Information Technology

Welcome to Wesleyan's Information Technology page. On this page you will find information and resources related to academic and student computing, user support services, and Wesleyan’s policies on using these services.

  • Faculty, Student, and Staff Workshops: Each year workshops are made available for faculty members to increase their knowledge and skills in web page development and the use Microsoft products. Students are given the opportunity to participate in workshops presented by Computer Resident Assistants.
  • Campus Network: All residence halls have network connections for each bed ("port per pillow"). They also have dedicated laser printers in common areas for student use. Each student is given 500 pages of printing each semester to use around the campus. After this amount is spent, they may purchase additional pages at the library for five cents a page. Wireless networking is available in the academic, dining, library and resident hall common areas.
  • Residential Student Support: The Computer Resident Assistant (CRA) program provides technical support in the residence halls during the evening and weekend hours. The CRAs are students trained to provide assistance with network access, basic computer troubleshooting and printer setup. Residential students are required to use their CRAs for technical support, but if the CRA is unavailable, they may receive support by entering a ticket into the College’s Help Desk system found at
  • Nonresidential Student Support: Nonresidential students receive support directly from the Computer and Information Resources staff. A part-time staff member provides weekend support. Students may receive technical support by entering a ticket into the Colleges Help Desk system found at
  • Electronic Classrooms: The majority of Wesleyan’s classrooms have projection and electronic whiteboard capabilities. A graphics art classroom is equipped with Apple computers and related technology. 
  • Computer Labs: The library and academic center have computers that are available for common use when students are away from their rooms or attending classes while living off campus. There are also dedicated labs available for special courses.
  • E-mail System: The College uses Google Apps for its email service. This service is accessible through any web browser, e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. As students graduate they may retain their Wesleyan email account and be joined to a special group.
  • Student Information: Wesleyan has a web based system (WesPortal) that allows students to submit, view and change their information, i.e. student application, registration, billing, payments, grades, course content, distance learning materials, alert registration, degree auditing and several other areas of information.
  • ID Card: Wesleyan provides each student with a photo ID to access the Anderson Dining Hall and Willet Memorial Library.
  • Policies: Wesleyan has a formal policy for using its campus network and technology services. This policy can be found on the WesPortal under the WesNet tab and Computer Resources.

The Computer and Information Resources department collaborates with all constituencies of the College to review and implement new technologies related to student support and instruction. The success of the above services has been a result of the dedication and commitment of Wesleyan's executive team, the support and engagement of the faculty, and the Computer and Information Resources staff.


Information Resources Staff:

John Thompson (478) 757-2474
Network Administrator

Sergey Chernokov (478) 757-2470
Applications Support Specialist

Jan Tedders (478) 757-3956
System Administrator

Kevin Ulshafer (478) 757-5125
Director of Computer and Information Resources  & CIO