This addendum to our current Residence Life policies will seek to address our plan for COVID-19 during the Fall 2020 semester. We have used CDC guidelines to inform the following policies and procedures.

Social Distancing is defined as staying 6 feet or 2 meters away from others. 


Guest Visitation
  • Guests are permitted in any Campus Housing as long as roommates and suitemates are notified in advance and in agreement according to the current visitation policy in the Student Handbook. All guests must follow social distancing guidelines and wear a mask.
Personal Protective Measures
  • All residents are required to wear a face mask when entering any space other than their room. A face mask is required in Laundry rooms, Kitchens and Lounges.
  • All residents living in campus housing are required to create a cleaning schedule and share it with their resident advisor. High touch areas in your personal living space must be disinfected frequently each day.
Common Spaces
  • Students who are sick must not enter or remain in any shared space.
  • Students must exercise social distancing (6 feet apart) when occupying common spaces.
  • Each kitchen will be limited in the number of persons who can enter that space concurrently. Please see posted limits in those spaces. No  dishes, cups, utensils or appliances should be left in the kitchen for shared use.
  • Each Laundry room will be limited in the number of persons who can use that space simultaneously. Please see posted limits in those spaces. 
  • Each Lounge and study rooms will be limited to no more than ten persons who can use that space concurrently. Please see posted limits in those spaces. Lounge furniture will be separated 6 feet apart.
  • No more than one person may use elevators at a time.


  • All move-in procedures will be staggered to limit the number of students and families entering the building during a certain time frame. Read More
Emergency Response
  • Students must exercise social distancing when responding to Fire Alarm and tornado sirens.
  • Residence Life staff will use social distancing and wear cloth face covering when addressing policy violations or responding to emergencies  in residence halls and apartments.
Cleaning & Inspections
  • Throughout the week, National Cleaning Services will clean and disinfect common spaces and other high touch areas like door handles.
  • Each student is responsible for using the provided spray bottles and paper towels to wipe any space or equipment used prior to use of kitchens, lounges and laundry rooms, this includes but is not limited to tables, chairs, counter tops, stove etc. DO NOT SPRAY ELECTRONIC DEVICES, spray the paper towel then wipe.
  • Follow CDC Guidelines for Cleaning & Disinfecting your personal living spaces.
  • Students must prioritize cleaning shared bathrooms daily.
  • In an effort to keep Residence Life staff safe, we will not conduct room inspections unless absolutely necessary.
  • Hand washing signs will be placed by each sink in campus housing.
  • If a student tests positive for COVID-19, both the room and adjoining spaces will be cleaned by National who will follow CDC guidelines.
Meetings & Programs
  • All conduct meetings to discuss policy violations will be done remotely. Students will receive a calendar invitation with a video conferencing option.
  • All hall programming will be conducted using either social distancing or remote platforms.
  • Roommate or suitemate meditations will be conducted using either social distancing or remote platforms.
  • RAs will conduct regular virtual intentional interactions with residents.

Positive COVID-19 Case in the Residence Halls

  • Upon determining that a residential student has tested positive for COVID-19, the Director of Health Services and Director of Residence Life  will work to relocate the infected student to an isolation room.
  • Suite mates/roommates of the students may be temporarily relocated while their room and or bathroom is being sanitized. Suite-mates/roommates must self -quarantined following the self-quarantine procedure outlined on the isolation page of this document.
  • An outsourced company will be contacted to clean the space within 24 hours. National Housekeeping will clean the lounge and hallways using a disinfectant fogger.

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