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Basic HESI A2 Information

Q: What is the HESI A2?
A: The HESI A2 is a pre-admission exam for the RN program at Wesleyan College which is administered and scored by a computer.

Q: Is there a fee?
A: Yes. There is a non-refundable non-transferable fee of $60.00 per exam. This will be paid online at: Pay Online Nursing Entrance Exam.

Q: Do I receive information about the test after I submit my HESI A2 reservation fee?
A: Yes. You will receive a confirmation email from the Nursing Office within five business days of your reservation.

Q: How long is the test?
A: A total of 5 hours will be allotted for the exam. The exam must be completed in one sitting. Students will not be able to complete the exam on another day.

Q: How often can I take the HESI A2?
A: You may take the exam three times during a calendar year with 30 days between each attempt.

Q: How long are the test scores valid?
A: The HESI A2 scores are valid for one calendar year.

Q: What is the minimum HESI A2 score required for the RN program at Wesleyan College?
A: A minimum cumulative score of 75 is required in order to be included in the applicant pool.

Q: What sections of the HESI A2 does Wesleyan College require?
A: Wesleyan College requires students to take 6 sections of the HESI A2, and Critical Thinking for application to the Nursing Program. - Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary and General Knowledge, Anatomy and Physiology, Math, Critical Thinking, Learning Styles, Learning Personalities

Q: What is the test format of the HESI A2?
A: The HESI A2 is a computer based test only.

Q: Can I use a calculator on the HESI A2?
A: Yes. The HESI A2 has a calculator available inside the test platform for students to use. However, handheld calculators are not permitted.

Q: How many questions are there on the HESI A2?
A: 280

Q: Where can I get additional information about the HESI A2?
A: More information about the test is available on the vendor’s website.

Test Taking Information

Q: Who is eligible to sit for the HESI A2?
A: Any person who has applied for admission to Wesleyan College and is planning to apply to the RN Program.

Q: Where can I take the HESI A2?
A: It is offered on Wesleyan College Campus.

Q: How do I register for the HESI A2?
A: Information about registration can be found at: Pay Online Nursing Entrance Exam. It is a separate step from submitting the application.

Q: What is a Student Evolve Account?
A: A Student Evolve Account is an account that is set up with the vendor of the HESI A2 which allows students to access the HESI A2 test once they arrive to the campus. Students without a Student Evolve Account will not be eligible to test even if they have an appointment to test. Instructions on how to create an evolve account will be sent to you electronically after your reservation has been confirmed.

Q: When will I receive my results?
A: You can view your test scores at the conclusion of your test session.

Q: How do I request reasonable test accommodations for the HESI A2?
A: Contact the Associate Dean of Academic Resources, chenry@wesleyancollege.edu at least three weeks before your testing date to request accommodations. The request needs to be made after you’ve made your appointment for testing.

Q: Is there a recommended study guide for the HESI A2?
A: Yes. Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam Review 4th Edition (IBSN 9780323353786). Other HESI A2 study aids are available online.

Q: When is the test offered at Wesleyan College?
A: For a listing of upcoming test dates click here.

Please call (478) 757-5234 or e-mail nursingapps@wesleyancollege.edu with questions or concerns.

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