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Choose from three concentrations*

mAster of business administration
master of science in health care administration
master of science in NONPROFIT management

Our newly redesigned program offers admission for experienced business leaders and for students who have earned their bachelor’s degree. 

Develop your leadership skills and deepen your knowledge of the ever-changing global business environment through Wesleyan’s intensive 14-month fast-track programs. 

  • Graduate business programs at Wesleyan share a core of classes so students are exposed to many different perspectives. 
  • Shared courses meet in-person, and/or hybrid on campus on Saturdays.
  • Specialty classes for each program are taught online over an eight-week term.
  • The MBA program has an added international study abroad component 
  • All curriculum includes Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification methodology.
  • Three entry points per year (October, January, & March).


The Master of Science in Health Care Administration*

The Master of Science in health care administration degree is designed to prepare students for work as health care administrators. Building on Wesleyan’s long-standing partnerships with the medical community and Middle Georgia’s growing health care industry, the program prepares students to hold vital positions in hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, and laboratories in both public and private sectors. A distinctive curriculum incorporating case studies, collaborative activities, and multiple opportunities for feedback ensures a high degree of engagement by students. The job market is strong for healthcare administrators. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows 18% employment growth by 2028. According to the BLS, this is much faster than average. The BLS also reports greater employee satisfaction for workers on the business and management side of health care; PayScale data show 80% of medical and health services managers say their job has high meaning.

The Master of Science in Nonprofit Management*

The Master of Science in nonprofit management degree is designed to prepare students for work in the nonprofit sector, a sector that is expected to grow by 9% by 2028 (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). Middle Georgia has a thriving nonprofit sector and preparing students with sound business skills to work in that sector is consistent with the mission of the College. Students in this program benefit from the in-person collaboration that occurs in the classroom, an environment that mirrors the nonprofit work world.

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration degree is designed to allow its graduates to perform effectively as executives. The instructional activities coupled with the educational experiences found in the program provide students with skills that can be utilized in a wide variety of management positions and settings. Students in this program will enhance their skills in analyzing the global business environment, developing business approaches, and understanding the significance of the planning process. The curriculum includes methodology allowing students to become Green Belt certified in Lean Six Sigma upon completion. Another key element of the program includes an international study abroad component designed to give students insights into international operations.

*Pending approval from SACSCOC.


NOVEMBER 17 / 6 PM (in person or virtual)
DECEMBER 15 / 6 PM (virtual only)
JANUARY 5 / 6 PM (virtual only)

Why should you join us? To find out more about Wesleyan’s fast-track hybrid graduate programs designed for working professionals. Our programs include online courses for student flexibility as well as Wesleyan's signature seminar-style traditional classes on campus evenings and on weekends. All classes are taught by full-time faculty with real world professional experience and outstanding academic credentials. 

Our classes are small, but our classrooms are big, so practicing social distancing is never a problem.





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To be eligible for admissions a student must:

  • Complete all parts of the application form online.
  • Applicants must provide the following:
    • a completed application
    • a curriculum vita or resume
    • two letters of professional reference
    • official transcript from the institution from which a bachelor’s degree was earned
    • an interview (in person, phone, or online, as is convenient to the applicant) with the director of the graduate program, for students who pass the initial screening
  • Applicants must have earned a bachelor's degree from a regionally-accredited institution of higher education with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 on a 4-point scale with a major or minor in business. Students who have not majored or minored in business, must either take the GMAT and score at least 500, earn a B or higher in at least two prerequisite classes as assigned by the Program Director, or have at least three years of business management experience.
  • Students from universities outside of the United States will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact us for more information:

Secure Your Spot

Once accepted, secure your spot in Cohort by submitting the admission deposit. Priority deadline of $200 is due 1 month prior to the start of classes. The deposit fee will increase to $300 after 1 month deadline. (Deposit is credited toward tuition and is non-refundable). 

What Our Graduates Say

At Wesleyan we care about our graduates and their experience.

MBA Study Abroad

The study abroad component of Wesleyan’s MBA program is a hidden treasure far exceeding aspects of other programs of similar nature. Past trips have included visits to cities in countries that lead the world in global business, including Dubai, Brazil, China, Russia, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.


course class descriptions

Organizational Behavior in Management

EBA 602: Organizational Behavior in Management (3 Hours)

The course examines the various aspects of organizational behavior, allowing the student to gain valuable insights for increasing decision-making options. Methods of objective achievement are explored through an evaluation of students' individual management styles. The course emphasizes relationships, factors influencing behavior in organizations, and the various means used by efficient managers to develop control and leadership within their organizations.

Strategic Marketing

EBA 604: Strategic Marketing (3 Hours)

The course will cover issues related to product, distribution, pricing, promotion issues and market planning processes, including development of a marketing plan and interaction among policy makers in the organization. The marketing strategies of different companies will be studied. Cases will be used extensively in the analysis of business marketing decision making.

Ethics and Legal Aspects in Business

EBA 614: Ethics and Legal Aspects in Business (3 Hours)

The course will introduce the student to the legal and ethical aspects of business management within a for-profit organization. The student will be introduced to the rigorous processes found in the legislative and legal systems, including civil dispute resolution through the judicial system. The study will conclude with the basics of the legal and ethical areas that are essential as tools for the executive in today's management positions.

Global Business Management

EBA 616: Global Business Management (3 Hours)

The student will investigate the economic, social and political organizations that have an influence on managing international businesses and/or investments. The student will investigate the strategies that will influence the customer needs, wants, motivations, and behavior within the global competitive environments. The course will cover customer-driven strategies, quality of management, time-based competition, and global logistics as they relate to global management.

Gender in Business Management

EBA 618: Gender in Business Management (3 Hours)

Students will examine the part that gender plays in business generally and in management specifically. The course will focus on the part both men and women play in operational management decision making within small, medium, and large corporations. Students will research and discuss gender as a factor in business today and what the future will hold for gender in executive management and corporate decision making.

Studies Abroad Course

EBA 690: Studies Abroad Course (3 Hours)

The student will investigate global industries by studying the business, social, political, economic, organizational, and cultural factors associated with international business and investment. A specific world economic region will be chosen for a ten day to two week study abroad, during which the student will visit various businesses to observe management practices. The course work review before the trip will include the global manager, international trade, international finance, international operations, and marketing.

A student who is unable to participate in the overseas residency of the study abroad course must request in writing the option of completing a research project relevant to the study abroad locale. The student should submit this request with appropriate documentation to the office of the director of graduate business program who will take the request to the Graduate Program Council and Provost of the College for approval. The scope (depth and breadth) of this project will be consistent with the work required in any other three-credit-hour course in the EMBA curriculum. A student must request this option no later than four months prior to the beginning date of the study abroad course.


learn from our top educators

Program courses are taught by our experienced, seasoned faculty members with global business experience. The program's small class size allows you to form strong relations with your professors and take full advantage of their expertise and wealth of business knowledge.

Tuition and Fees

Program Costs:*

  • $820 per credit hour. 36 credit hour program, over 14 months. Textbooks included. Study abroad fee $5,000, graduation fee $150. Total cost, $34,670.

Please contact us for more information about our graduate programs:

Additional specific costs may be considered as an adjacent to cost of attendance, for more information contact the Financial Aid Office at or (478) 757-5205. 

EMBA graduate, Sandra Gardner
Sandra Gardner
MBA '02

What I gained through the EMBA Program has been quite valuable. The curriculum offers stimulating challenges particularly with independent thinking, group work, public speaking, and study of academic areas I had previously not had extensive exposure to. Through the relationships with my fellow students, I gained a network of diverse and skilled professionals from many different fields and areas of expertise.


Lean Green and Six Sigma Green training is included in the curriculum for each of Wesleyan's graduate business programs. This is an extremely valued certification in many industries. You will learn how to integrate principles of business, statistics, and engineering to achieve tangible results to help improve the quality of your work environment and processes that fulfill your organization's mission. Students must pass a national exam in order to earn certification. Students are responsible for the $199 exam fee.

Kara Kostiuk
Associate Professor of Accounting (478) 757-5191 Profile
EMBA professor, Suzanne Minarciness
Suzanne Minarcine
Visiting Assistant Professor
EMBA professor, Barbara Rowan
Barbara Rowan
Professor of Business
James Rowan
Professor of Psychology (478) 757-5236 Profile
Seth Selke
Director of Business Graduate Programs (478) 757-5184 Profile
Ying Zhen
Associate Professor of Business and Economics (478) 757-3917 Profile

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