Mathews Athletic Center Fitness Instructors

Angelique Bloom, Gyrokinesis® certified. Angelique earned her BFA in dance education from The University of the Arts in May 2011. After moving to Macon in 2012, she began teaching dance and physical fitness. The Gyrokinesis® method that Angelique teaches gently and systematically takes the joints and muscles through rhythmic and undulating movements, using corresponding breathing patterns to stimulate the body's internal organs. Postures are smooth and harmonious, making the exercises appear and feel more like dancing or swimming than traditional yoga. Those who practice Gyrokinesis® tend to be more relaxed in their daily lives and move with increased flexibility. All classes, from beginner to advanced, encompass sitting, lying, and standing positions.

Lisa Seneker
 A Macon native and graduate of Auburn University, Lisa has seventeen years of teaching experience in the fitness industry and holds numerous fitness certifications. Her instruction includes disciplines in yoga, cycle, aqua fitness, and personal training. Lisa’s personal style of yoga brings powerful flows incorporating options for every level of training. While yoga remains her passion, Lisa’s most recent certifications include Tai Chi and Drums Alive.

Ellen B. Cleghorn
- certified Arthritis Foundation Aquatics instructor and lifeguard for more than twenty years

Jessica Hardman,
yoga instructor at Mathew's Fitness Center and HPE Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance for Wesleyan College. While earning a BFA in dance from the University of Southern Mississippi, Jessica began practicing yoga as a method of cross-training and restoration. Having begun her dance training at age three, Jessica has taught dance and yoga in Macon for almost ten years.

Megan Carson,
registered yoga teacher, trained by Atlanta Peachtree Yoga. Megan holds a master’s degree in social work and is studying to become a licensed clinical social worker. Recognizing that the connection between the mind and the body is a powerful one, Megan blends yoga and therapy as a method for healing.

Glenda Wagoner
, holds certifications with Cycle Reebok, Les Mills, NETA, and RIPPED. Currently in her fifteenth year of teaching in the fitness industry, Glenda continues to share her lifelong passion with anyone interested in learning a healthier, more fit lifestyle. She currently teaches classes that include cycling, core workout, and resistance training.

Kathy Malone,
director of Mathews Athletic Center (MAC) at Wesleyan College. Kathy has been in the fitness industry for sixteen years. In addition to fitness classes at MAC, Kathy also teaches community classes for Coliseum Health System’s H2U program, and HPE Running at Wesleyan. Kathy holds certifications in Group Fitness, Senior Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness, Personal Training, Arthritis Foundation Aquatics, Cycle Reebok, RIPPED, and Yoga and Pilates.

Rebecca Nelson
, cycle, weight training, and core conditioning instructor at Mathews Athletic Center. Rebecca holds certifications in Cycle Reebok, RIPPED, Group Fitness, Yoga, and Kettlebell Training.

Allyson Bashinski,
cycle and weight training instructor at Mathews Athletic Center. Allyson began her fitness career at Wesleyan College in 2006 when she was certified as a Cycle Reebok Instructor by Master Trainer Robert Sherman. In 2009 Allyson completed her certification in Group Fitness with NETA and continues to further her education by taking classes on Fat Metabolism and Gender Difference, The Essence of Body Weight Training, and aquatic classes for all ages.