Corporate Giving

Corporate and Foundation Investment

Academic programs, construction and renovation, professorships, and scholarships are just a few of Wesleyan’s academic priorities for Corporate Relations and Foundation Giving. We encourage support from companies, private organizations, and charitable organizations that find the mission of Wesleyan College to be consistent with their philanthropic goals. We work closely with the faculty and staff to stay informed about ongoing programs and projects under development so that we may match potential funding sources with areas of need.

Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relations Program works to create mutually beneficial relationships between private sector firms and Wesleyan. Through Corporate Relations, we identify corporate connections that can address our needs and allow us to use our assets to address the needs of our corporate partners. Examples include recruitment and hiring, internships, faculty expertise, and speaking opportunities in the classroom. We are fortunate to have the assistance of our community-based Board of Visitors to assist us in developing corporate relationships. A current focus is strengthening relationships with partners in science and technology, and specifically nursing and allied health fields. We encourage alumnae and friends in the corporate sector to contact the College about potential links between their companies and Wesleyan.

Foundation Giving

Over the years, Wesleyan has been supported generously by national, regional and local foundations that are interested in higher education and the special issues confronting liberal arts colleges. On average, we raise $1.4 million each year through foundation grants. Foundation grants generally provide restricted support for specific projects or programs in contrast to the Annual Fund, which generates unrestricted support for the College’s operating expenses. Although foundation grants are often used to offset the cost of programs already supported by the College’s budget, such as scholarship aid and new equipment, perhaps more importantly, they foster growth and innovation by supporting the development of new academic programs.