortfolio prior to graduation. Each student will complete assignments in the Senior Research Seminar (either HIS 480 or POL 480) that help her explore careers in the major.

Integrative Experience: Each student will complete either HIS 480 or POL 480 Senior Research Seminar. In this capstone course, international relations majors will complete a significant research project in which they make connections among the various parts of their course of study and employ sound methodology.

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