Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives at Wesleyan College

Note: This list contains highlights of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives at Wesleyan College and will be updated at the end of each semester.

Two students hold up a sign that says Stronger Together

2003-2013 Initiatives


  • New mission statement included “Respect for diversity among people, religions, and cultures as a powerful force for understanding, innovation, and social justice.” 
  • April 7-10, 2003 designated International Week. Student Government Association (SGA) and the International Club (AXIS) planned activities including an Indian movie night, language presentation, Asian calligraphy demonstration, and an International Festival with food sampling, native dances and readings.
  • Convocations included: A Celebration of Black History; Minority Perspectives in Corporate America; Know More About Wesleyan’s History; Diversity Seminar; International Festival; Gospel Choir Concert; and International Fashion Show.


  • SGA’s Cultural Diversity chair presented “Regalia” to exhibit the diversity of our student body and allow Jamaican students to display their culture.  
  • Campus Activities Board (CAB) and Black Student Alliance (BSA) hosted College Tour’s number one poet E-Baby to perform in the Hurdle Café.
  • Convocations during 2004 included: International Film Festival; Hope Not Hate; and International Fashion Show.


  • Amnesty International and Political Awareness Committee raised awareness about Darfur with convocations, movies, videos and traveled to Atlanta and Washington, DC to participate in political rallies and protests.


  • February - SGA focused on the “Saving Darfur” campaign.  
  • March - SGA discussion on stereotypes and discrimination related to ethnicity.
  • Convocations included: International Festival; Buddhism Panel; Foreign Language Films; and a Diversity event in November.
  • Fall – SGA created a diversity forum 
  • Fall Opening Convocation speaker, Tina McElroy Ansa, Macon native, novelist & filmmaker.


  • History class began research on “Race at Wesleyan.” Building on prior individual student research, this was the first such class project.
  • Fall - Council for Religious Concerns (CRC) held interfaith forums on Islam and the Middle East, the tradition of arranged marriages, women's rights, world religions, and marriage rituals in Afghanistan.


  • February – The Lane Center for Community Engagement and Service honored the “First Five” African American Wesleyan alumnae
  • Alumnae Magazine featured article on the “First Five”


  • February 9-10 - Filmmaker Khadija Al-Salami – Lecture, Film Screening and Discussion. Khadija Al-Salami is the first woman filmmaker and producer from Yemen, and at that time, she served as Press Counselor and Director of the Communication and Cultural Center for the Embassy of Yemen in Paris, France. 
  • November 11 - President Knox appointed the first Diversity Committee 


  • Spring – Student organizations hosted events such as FMLA (Feminist Majority Organization), GLBAL’s Gaypril Event: Gay? Fine by Me T-Shirt Campaign & Day of Silence Tabling/Recognition.
  • April Alumnae Weekend - Honored first five African American graduates from the Class of 1972 on the occasion of their 40th class reunion.
  • Fall - Silver Sparrow is core text for WISe 101 (First-Year Seminar). Author Tayari Jones visited campus as Lamar Lecturer (returned in fall 2013). Other lecturers for the Lamar Lecture, founded to preserve and promote southern culture, have included Sweet Honey in the Rock, The Georgia Sea Island Singers, poet Nikki Giovanni, historian Eric Foner, and author Janisse Ray.
  • Fall Convocation - Honored First Five African American alumnae 
  • SGA hosted events for the 16 Days of Gendered Violence, one week of awareness for Sexual Assault, and another week bringing awareness to bullying. Students were encouraged to take a ribbon demonstrating their pledge to not bully and to prevent bullying on and off campus.
  • SGA and Cultural Diversity Board addressed the successes and challenges of Wesleyan’s culturally rich campus. 


  • SGA continued to promote cultural diversity working with BSA (Black Student Alliance), AXIS International Club, GLBAL (gay, lesbian, bisexual alliances & other liaisons), and ACT: the feminist movement on campus. 
  • February – Pulitzer Prize winning author, Douglas Blackmon, presented lecture based on his book Slavery by Another Name: The Re-enslavement of Black People in America
  • April 11 - Grand opening of The Confucius Institute at Wesleyan College
  • April 16, college offered workshop for students, faculty and staff on Diversity and Social Justice, led by Sue McClam, former Director of Social Justice Learning Communities at a sister women’s college.
  • Wesleyan established partnership with Bibb County Schools to improve graduation rates through the GEAR UP grant. Wesleyan students provided tutoring in Howard and Rutland High Schools and other activities to help students prepare for college.
  • Campus community participated in candlelight vigils, chapel services, and conversations about #BlackLivesMatter.
2014 Initiatives
  • February 10 – The Tubman Museum brought The Loving Story to Wesleyan along with an exhibit of photographs from the Tubman, “Girls of Courage.”. Wesleyan supported events at two other Macon universities as part of a Created Equal: America’s Civil Rights Struggle grant.
  • February 27 - Convocation on Women’s Empowerment: Women of Color with Dr. Consuela Ward.
  • Luncheon and discussion with Diversity Committee and student leaders from diversity-focused boards.
  • Faculty/Staff workshop - Working with Students of Color 
  • Convocations included: Imam Adam Fofana, “Islam”; Dr. Louis Ruprecht, “Historic Framework of LGBTQ”
  • SGA sponsored an event on empowering young for the newly revitalized Black Student Alliance (BSA). 
  • SGA spring event with ACT: the feminist ACTivist movement on campus 
  • April 23 - Party celebrating Afro-Caribbean culture
  • Lane Center servant leaders regularly volunteered to work with at-risk students at Peach Place Art School, formerly known as Tindall Heights Art Place. 
2015 Initiatives
  • Lamar Lecture: John Ellis jazz band 
  • Spring - series of speakers with a focus on different types of diversity: February - Women’s Empowerment through Women of Color; March - Q&A on Islam and Christianity; April- History of LGBT.
  • January - HIS 358 students began new research on “African Americans at Wesleyan Before the ‘First Five’”  
  • January 4-5 - Diversity Workshop with Harry Imbeau on teaching international students
  • January 19 - Students, faculty, staff watched MLK movie followed by meaningful discussion and MLK Day of Service on campus.
  • The Lane Center and Wesleyan accounting students began partnership to provide tax assistance to low-income seniors through the VITA program. 
  • Aunt Maggie’s Kitchen Table Outreach Program (AMKT) moved on campus to continue working with children and youth residing in Anthony Homes, one of Macon’s poorest public housing communities. Housed in a unit in Anthony Homes for almost a decade, AMKT won the first Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Partnership Award for Campus - Community Collaboration based on outstanding community service to at-risk children in an area of public need. With structural changes within the housing authority requiring AMKT to leave Anthony Homes, the Lane Center renovated a house on campus for a Saturday School which allowed the children the benefit of more educational, cultural and sports-related activities, opportunities for field trips and most of all, interacting with a diverse group of Wesleyan students, primarily Lane Center servant leaders. 
  • February - BSA led events celebrating African American history month
  • February 5 - Dr. Leonard McKinnis convo on “Black Theology, Activism, and Collaboration for Justice.” 
  • February 17 - Convocation with Judge Verda Colvin, First African American woman Superior Court Judge in Georgia; women’s college graduate
  • February 26 - Faculty workshop on diversity issues in academic programs, small group discussion among faculty
  • Lane Center Servant Leaders and BSA contacted area children’s homes to invite them to their “Empowering Youth” event. 
  • March 19 - Faculty Development workshop on The Geography of Thought about dealing with cultural differences with Chinese students
  • Core Ensemble: “Ain’t I a Woman?” performance about African American women followed by Servant Leader Recognition
  • April 16 - HIS 358 class presentation: “African Americans at Wesleyan Before the “First Five” and library display.
  • August – Summer commencement speaker, Dr. James Beverley, African American EMBA alumnus
  • October 20 - BSA facilitated a meeting with administrators to discuss race at Wesleyan
  • Fall - Committee began work on transgender policy, completed in Spring 2016.
  • November 14 - BSA holds Empowering Young Women’s Event
  • August - WISe 101 (First-year Seminar) focused on “Building Community”
  • Bruce Elementary School campus tour hosted by Lane Center servant leaders. One of the servant leaders who lived in that school district and was the first in her family to attend college gave a motivational speech to the children. 
  • August 13 - Faculty and staff development DEI workshop w/ Dr. Richard Harvey; discussions about how to promote diversity and inclusion led administration, faculty, students and the board of trustees to revise the college’s mission and values statements to reflect better our commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • September 3 - Fall Convocation with Judge Verda Colvin, First African American woman Superior Court Judge in Georgia; women’s college graduate
  • September/October - SGA meeting to discuss diversity
  • November 11 - Faculty Council created the role of Diversity Liaison. Dr. Brock Bingaman, co-chair of the Diversity Committee, was the first liaison.
  • Fall - Faculty hosted two Table Talk lunch conversations and participated in SGA’s “You Can Sit with Us” lunch conversations
2016 Initiatives
  • Spring - Revised mission statement for stronger emphasis on diversity and inclusion.
  • Dr. Melanie Doherty assumed the role of Faculty Diversity Liaison; began series of lunch discussions on diversity
  • January 15 – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration 
  • January 18 - Faculty, staff, and students attended Martin Luther King Jr. Day March in downtown Macon
  • January 18 - Screening of Selma followed by discussion 
  • January 21 - Jazz concert celebrating and featuring African-American composers 
  • January 26 - MLK Liberation Theology convocation
  • January 28 - “Of Ebony Embers” performance about African Americans in Harlem Renaissance
  • First Servant Leadership reception following “Of Ebony Embers”. Bibb County High School students in Gear Up program attended performance and had lunch with Wesleyan students after learning about financial aid for college. 
  • Read2Succeed Program at Hartley Elementary School which serves most of our AMKT children. Servant leaders read to Hartley children every Tuesday morning. 
  • February - Faculty revised Faculty Handbook to more actively promote diversity in hiring; language on employment page of College website also changed.
  • February 4 - Black History Month t-shirts distributed
  • February 8 - Film, Crash followed by faculty-led discussion 
  • February 11 - Convocation on Black women in business with discussion facilitated by alumna trustee
  • February 13 - BSA trip to King Center in Atlanta and Harriet Tubman Museum in Macon
  • February 15 - Showing of Film, Do the Right Thing followed by faculty-led discussion 
  • February 17 – Afro-Caribbean celebration in dining hall with authentic food and dance team
  • February 22 - Film, What Happened, Miss Simone followed by faculty-led discussion 
  • February 22 - Tonya Parker began new position as Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion
  • February 23 - Convocation on Nursing History: Past, Present, and Future; An African-American Women’s Perspective
  • February 23 - Screening of DJ Spooky Film, Rebirth of a Nation followed by faculty-led discussion 
  • February 25 - Influential African Americans poster session in student center
  • February 25 - Panel: “Early Days of Integration at Wesleyan” led by Sonya Holland and Carolyn Woodward, two of the “First Five.” 
  • February 29 - Chapel Service “We Are Wesleyan” service of unity
  • March - Tonya Parker, Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion, was the keynote speaker at the Georgia Undergraduate Art History Forum. Former Director of Education of the Tubman Museum, she spoke on African American artists whose works have helped others gain a better understanding of black culture in America from a historical, geographical, and social perspective. 
  • March 22-April 12 - Parker sent out Thoughtful Tuesday and Thursday quotes to the campus community, followed by a workshop with a panel of students, discussing ways to strengthen our campus community.
  • March 22 - Faculty Development with Dr. Consuela Ward on diversity
  • March 24 - Diversity & Inclusion was represented at the campus health fair. One activity included a blank puzzle on which students, staff and faculty signed their names on individual pieces, symbolizing that “we are pieces of the puzzle to create and sustain an inclusive community.” Students also wrote one word that will help us create a more inclusive community on a large poster board. Words chosen included compassion, understanding, hope, respect, empathy, acceptance, family, transparency, communication, patience, and more.
  • March - Bookeye Scanner is purchased and installed in archives to begin digitizing archives, including college yearbooks, newspapers, and magazines.
  • April 5 - GLBAL and BSA collaborated on showing The New Black with discussion led by Rob Woods. The film focuses on the struggle black members of the LGBT community face within black culture and the religious oppression from family and other “believers.” Diversity and Inclusion Assistant Dean of Students participated and helped facilitate discussion with Rob Woods, Field Organizer for Georgia Equality.
  • April 21 – Psychology Department presented Equal Justice Initiative 
  • May - Geovette Washington, African American alumna trustee, gave commencement address
  • May - Board of Trustees revised Mission and Values statement with emphasis on diversity. Previously passed by faculty and Cabinet.
  • Fall Semester - Faculty sponsored a series of “Stories of Us” lunchtime discussions to promote community
  • August 17 - Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion spoke to an art class on how the arts can unify and build bridges between cultures. 
  • August 24 - Formal agreement with Wesleyan history professor to write a history of race at Wesleyan. 
  • August 26 - BSA Sponsored House Party for Wesleyan students
  • September 6 – Faculty liaison informed Wesleyan Faculty about trigger warnings, safe spaces, and microagressions.
  • September 27 – Presentation from Representative Park Cannon, a young African American woman who represented GA House District 58.
  • September 8 - November 3 – WISe lab included “Appreciating Differences” promoting interaction among diverse groups by exploring the benefits and obstacles of diversity, recollecting the students’ involvement in diverse environments since childhood, and reflecting on how past experiences affect present thoughts, beliefs and actions.
  • September 17 - BSA Sponsored outreach program on HIV/AIDS to include education, training and testing
  • September 20 - Local artist and Wesleyan alumna and trustee, Chi Ezekwueche, led a discussion with Wesleyan students, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and how her diversity awareness led her to found the Pan African Festival of Georgia in Macon. 
  • The Lane Center and Bibb County schools hosted multiple GEAR UP events in which servant leaders facilitated workshops such as “I Love Math” and “SAT Prep” for Bibb County students and Financial Aid Workshops and Parent Academy for Bibb County parents. The Lane Center held FAFSA enrollment workshops and created an EXCEL Academy for area high school students to take college coursework for transferrable higher education credit. Student mentors provided guidance and access to resources. 
  • September 22 - GLBAL and BSA presented a discussion on “Trans Women of Color in America”
  • September 24 - Interactivity Foundation Diversity and Inclusion Discussions (IF/DID) Learn, Then Teach: Six students were trained to be IF/DID Facilitators, developed by the Faculty Diversity Liaison and the Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion. Students were taught to explore divergent possibilities through dialogue, think creatively and problem-solve within a group setting, and establish a safe space in which participants can share conflicting ideas respectfully. Four IF-based discussions were facilitated by Wesleyan students throughout October and November, ending with a student-led presentation and workshop for faculty and staff.
  • November 15 - Asst. Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion collaborated with SGA to define the term “microaggression” and participants explored ways of identifying and responding effectively to microaggressions. This event was part of SGA’s BeAwareWolf Campaign, to promote awareness of various diversity and inclusion topics on campus.
  • November 17 - BSA holds #Black Lives Matter forum
  • November 29 - Diversity & Inclusion Discussions (DID) with faculty led by students: culmination of a discussion series led by Faculty Diversity Liaison and D&I Dean that trained student leaders in facilitation, conflict resolution, and dealing with D&I; students then facilitated a series of discussions with their fellow students and discussed what they learned with faculty.
  • Girls Who Code: With the need to stimulate interest and help create confidence in technological abilities, Wesleyan was approved to host a Girls Who Code chapter. Wesleyan collaborated with Bibb County Schools, public and private, to enroll students with support from The Math Club. 
  • Lane Center and BSA present “Empowering Youth” to community children
  • The Confucius Institute at Wesleyan College partnered with AMKT to hold a week long camp focusing on Chinese culture. Staff and faculty children were invited to attend along with our AMTK kids. A diverse group of children learned about Chinese culture, and by the end of camp had developed many relationships with fellow campers, CI instructors and servant leaders. 
  • Rotary Thanksgiving Delivery Project: Servant leaders set up a call station and took shifts calling all recipients listed for food delivery.
  • Archives began digitizing Wesleyan historical artifacts, beginning with Alumnae magazines
  • Lamar Lecture: Children’s literature author Carmen Deedy 
2017 Initiatives
  • Spring - HIS 357 (African-American History) class visited new African American History museum in DC. Invited DC-area African-American graduates to speak to the class and join them for the museum tour.
  • January 20 - Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion and biology professor took more than 45 students to see the film, Hidden Figures. The viewing was followed by a discussion upon return to campus. The event was sponsored by the Math/Science Student Preparation and Retention Collaborative (M/S SPARC) grant, Office of the Provost, Women's Studies, Dean of Student Affairs, and Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
  • January 21 - March for Social Justice and Women—Faculty, staff, and Wesleyan students participated in Washington, DC and Atlanta marches for Social Justice and Women. The Atlanta event was a local replication of the Women's March on Washington that took place the same day. 
  • February – Library archives site was launched for digitized catalogs and alumnae magazines.
  • February 18 - BSA Trip to Savannah to visit First African Baptist Church and Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum
  • February 17-19 - Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion, AXIS faculty advisor, and three AXIS student leaders attended Georgia International Leadership Conference, a weekend-long training conference for international students from colleges and universities in Georgia to come together to share ideas, network, and develop leadership skills.
  • February 22 - Black Contributions to American Culture Exhibition—Faculty and staff created displays to highlight contributions of people of color to American culture. Also participating was Pilar Wilder Lowden, Wesleyan alumna and Founder and Executive Director of Hayiyah Dance Theatre, formerly Harambee. Mrs. Lowden started Harambee as a student dance club at Wesleyan in 2007.
  • February 23 - Department of Business & Economics (Accounting Program) and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosted Barbara Evans, first African-American Chair of the Georgia Society of CPAs.
  • March 5-8 - Mission Immersion Servant Leadership Training—Wesleyan staff and students participated in a leadership and service training in Orlando, Florida, sponsored by St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, in collaboration with Wesleyan Board of Trustees member, Pastor Jenn Stiles Williams. Activities included Cultural Intelligence and Strength Finders testing, Meet Jesus on the Road (learning to best serve people by giving them what they truly need), COPE (Cost of Poverty Experience) and other experiences including a service project in a local community. Upon returning to Wesleyan, the participants led a student discussion about how the experience changed their perspectives. 
  • March 11 - Macon Anti-Discrimination March—Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion spoke on the importance of Diversity and Inclusion at the MARCH ON MACON event in Rosa Parks Square (Downtown Macon), sponsored by Middle Georgia State University’s SGA and Georgia Equality. SGA members and other Wesleyan students participated.
  • March 23-25 - Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion, Vice President/Dean of Student Affairs, and Director of Career Development attended CIC NetVUE Conference: A Call to Cooperation: How College Shapes Students’ Diversity Attitudes, Values, and Commitments. Topics included Campus Strategies for Interfaith Learning, Religious and Cultural Diversity, Vocational Discernment in First-Year Experience Programs, and The Sophomore Initiative: Renewing the Exploration of Vocation. 
  • April 8 - BSA “Empowering Young Women’s Event” for girls in local children’s homes
  • April 8 - AXIS International Student Festival featured various international dances and songs.
  • March/April - SGA Activism activities included International Women’s Day, Activists Among Us Panel, Activism Training and Strategy Session, Campaigning against HB51, Social Justice and Chill, Careers in Causes, Activism: The Renaissance, Know Your Rights, Macon Bibb County Commission Meeting, Passed a statement on HB51 through our SGA, and Bystander Awareness 
  • May - Karan Kendrick, African American alumna, gave commencement address
  • Wesleyan student newspapers, yearbooks, and literary magazines are added to the digital archives.
  • May - First draft of research on African Americans at Wesleyan was posted on website; revised history included history of class names, African American students at Wesleyan, and timeline of events related to race at Wesleyan. 
  • Lamar Lecture - photographer Katherine Mayo
  • SummerAtlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) published article titled “Macon Women’s College Seeks to Atone for Ku Klux Klan’s Legacy.” The college responded with this statement: Wesleyan College’s history includes parts that are deeply troubling, and we are not proud of them. When Wesleyan was founded in 1836, the economy of the South was based on the sin of slavery. We are sorry for the pain that parts of our past have caused and continue to cause. We also celebrate how far our College has come and how we are striving to become the inclusive community we are called to be. Wesleyan can be a community where all kinds of people are able to know, trust, learn from, and care for one another. Our story is one of hope, where the lessons of history make us stronger. The social media reaction to the article and the college’s response was fierce from multiple perspectives and continued throughout the year. 
  • Under the leadership of the new president, Dr. Vivia Fowler, campus leaders had planned to spend the year focused on racial healing and reconciliation, but the events of the summer made the initiatives even more timely and emotionally-charged. 
  • President Fowler appointed President’s the Council for Diversity and Inclusion and the Racial Healing Task Force. Task Force hosted Dr. David Hooker, Professor of the Practice of Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding (Joan B. Kroc Institute, University of Notre Dame) to conduct study of college climate. 
  • August - Convocation on Racial Reconciliation
  • September – Diversity & Inclusion dialogues (3) and “Talk to Us” at lunch with administrators
  • Students visited the Tubman Museum’s 9-panel mural From Africa to America. Two panels address Macon’s history.
  • Staceyann Chin’s The Other Side of Paradise chosen as core reading for WISe 101. Chin, a Jamaican poet of African and Chinese descent and a lesbian activist, was Wesleyan writer in residence. 
  • WISe professors studied the AJC article on race at Wesleyan in the first-year seminar.
  • September 5 - Chaplain hosted the first "Community Table," an ongoing series of meals with dialogue aimed at mutual support and encouragement
  • September 19 - Diversity Dialogue, “Beloved Community,” with Dr. Catherine Meeks, first African American professor at Wesleyan.
  • September 26 – Racial Healing Task Force convocation
  • Fall convocation theme “Telling our Stories” focused on revised history, plans for Diversity & Inclusion discussions, and using our voices to bring about change. Guest speaker was the Reverend Tiffany Knowlin, women’s college graduate and African American UM pastor from SC.
  • Diversity & Inclusion discussions; trained student leaders from other Middle Georgia institutions of higher education.
  • September 29-30 Alumnae Board of Managers Leadership Weekend held training on Diversity and Inclusion. Atlanta Alumnae Club followed up with DID model for discussion in November.
  • History class conducted oral history project, focusing on student experiences from past decades.
  • October – President’s Council for Diversity & Inclusion and Alumnae Board of Managers met with individual classes to discuss history of class names
  • November 7 – Faculty forum and staff forum discussed Hooker and Racial Healing Task Force reports. 
  • December 1 – President’s Council received all reports and prepared response.
  • Spring – Implemented racial healing steps; continued DID; continued work of diversity councils
  • Servant leaders began tutoring and mentoring in the Hartley Elementary after school program 
  • Lane Center for Service and Leadership worked with forty partners to provide many community service events: rehab homes; serve seniors, homeless, abused women, children; and a multitude of other activities. Servant leaders prepared and facilitated each event and conducted post-event evaluations. Servant Leaders and the populations served are made up of many ethnicities, and although students are the ones serving, they learned from the ones they served. Servant Leaders represented 14 Georgia counties, 4 states and 7 countries. 
2018 Initiatives
  • Strategic Plan included “Create learning environments that take the diversity of humanity seriously and which actively promote inclusion and celebrate difference.”
  • January 16, February 14, March 27 – Racial Healing conversations
  • February 17 – Chinese New Year celebration (Confucius Institute)
  • February 24 – Wesleyan students assisted Tubman Museum phone-a-thon
  • March 24 – International Festival; April 21 – International Food Fest
  • April 21 – BSA hosted BSA reunion at Alumnae Weekend
  • April 24 – Convocation “The Gospel According to the Klan”
  • May 12 – Commencement speaker, The Honorable Judge Verda Colvin
  • Summer – President announced that use of class names would be discontinued on campus, prompting another intense social media debate
  • June 3-6 – Faculty and Staff Team received grant to attend the Council of Independent College’s workshop on Diversity, Civility, and the Liberal Arts. 
  • August - Launched program outlining institutional changes with related Faculty Development experiences.
  • August 28 – Began weekly “Community Tuesday” activities to focus on new “One Wesleyan” theme; Student Affairs staff worked with student leaders to transition from class names to class colors and to revise cheers and songs.
  • September 29 – Confucius Institute Day
  • October 4 – Convocation “Leadership in a Global Society”
  • October 11, 25, November 8 – Diversity & Inclusion Discussions (DID)
  • October 28 – LUC (Latina Unity Club) attended Dia de Los Muertos at the Atlanta History Center’ AXIS International Dinner 
  • DANCE was established (Disability Awareness Nurturing Common Education)
2019 Initiatives
  • January 17 – Wesleyan hosted Global Trade & Investment Seminar
  • January 24 – Convocation on quilts as narratives
  • January 27 – International Student Dinner
  • February 2 – Chinese New Year celebration
  • February 17 – West African Dance Workshop
  • March 21 – Convocation “Know Your World”
  • April 9 – “An Evening with Janisse Ray” Writer in Residence
  • April 13 – AXIS International Festival
  • April 27 – Black alumnae and Black students engage in conversation during alumnae weekend
  • May 11 – Tonja Khabir is commencement speaker
  • May 11 – Students participated in annual Ethnic Awareness Awards Gala
  • August 15 – WISe 101 course readings added readings on racial justice, gender equity, and transgender rights at women’s colleges.
  • September 11 – Lamar Lecture: Judge Richard Gergel – Unexampled Courage: The Blinding of Sgt. Isaac Woodard and the Awakening of President Harry S. Truman and Judge J. Waites Waring
  • September 19 – “Know Your Rights Docudrama,” sponsored by the National Human Rights Institutions, screening and discussion for Hispanic Heritage Month
  • September 23 – Kickoff for Culture of CARE (Community, Accountability, Respect, and Engagement). In 2020, the E changed to Equity.
  • October 11 – AXIS International Festival
  • October 17 – Alumna and trustee Chi Ezekueche was honored with the Sullivan Award
  • October 27 – AXIS International Dinner
  • October 31 – Know Your World convocation
  • November 12 – BSA HIV Awareness
  • December 4 – Students attended MACspeaks: Intersectionality (A TED-style event for the community co-sponsored by Wesleyan) 
2020 Initiatives
  • January 16 – Wesleyan hosted Global Atlanta Symposium
  • January 20 – MLK, Jr. Day of Service activities
  • January 25 – Chinese New Year celebration
  • January 30 – Hosted Women’s National History Museum’s “Determined to Rise: Women’s Education Reform in the Progressive Era (1890-1920)”
  • February 19 – Voz Latina replaced LUC (Latina Unity Club)
  • February 21 – Students attended Harriet at local movie theatre
  • February 27 – Black Women in Leadership Panel “Standing on their Shoulders”
  • March 5 – Know Your World convocation
    Note: At this point our world changed with the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the college moved to remote learning and working for the remainder of the school year. Students, faculty, and staff returned in August for the fall semester, but most activities remained virtual through the academic year.
  • September 17 – Convocation on civic engagement; focused on voter registration, voting, election issues; continued to use DID model for discussions about controversial topics
  • Tonya Parker is named Chief Diversity Officer, a Cabinet-level position, and Dean of Equity and Inclusion.
  • President’s Council for Equity and Inclusion began monthly meetings
  • September 27 – Confucius Institute Day
  • October 15 – President and Chief Diversity Officer hosted “Alumnae Lunch & Learn” conversation about DEI at Wesleyan
  • October 15 – Voz Latina presented “Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month”
  • October 21 – Chaplain and Chief Diversity Officer hosted “LGBTQ+ Care and Support” virtual conversations which were so well received that they continued weekly throughout the academic year.
  • October 26 – Center for Career Development & Office of Equity and Inclusion presented “Identity & the Professional World”
  • October 29 – Convocation “When Chinese Classical Dance Meets Ballet”
  • November 10 – Convocation “Ritual and Music Culture of Zhou Family Band”
  • November 12 – Chaplain and Chief Diversity Officer hosted the first of several virtual sessions titled “Love & Rage: How to Care for Ourselves and Each Other When We Are Angry.” 
2021 Initiatives
  • President and Chief Diversity Officer met with new interim leaders of Black alumnae group “Sisters of the First Five” to discuss recommendations for improving relationships with Black alumnae and current Black students.
  • January 18 – Convocation “The Heart of King”
  • January 19 – Unity march at Wesleyan
  • January 26 – Convocation “Committing Ourselves to Anti-racism”
  • February 9 – BSA presented “A Walk Through History”
  • February 12 – International Movie Night
  • February 13 – Chinese New Year celebration
  • February 15 – Community Prayer Hour
  • February 25 – BSA presented “While Black”
  • February/March – Showcased art by African American artists Beverly Buchanan and Beverly McIver
  • March 4 – Finalized Crafting Democratic Futures Andrew W. Mellon grant. Funding secured for the three-year project, which includes support for the new Lane Center for Social and Racial Equity and support for a new Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Dr. Brandi Simpson Miller, whose role involves working with oral histories and the Librarians and Archives to tell the history of the College with an eye towards racial and social justice. The grant also includes Macon and Middle Georgia conversations about what reparations and reparative racial justice mean to regional stakeholders.
  • March 9 – Staff EDU Professional Development: Chief Diversity Officer presented on Title VII and Title VI and prospective Non-Discrimination Policy 
  • March 24 – Transforming the South Lecture (former Lamar Lecture): "From Reconciliation to Repair: Transforming Race in Long-Time “White” Places," featuring Rev. Dr. Jennifer Harvey and Crew Scholars from Drake University
  • April-August – Non-Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Misconduct Policy shared with campus community and approved for implementation for Fall 2021
  • April 27 – Office for Equity and Inclusion and BSA co-sponsored blood drive in recognition of National Minority Health Month
  • August 11 –  Chief Diversity Officer facilitated DEI training for RAs and OLs, and reviewed Title IX Policy and Title VII/Non-discrimination Policy at Faculty Workshop and Staff Meeting 
  • September 9 – Lane Center for Social and Racial Equity, BSA, and Tubman Museum, in collaboration with American Red Cross, presented “The 411 on Sickle Cell Anemia” info-session (Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness Month offering)
  • September 21 – “A Night at the Tubman Museum” for first-year seminar (WISe) students and leaders 
  • September 22 – Lane Center for Social and Racial Equity, BSA, and Tubman Museum co-sponsor Sickle Cell Anemia blood drive at Wesleyan College 

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Wesleyan College is home to five NCAA Division III sports: soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and softball. In addition, we offer an award-winning Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) Equestrian program.

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