Student Counseling Services

Student Counseling Services (SCS) provides short-term individual counseling to currently enrolled, full-time Wesleyan College students.  Individual counseling provides an opportunity to explore your concerns on a one-to-one basis within the context of a confidential relationship.  The counseling model attempts to empower you with the resources needed to make positive changes in your life.  The counselor and student work together to define and discuss personal issues and reach mutually agreed upon goals.

Counseling is not a mysterious process.  It is a process in which you and I work together to overcome obstacles which may be preventing you from reaching your fullest potential.  Student Counseling Services (SCS) provides assistance designed to promote the academic, personal, and social growth.  The college years are filled with exciting and challenging times for you.  It is normal, even expected, that you will encounter difficult or stressful events.  However, when you use the resources available to you, there is a much greater chance of success and overall sense of well-being.  


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