Dual Degree Engineering Advising


Advisors: Dr. Charles Benesh and Dr. Joe Iskra

Program Description

Wesleyan's 3-2 pre-engineering program provides an outstanding opportunity for students considering a career in engineering who want the experience of a liberal arts education that is seldom available in engineering schools. Typically students spend three years at Wesleyan, studying fundamental science, mathematics, and liberal arts coursework, followed by two years of specialization at an affiliated engineering school. The required pre-engineering coursework leaves substantial credits for the liberal arts, some of which must fulfill the general education requirements, but the remainder can be filled with classes of your choosing. The pre-engineering program (dual degree program) is a cooperative program with the Georgia Institute of Technology, Auburn University, and Mercer University. During her time at Wesleyan the student should work closely with dual degree advisors (Dr. Joe Iskra or Dr. Charles Benesh) to ensure that she completes Wesleyan's proficiency requirements, general education requirements, and pre-engineering curriculum in preparation for her university engineering studies. Upon the successful completion of this nominally five-year course of study, the student will be awarded two undergraduate degrees - a bachelor of arts from Wesleyan and a bachelor of science with an engineering major from the cooperating university.

Associated Majors

The applied mathematical science major is designed to meet the pre-engineering program requirements. It may be completed along with general education and proficiency requirements in three years, provided that the student is ready for Calculus I at the start of her freshman year and is committed to a rigorous course of study. 

Three Year Curricular Plan* 

The pre-engineering student should take at least 15 hours each semester and be prepared to finish her Wesleyan courses in three years, prior to matriculation into the engineering program at the partner institution. The following courses must be taken at Wesleyan:

Sample Coursework Plan*
YEAR ONE Fall Semester YEAR ONE Spring Semester
CHM 101, MAT 205, WISe 101, Gen Ed Electives CHM 102, MAT 206, ENG 111, Gen Ed Electives
YEAR TWO Fall Semester YEAR TWO Spring Semester
MAT 207, CSC 216, PHY 121, Gen Ed electives MAT 208, PHY 122, Gen Ed electives
YEAR THREE Fall Semester YEAR THREE Spring Semester
MAT 210, PHY 205, Gen Ed electives PHY 212, MAT 300, MAT 405, Gen Ed electives


* This plan requires the student to be ready for calculus I in her first semester of undergraduate study

Dual Degree Timeline

First Year  
  • FALL: Meet with pre-engineering advisor to map out plan for 3-2 program of study
  • SPRING: Enquire about internship opportunities; contact Center for Career Development for assistance 
Second Year
  • FALL: Research partner institutions (Georgia Tech, Auburn University, Mercer University) to familiarize yourself with all requirements and to determine which school best fits your educational goals. 
  • Meet with pre-engineering advisor to verify 3-2 plan and discuss any questions about partner institutions, potential internships, etc. 
  • SPRING: Identify deadlines for each partner school to which you are applying
  • Begin work on applications
  • Engage in PDE/internship

Third Year
  • FALL: Apply to partner institution, submitting all required materials for 
  • SPRING: Finish Wesleyan coursework strong
  • Prepare for matriculation into partner engineering program

Fourth Year
  • FALL: Begin engineering coursework at partner institution
  • SPRING: Continue engineering coursework at partner institution
Fifth Year
  • FALL: Continue engineering coursework at partner institution
  • SPRING: Finish engineering coursework at partner institution & 
  • Earn Wesleyan applied mathematical science degree


Sample Engineering Degrees Offered by Partner Institutions
  • Bachelor of aerospace engineering
  • Bachelor of biomedical engineering
  • Bachelor of materials science and engineering 
  • Bachelor of chemical engineering
  • Bachelor of civil engineering 
  • Bachelor of electrical engineering 
  • Bachelor of industrial engineering 
  • Bachelor of mechanical engineering
  • Bachelor of nuclear and radiological engineering 
  • Bachelor of polymer and fiber engineering



Resources for Pre-Engineering Students

The resources below are helpful for students preparing for a career in engineering. Wesleyan's Center for Career Development can help students with deciding if this path fits them, as well as with strategic career planning, creating resumes/CVs, writing personal statements, and more.


Gaining Relevant Experience as a Pre-Engineering Student

The Center for Career Development can help you prepare a resume and practice your professional introduction as you get ready to contact organizations about shadowing, volunteer, or internship opportunities.

  • PathwaysToScience.org: This organization’s mission is to increase diversity in STEM fields by connecting underrepresented students with opportunities. It provides a list of clinical and research opportunities, links to enrichment programs, and more. 
  • National Science Foundation: Among other things, the NSF provides resources for finding REUs in many different areas, including engineering.
  • STEMUndergrads.science.gov: This site was established to be the primary source for searching federally-sponsored opportunities for undergraduate students in STEM. 
  • Comprehensive list of internship/research opportunities (courtesy of Rochester Institute of Technology): This resource lists co-op/internships and research opportunities in biomedical engineering that may be relevant to pre-engineering students (including programs for underrepresented students).



Local/Statewide Opportunities

  • Kamin Performance Minerals has recruited with Wesleyan in the past. Find updated contact information on Purple Briefcase.
  • Teach at summer camps or afterschool programs, such as Campus Clubs or NSBE’s summer SEEK camp.
  • Use LinkedIn, Internships.com, and Glassdoor.com to find other opportunities.


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