2017-2018 Catalogue

Board of Trustees, 2017-2018


Andrew H. Nations, Chair

Amy V. Rauls, Chair-elect

Cal Hays, Vice Chair 1

Bryndis Roberts, Vice Chair 2

Debbie Moses, Vice Chair 3

Kay B. West, Secretary

Vivia L. Fowler, President of the College

Susan P. Kimmey, Past Chair

TRUSTEES (* denotes alumnae trustees )

Hannah L. Allen '80 (2019), Macon, GA

Julia G. Baldwin (2021), Macon, GA

Alexis Xides Bighley '67 (2021), Maplewood, MN

Priscilla G. Bornmann '68 (2021), Alexandria, VA

Robert Lawson Bryan, ex-officio, Macon, GA

Candy C. Burgess (2020), Macon, GA

Jane Johnson Butler '65 (2017), Macon, GA

J. Cannon Carr, Jr. (2021), Atlanta, GA

Bishop Kenneth H. Carter, Jr., ex officio, Lakeland, FL

Robert J. Edenfield (2021), Macon, GA

Glennda Kingry Elliott '65 (2019), Macon, GA

Chiebonam "Chi" Ezekwueche (2020), Macon, GA

Gayle Attaway Findlay '55 (2021), New Canaan, CT

Gena Roberts Franklin '71 (2019), Macon, GA

Judy Woodward Gregory '63 (2018), Quincy, FL

Robert F. Hatcher, Jr. (2019), Macon, GA

Sue Haupert-Johnson, ex-officio, Roswell, GA

J. Calvin Hays, Jr. (2021), Macon, GA

Susan Pyeatt Kimmey '71 (2020), Atlanta, GA

Margaret T. MacCary (2020), New York, NY

Michael McCord, ex-officio, Buford, GA

Brenda W. McGinn (2021), Smyrna, GA

Beverly Ford Mitchell '68 (2018)*, Woodstock, GA

Debbie S. Moses '89 (2020), Atlanta, GA

Andrew H. Nations (2019), Macon, GA

Elizabeth C. Ogie (2021), Columbus, GA

Lynda Brinks Pfeiffer '63 (2018), Cataldo, ID

Elizabeth H. Pickett (2018), Atlanta, GA

Amy V. Rauls (2018), Macon, GA

Bryndis W. Roberts '78 (2021), Atlanta, GA

Thomas Alfred Sams, Jr. (2020), Macon, GA

Yehudi Self-Medlin (2021)* Falls Church, VA

J. Daniel Speight (2019), Macon, GA

Susan W. Walker '70 (2021), Franklin, TN

Geovette E. Washington '89 (2020), Pittsburgh, PA

Kay B. West (2020), Byromville, GA

Jennifer Stiles Williams '93, ex officio, Orlando, FL


William H. Anderson II, Macon, GA

Betty Corn, Columbus, GA

Cathy Cox, Young Harris, GA

Gene A. Hoots, Charlotte, NC

Bishop L. Bevel Jones III, Decatur, GA

Robert E. Knox, Jr., Thomson, GA

William M. Matthews, Macon, GA

Dennie L. McCrary. Sea Island, GA

Betty Mori, Atlanta, GA

Samuel A. Nunn, Jr., Atlanta, GA

William W. Oliver, Jr., Macon, GA

Marvin R. Schuster, Columbus, GA

Officers of the College

Vivia L. Fowler, President of the College

Melody A. Blake, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dawn Nash, Vice President for Administration

Andrea Williford - Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Clinton Hobbs, Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management

Matthew R. Martin, Dean of the Faculty

Honorary Degrees Conferred by Wesleyan College

Mary Harris Armor Doctor of Laws (1918)

Mei-ling Soong Chiang '16 (Madame Chiang Kai-Shek) Doctor of Laws (1943)

Chung-ling Soong Sun '13 (Madame Sun Yat-Sen) Doctor of Laws (1943)

E-ling Soong Kung '09 (Madame H. H. Kung) Doctor of Laws (1943)

Dorothy Hinksman Farrar Doctor of Letters (1956)

Ada Fort Doctor of Humane Letters (1958)

Albert Trulock Doctor of Divinity (1958)

Scott Appleby Doctor of Laws (1959)

Elizabeth Bradley Turner Doctor of Humanities (1961)

Doris Onderdonk Jelks Doctor of Music (1964)

James Dickey Doctor of Literature (1971)

Judge Griffin B. Bell Doctor of Laws (1980)

Bishop W. R. Cannon Doctor of Sacred Theology (1980)

Grace L. Hightower '20 Doctor of Humane Letters (1980)

Reginald R. Trice Doctor of Commercial Science (1980)

Teh-Ming Pao Doctor of Humanities (1980)

Linda Anderson Lane '19 Doctor of Fine Arts (1980)

Rt. Hon. Edward Richard George Heath Doctor of Public Administration (1980)

Fredrick Thomas Trotter Doctor of Laws (1981)

Anne Cox Chambers Doctor of Public Service (1982)

Eugenia Rawls '34 Doctor of Fine Arts (1982)

Eleanor Richardson Doctor of Public Service (1983)

Julia Munroe Woodward '34 Doctor of Humane Letters (1984)

Neva Langley Fickling '55 Doctor of Fine Arts (1984)

Boisfeuillet Jones Doctor of Public Service (1984)

Rosalynn S. Carter Doctor of Public Service (1986)

Elizabeth B. Ford Doctor of Public Service (1986)

Senator Samuel A. Nunn, Jr. Doctor of Public Service (1987)

Valeria McCullough Murphey '48 Doctor of Humane Letters (1989)

Elizabeth H. Dole Doctor of Public Service (1990)

Shinichiro Kanai Doctor of Humane Letters (1994)

Linda Harriet Lane Doctor of Fine Arts (1995)

Linda Caldwell Fuller Doctor of Public Service (1996)

Jane Goodall Doctor of Science (2000)

Her Majesty Queen Noor Doctor of Public Service (2001)

The Honorable Toni Jennings '71 Doctor of Public Service (2003)

Nancy C. Panoz Doctor of Commercial Science (2003)

Diane McWhorter Doctor of Literature (2004)

Kathryn Stripling Byer Doctor of Literature (2006)

Randolph W. Thrower Doctor of Laws (2006)

Charlene Payne Kammerer Doctor of Divinity (2007)

Frank Cater Jones Doctor of Laws (2007)

Lovick P. Corn Doctor of Public Service (2009)

Michelle Nunn Doctor of Public Service (2010)

Janice Ann Mays '73 Doctor of Laws (2011)

Elizabeth Turner Corn '47 Doctor of Humane Letters (2017)

Presidents of Wesleyan College:

George F. Pierce 1836-1840

William H. Ellison 1840-1851

Edwards H. Myers 1851-1854

Osborne L. Smith 1854-1859

John M. Bonnell 1859-1871

Edward H. Myers 1871-1874

William C. Bass 1874-1894

Edgar H. Rowe 1894-1896

John D. Hammond 1896-1898

William J. Roberts 1898-1903

Dupont Guerry 1903-1909

William N. Ainsworth 1909-1912

Charles R. Jenkins 1912-1920

William F. Quillian 1920-1931

Dice R. Anderson 1931-1941

J. Arthur Moore 1941-1942

N. C. McPherson, Jr. 1942-1946

Silas Johnson 1946-1951

William F. Quillian (Acting) 1951-1952

B. Joseph Martin 1953-1959

W. Earl Strickland 1960-1979

Fred W. Hicks 1979-1983

J. Fredrick Wilson (Acting) 1983-1984

Robert K. Ackerman 1984-1997

Nora Kizer Bell 1997-2002

Ruth A. Knox '75 (Acting) 2002-2003

Ruth A. Knox '75 2003-2017

Vivia L. Fowler 2017-


Administrative Offices

President of the College - Tate Hall, First Floor
Vivia L. Fowler, Ph.D., President

Denise W. Holloway, A.S, Assistant to the President
Ashley Miller, M.L.I.S., Assistant to the President, Confucius Institute Program Coordinator

I. Academic Affairs:
Provost of the College - Tate Hall, First Floor
Melody A. Blake, Ph.D, Provost of the College and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Rejeana Cassady, A.A, Assistant to the Provost

Registrar of the College - Tate Hall, First Floor
Angie Wright '07, B.A., M.B.A. '10, Registrar

Freda Gaines '10, B.A., M.A. Director of Registrar Services
Candice Cagle B.S., Assistant Registrar

Academic Resource Center - Willet Library, First Floor
Latasha Andre, M.Ed., Director of Academic Resource Center
Theresa Abercrombie, Program Coordinator

Lane Center for Service and Leadership - Olive Swann Porter Building
Jill Amos '87, M.S., Director
Julie Rogers '16, A.B., Assistant Director 

Willet Library - Willet Library, First Floor
Kristina Peavy, M.L.I.S., Director of the Library

Virginia Blake, M.L.I.S., Public Services Librarian/Archivist
Rhiannon Bruner, Electronic Resource Manager
Melise Fathi, Public Services Supervisor

Academic Area Staff
Raycine B. Durham, B.A., Assistant to the Fine Arts
Mariana Furlin, M.S.., Professional Programs Assistant
Kelly Misare, M.S., Laboratory Coordinator, Science
Donna White, A.A., Administrative Assistant, Nursing

II. Student Affairs, Athletics, Campus Police, Food Service:
Student Affairs - Olive Swann Porter
Christy Henry, B.A., M.Ed.,
Dean of Students
Jami Chrzanowski, Director of Health Services
Ashley Tomlin, M.Ed., Director of Student Activities
Jamie Thames, M.S., LAPC. Director of Student Counseling Services
Tyler Schwaller, Th.D., Chaplain, Director of Campus Ministry
Emily Jarvis, M.A., Director of International Programs
Sarah Schanck, M.Ed., Director of Career Development
Tonya Parker, M.A., Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity, Inclusion, and International Student Services
Kathy Malone, Manager, Mathews Fitness Center
Laura Murphy, Barn Manager

Athletic Staff - Porter Gymnasium
Nicole DiMarzio, M.S., Athletic Director and Head Coach, Basketball
Pranay Shah, M.S., Athletic Trainer and Compliance Officer
Jessica Dennison, B. A., Head Coach, Equestrian
Ian Doherty, Head Coach, Soccer
Marissa Mariano, M.S., Head Coach, Softball
Chanel Davis, B.A., Head Coach, Volleyball
Alex Kosicki, B.A., Head Coach, Cross Country and Tennis
Chanel Davis, Sports Information Director

Food Service (Aramark) - Porter Building, Anderson Dining Hall
Jamilah Stuart, Food Service Director
Alycia Gay, Office Manager
Eddie Hollingsworth, Kitchen Supervisor
Saravudh "Tom" Sarrpsud, Sous Chef
Annie Alexander, Support Staff
April Bones, Support Staff
Stephanie Elliott, Support Staff
Keil Hall, Support Staff
Ronald Hill, Support Staff
Kourtney Hunt, Support Staff
Tiffany Lesane, Support Staff
Emiaya Rodgers, Support Staff
Coby Stanley, Support Staff
Lauren Templeton, Support Staff
Jamie Wells, Support Staff

Campus Police - Olive Swann Porter Building
Marquette King, Chief of Police
Laffiani Boyd, P.O.S.T. Certified, Police Officer
John Ellison, P.O.S.T. Certified, Police Officer
Charlie Glover, P.O.S.T. Certified, Police Officer
Emory Kendrick, P.O.S.T Certified, Police Officer
Jerome Little, P.O.S.T. Certified, Police Officer
Lee Mock, P.O.S.T. Certified, Police Officer
Bernard Smith, P.O.S.T. Certified, Police Officer
Gerald Smith, P.O.S.T Certified, Police Officer

III. Enrollment Services: Admissions & Financial Aid
Admissions - Huckabee Hall
Clinton G. Hobbs, M.Ed., Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management

Susan Hagemeyer, B.A., Director of Applicant Records
Mary Ann Steinbach, Enrollment Operations Manager
Jennifer Zimmerman, M.A., Prospect Coordinator
Yasmin Pineda-Segura, B.A., International Admission Counselor
Madeline Skiba, B.A., Admission Counselor
Mallory Jones '16, B.A., Admission Counselor
Kayla Walker, B.A., Associate Director of Recruitment
Garth Webb, Associate Director of Recruitment

Nontraditional Admissions (M.Ed., Transfer and Nontraditional, Evening) - Huckabee Hall
Katrina Skalko, Prospect Coordinator

EMBA Admissions - Taylor Hall, First Floor
Stacie Barrett '06, M.B.A., EMBA Program Manager

Financial Aid - Huckabee Hall
Daniel Miller, M.A., Acting Director of Financial Aid
Jayme Hitchcock, B.A. Financial Aid Counselor

IV. Institutional Advancement, Communications, and Alumnae Affairs:
Institutional Advancement - Candler Building, First Floor
Andrea Williford, B.A., Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Susan Allen, B.A., Senior Director of Development
Millie Hudson '75, B.A., M.Ed., Director of Development
Whitney Davis, B.A., Director of Annual Giving
Julie Jones, B.S., Director of Advancement Services
Monty Martin, Data Services Specialist
Amanda Wiggs, Alumnae Engagement Officer
Lisa Sloben, Curator of Collections

Communications - Olive Swann Porter Building, Barracks
Mary Ann Howard, B.S., Director of Communications
Brandi Vorhees, B.S., Art Director

Alumnae Affairs
Cathy C. Snow ' 71, A.B., Director, Alumnae Affairs, Candler Building, Second Floor

V. Finance and Auxiliaries
Finance Administration- Tate Hall First Floor
Dawn Nash '07, MBA., Vice President for Administration/Chief Financial Officer

Danise Bennett '11, A.B., '16 MBA, Assistant Director of Human Resources

Human Resources - Tate Hall, First Floor
Meagon Davis, B.B.A., Director of Human Resources

Business Office - Tate Hall, First Floor
Quintress Hollis, M.Acc., M.Ed., Controller
Dotty Morgan, Accounts Payable Coordinator
Lori Pointer, Student Accounts Coordinator
Courtney Haynes, Director of Internal Audit

Computer and Information Resources - Olive Swann Porter Building, Barracks
Kevin Ulshafer, M.M.I.S., Director of Computer and Information Resources

Jan Tedders '08, B.S.B.A., Systems Administrator
Sergey Chernokov, M.M.I.S., Applications Support Specialist
Russell Davis, B.S., B.B.A., Support Specialist II
John Thompson, B.S., Network Administrator
Rick Tran, Support Specialist I

Facilities - Physical Plant Building
James Fleenor, Director of Facilities

Charles W. Pitts, Physical Plant Staff
Troy Lawson, Physical Plant Staff
William Pointer, Physical Plant Staff
Sam Gandy, Physical Plant Staff
John Mitchell, Physical Plant Staff
James Payton, Painter
Tim Crosby, Physical Plant Staff
Tammy Mauldin, Administrative Assistant
Andy Rhoades, Transportation Coordinator

Auxiliary Services - Jones Hall
Hannah Doan '12, A.B., Director of Auxiliary Services, Director of Wesleyan Market
Tamara Hawkins '86, B.F.A., Campus Events Facilitator

Campus Store - Olive Swan Porter Building
Barbara Montgomery, B.A., Campus Store/Post Office Manager

Wesleyan College Alumnae Association

Wesleyan's first class graduated in 1840, four years after the College was chartered. Just as the College was the world's first to grant a baccalaureate degree to a woman, the Wesleyan College Alumnae Association, organized on July 11, 1859, was the world's first alumnae association. All former Wesleyan students who have earned thirty or more semester hours at the College - whether or not they have graduated - are considered members of the Association.

Today, the Association is governed by the Board of Managers. Three alumnae trustees represent the Association on the Wesleyan Board of Trustees. The Association promotes alumnae engagement with the College by providing volunteer, social, and learning opportunities. Through e-communications and the publication of the Wesleyan Magazine, nearly 9,000 alumnae are kept informed of the activities and achievements of Wesleyan College alumnae.

"To contribute to the strength and prosperity of our Alma Mater" - an objective stated in the Association's first constitution - expresses the continuing commitment of resources, both human and financial, to maintain Wesleyan's unique heritage and to ensure the continuing success of Wesleyan College.


PRESIDENT (2015-2018)
Melanie Filson Lewis '93, A.B.
Fayetteville, GA

Abbie Smoak Lacienski '01, A.B., M.Ed.
Statesboro, GA

Jan M. Lawrence '80, A.B.; M.A.; M.Div
Oakton, VA

Sherry V. Neal '96, A.B, J.D.
Atlanta, GA

Jane Price Claxton '68, A.B.; M.Ed.
Macon, GA

Jaime F. McQuilkin '06, A.B.
Smyrna, GA

SECRETARY (2015-2018)
Catherine O'Kelley Fore '02, A.B.
Signal Mountain, TN

TREASURER (2015-2018)
Lynn Moses '77, A.B.
Macon, GA

Yehudi B. Self-Medlin '96, A.B. 
Falls Church, VA

Beverly F. Mitchell '68, B.S.; M.A.; Ph.D.
Woodstock, GA

Leesa Akins Flora '87, A.B.; J.D.
Atlanta, GA

NOMINATIONS (2016-2019)
Allison McFarland Wilcox '80, A.B.
Midland, MI

Mary Kathryn Borland '04, A.B.; M.S.
College Park, GA

Carol Bacon Kelso '73, A.B.
Thomasville, GA

Faith Z. Sumpter '08, A.B.
Avondale Estates, GA

PAST PRESIDENT (2015-2018)
Ashley Garrett '90, A.B., M.A.
Athens, GA

Alumnae Director
Cathy Coxey Snow '71, A.B.
Macon, GA

Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Wesleyan College is privileged to steward many arts and cultural events and share them with the community. Most are free and open to the public. Wesleyan art galleries are open M-F 1:30 – 5:00 PM and on Wesleyan Market Saturdays from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

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Visit our Campus

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NCAA Division III Athletics

NCAA Division III Athletics

Wesleyan College is home to five NCAA Division III sports: soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and softball. In addition, we offer an award-winning Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) Equestrian program.

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