Endowment Opportunities

Donors establishing endowed funds launch infinite new possibilities for Wesleyan. By starting an endowment, donors see their gifts invested and spent wisely on areas of the college that mean the most to them. Listed below are just some of the ways to support Wesleyan’s students, faculty, academic departments and resources, and campus grounds and facilities.

To speak with someone about establishing one of the endowed funds listed here or to talk about other ways to support Wesleyan, please call the Office of Institutional Advancement at (478) 757-5187 or email us.

Support our Students
Endowed scholarships allow Wesleyan to turn dreams into diplomas. For many young women without scholarship assistance, a college education is beyond the financial ability of their families. Our goal is to graduate students with a debt of gratitude – not in debt! You can make a difference by contributing to an existing scholarship or by establishing a new named scholarship fund.

Your gift of $100,000 or more will endow a named scholarship and lessen the cost of a student’s education. A gift of $500,000 or more will provide full payment of tuition and expenses for one student or substantial partial scholarships for multiple students. Although unrestricted scholarships meet Wesleyan’s greatest need, Advancement staff will gladly work with you to establish specific criteria for your scholarship fund.

Support our Faculty
The strength of Wesleyan’s extraordinary liberal arts education rests in the firm hands and minds of our faculty. They teach, advise, and mentor students, oversee academic programs, lead committees – some even play a mean game of soccer! You can help Wesleyan continue to recruit and retain exceptional professors by investing in an endowed professorship or chair.

Your gift of $500,000 or more can supplement compensation for a faculty member through the endowment of a professorship. A gift of $1,000,000 can establish a coveted endowed chair position, which helps Wesleyan to provide greater compensation and support to a distinguished member of the faculty.

Support Academic Departments and Programs
With Academic Support Funds, the opportunities to give are endless. These funds may help establish and cover the costs of academic programs, furnish and maintain equipment, bring in guest lecturers or artists, or enhance athletic programs. Academic department and program expenses vary greatly by discipline and project, so staff must first analyze the college’s budgetary needs before establishing an Academic Support Fund. Generally, a minimum gift of $250,000 can establish a fund in support of our academic departments and programs.

Support Other Opportunities
In addition to the endowed funds listed above, many other types of endowments help fund the operations of Wesleyan each and every day. Media Funds, which you can establish with a gift of $25,000 or more, help buy much needed books, periodicals, and electronic resources for Willet Library. Technology funds of $50,000 or more can pay for the considerable expenses of purchasing computers, electronic information and communication systems, instructional technology, and even software. Often under-valued Maintenance Funds help keep our campus facilities and grounds beautiful and functional. The minimum gift necessary to establish a Maintenance Fund can vary greatly, depending on the building or campus facilities project a donor wishes to support. And, of course, unrestricted endowment gifts are always welcome as they give Wesleyan the greatest flexibility to establish funding priorities and allocate funds in ways that respond to a rapidly changing world.

Please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (478) 757-5187 or email us to discuss the way you hope to strengthen the Wesleyan College Endowment.