Student Organizations

Ranging from special interest to religious to just pure fun, Wesleyan has a wide variety of boards, clubs, and organizations to suit your every need. Don’t see something that interests you? Start your own club!

ACT, a feminist organization that aims to promote, educate and raise awareness of a variety of women’s issues. ACT membership is open to any interested students. 

Art Club
The Art Club’s main objectives are involvement and awareness of art in the Wesleyan community. To involve the Wesleyan community and make the club’s existence known while carrying out its objectives, the Art Club sponsors periodic events for the community.    

A.X.I.S. (Association of exemplary International Students)
The purpose of A.X.I.S. is to experience, learn and teach cultural and international awareness via events, activities and trips. A.X.I.S. consists of all students who are interested in international and cultural issues. The goal of an A.X.I.S. member is to increase her awareness in these areas. A.X.I.S. exists as a source of direct international/cultural education to all students and the Wesleyan community as a whole.    

Baptist College Ministries (BCM)
Organized on the Wesleyan campus in 1959, the BCM ministers to the spiritual and moral needs of students through a Christ-centered, church-related, and student-led program. The Student Department of the Southern Baptist Convention supports its activities and membership is open to all interested students.    

Black Student Alliance (BSA)

The Wesleyan Black Student Alliance was organized to promote minority awareness and to provide an outlet for cultural pride for minority students. Through various programs, the organization informs the campus and the Macon community of the issues affecting people of color past, present and future. The organization is open to all students interested in cultural diversity.    

Campus Activities Board (CAB)
The Campus Activities Board (CAB) provides a wide array of programs that complement the social lives of Wesleyan students. CAB representatives are elected by their peers in the spring semester while first year students are elected in the beginning of the fall semester. CAB traditionally hosts Homecoming and Spring Social, while also hosting hypnotists, movie marathons, theme parties and other social events. As CAB representatives, students have the opportunity to promote or enhance their leadership skills. For more information, contact Ashley Tomlin

CI (Confucious Institutute) Calligraphy Club

CI (Confucious Institute) Sports Club

Council on Judicial Affairs (CJA)
The Council on Judicial Affairs (CJA) oversees the judicial process of the Honor Code and coordinates activities designed to promote understanding of, interest in, and support for the Honor System of Wesleyan College. CJA representatives are elected by their peers in the spring semester for the following academic year; firs-year students are elected in the fall semester. CJA sponsors Honor Code Week each fall and coordinate Alcohol Awareness Week in the spring semester.  For more information, contact Stefanie Swanger.

Council on Religious Unity (CRU)
The Council on Religious Unity has a wide variety of responsibilities from directing community service projects to planning campus religious services. Members of CRU are elected by their peers in the spring semester for the following academic year; first-year students are elected in the fall semester. CRU seeks to promote and raise awareness of the diversity of religions present on-campus. 

Equestrian Club
Founded in 1993, the purpose of the Equestrian Club is to increase the understanding and skills of horsemanship while developing fellowship among members.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

French Club

Founded in 1995, GLBAL is an organization founded to further the knowledge and understanding of all. Membership in this organization is open to all parties interested in the education and understanding of gay and lesbian issues.

Habitat Club
Founded in 2011, Habitat Club seeks to raise awareness on substandard housing and other housing concerns at the local and state levels. Habitat Club promotes and participates in local community events, as well as sponsoring events on- campus. Membership in the Habitat Club is open to all interested students.

Model UN Club

Nursing Club

Splinters (Athletic Honors Society)

Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC)
The Student Athletic Advisory Council is composed of all student-athletes. Each varsity team is represented by two voting team members. The council serves as a liaison between the student-athlete body and the athletics administration to provide insight on the student-athlete experience and other input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect student-athletes’ lives. In addition, the Council regularly conducts community services and campus awareness efforts in order to foster a positive student-athlete image.

Student Government Association (SGA)
The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the voice of the Wesleyan student body and contributes to co- curricular life at the College. SGA emphasizes responsibility and order, and supports an active liberal arts environment. Its primary goal is the development of leadership and responsible citizenship, working in conjunction with Student Affairs. In the spring, student representatives are elected to serve on Senate, which is SGA’s legislative body. SGA representatives may be asked to serve with faculty and administration on campus wide committees, including those concerning food services and convocations. SGA makes recommendations for the allocation of student activity fees through Student Affairs. These fees fund student support services, student activities and publications. For more information, contact Ashley Tomlin.

Student Recreation Council (SRC)

The Student Recreation Council or SRC provides an array of events for all students, ranging from sports like soccer to flag football, to leisure activities such as rock climbing, paintball and white water rafting. SRC members are elected by their peers in the spring for the following academic year; first-year students are elected in the fall. SRC places an emphasis on good sportsmanship and spirit. 


Washboard Band
One of Wesleyan’s oldest clubs and a treasured Wesleyan College legacy, the Washboard Band is a musical organization that focuses on singing, story-telling and entertaining. Membership to Washboard Band consists on an audition every fall semester.

Wesley Foundation
The Wesley Foundation was formed to unite students to celebrate and share in the Methodist heritage. Wesley Foundation meets regularly and is open to all students.

Wesleyan Disciples

Wesleyan Journal (Creative Arts Magazine)

Wesleyan Math Club
The Wesleyan Math Club seeks to promote general interest and academic excellence in mathematics. It includes the Wesleyan student chapter affiliated to the Mathematical Association of America. It sponsors various math or math related events for its members and the community throughout the school year. Membership is open to all students interested in the math and sciences.

Wesleyan Theatre Club

Wesleyan Word (College Newspaper)

Academic Honor Societies
Alpha Lambda Delta
Alpha Psi Omega
Beta Beta Beta
Kappa Delta Epsilon
Lambda Pi Eta
Mortar Board
Omicron Delta Epsilon
Phi Kappa Phi
Phi Sigma Iota
Pi Gamma Mu
Psi Chi
Sigma Alpha Iota