Computer Science | Course Catalogue

2020-2021 Catalogue

Technology enhances student learning in a broad variety of disciplines at Wesleyan College. The college offers computer science courses to enhance other programs including mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, business, art, and dual degree engineering. Wesleyan College does not offer a major or a minor in computer science.

Computer Science (CSC) Course Descriptions

CSC 120: Web Programming.
Goal: To introduce the fundamentals of programming for the web and allow students to use technology as a medium for creativity and expression.
Content: JavaScript, Html, CSS, network principles, client-server model, server-side programming, contemporary tools for hosting and design.
Taught: Fall.
Prerequisite: MAT 150 or instructor approval.
Credit: 3 hours.
CSC 216: Programming I.
Goal: To introduce students to the fundamental concepts of programming and to apply these concepts to solving a variety of problems.
Content: Essentials of algorithm design and problem solving with a strong programming component. Software development including program specifications, design, coding, debugging, testing, and documentation.
Taught: Fall.
Prerequisite: MAT 130 or equivalent.
Credit: 3 hours.

CSC 218: Programming II.
Goal: To continue the study of fundamental concepts of programming applied to problem solving and to introduce students to the major data structures and their use in computer science.
Content: Recursion and iteration, major data structures, including arrays, records, stacks, queues, and lists, and classical computer science algorithms, including searching, sorting, and pattern matching.
Taught: Spring.
Prerequisite: CSC 216.
Credit: 3 hours.
CSC 396: Special Topics in Computer Science.
Goal: To provide an opportunity for exploration of a topic not offered as part of the established curriculum.
Content: Examination of special topics, problems, or issues in accounting that seem particularly relevant to student needs and interests.
Taught: Offered occasionally.
Prerequisite: Dependent on topic.
Credit: 3 hours. A student may take a maximum of six to eight semester hours (two courses) of special topics in any one field.

CSC 452/199: Field Study.
Goal: To provide the student with intensive, specialized work experience in the area of computer science.
Content: Observation and participation in the work of accounting professionals.
Taught: As needed.
Prerequisite: Adequate course work for the placement selected and permission of the faculty advisor; approval of the Director of Career Development.
Credit: 1-12 hours.
CSC 499: Honors Thesis. (Fee required).
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