Mathews Athletic Center Fitness Instructors

Kathy Malone - director of Mathews Athletic Center (MAC) at Wesleyan College. Kathy has been in the fitness industry for eighteen years. In addition to fitness classes at MAC, Kathy teaches HPE Running, Team Sports, Health and Wellness, and Strength Training and Conditioning at Wesleyan. Kathy also teaches community classes for Coliseum Health System’s H2U program.  Kathy holds certifications in Group Fitness, Senior Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness, Personal Training, Arthritis Foundation Aquatics, Cycle Reebok, Functional Fitness, RIPPED, and Yoga and Pilates.

Aubrey Tweddle- American Red Cross Certified life guard with Wesleyan for over 5 years. AEA certified, Arthritis Foundation Aquatics instructor, Aubrey teaches community water aerobics for Coliseum Health System's H2U program.

Jessica Hardman - yoga instructor at Mathew's Fitness Center and HPE Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance for Wesleyan College. While earning a BFA in dance from the University of Southern Mississippi, Jessica began practicing yoga as a method of cross-training and restoration. Having begun her dance training at age three, Jessica has taught dance and yoga in Macon for over ten years.

Glenda Wagoner - holds certifications with Cycle Reebok, Les Mills, NETA, and RIPPED. Currently in her eighteenth year of teaching in the fitness industry, Glenda continues to share her lifelong passion with anyone interested in learning a healthier, more fit lifestyle. She currently teaches classes that include cycling, core workout, and resistance training.

Rebecca Nelson - cycle, weight training, and core conditioning instructor at Mathews Athletic Center. Rebecca holds certifications in Cycle Reebok, RIPPED, Group Fitness, Yoga, and Kettlebell Training.

Allyson Bashinski - cycle and weight trainer instructor at Mathews Athletic Center. Allyson began her fitness career at Wesleyan College in 2006 when she certified as a Cycle reebok instructor by Master Trainer Robert Sherman. In 2009 Allyson completed her certification in Group Fitness with NETA and continues to further her education by taking classes on Fat Metabolism and Gender Difference, The Essence of Body Weight Training, and aquatic classes for all ages. 

Heidi Purvis - 
Heidi danced throughout her childhood-- the usual studio offerings of Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Gymnastics and Twirling. In high school, she routinely enrolled in dance electives and choreographed recitals for the class. Once in college, she began taking Belly Dance courses offered at the campus fitness center and has continued to dance for the last ten years.  

Lisa Pang- is a certified instructor in Tai Chi through Zephyr Tai Chi Association. Lisa also holds a Third Degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is a HPE instructor at Wesleyan.

Devyn Foti - A graduate of Wesleyan College in 2013, Devyn returned to Wesleyan as the Web Content and Social Media Strategist in 2014. She has been practicing yoga since 2011 and began teaching yoga at Wesleyan at the end of 2015. She is certified in Iyengar Yoga with a background in Viniyoga, Bikram, and Ashtanga Yoga as well. Yoga is part of her everyday schedule and she enjoys teaching all ages about the benefits the practice can bring to everyone. 

Clay Singleton - Clay Singleton teaches Self-defense , Shaolin Tiger, Shuai Chiao and Ch’ang style T’ai Chi Ch’uan (Tai Chi) at Mathews Athletic Center. InAugust, 1997 He received his 1st Degree Black Belt in Shuai Chiao from Dr. “Daniel” Chi-hsiu Weng of the United States Shuai Chiao Asociation. He received a 2nd Degree Black Sash in February ,1999 in a nontraditional Shaolin Tiger from Master Rocky Byars. He has competed in light contact free sparring, San shou (full contact free sparring), and Shuai Chiao (Chinese Wrestling) in tournaments throughout the U.S.

Stephanie Firth - is a certified Zumba instructor and offers Monday night Zumba classes in the Mathew’s Athletic Center (MAC). Her passion for Zumba and the enjoyment of participating in Zumba classes led her to become an instructor herself. She obtained her ZIN membership in March 2014 and has been instructing at the MAC since April 2014. Stephanie is also certified in CPR and AED.

Sydney King- is a dancer and instructor of all genres of dance. She has discovered in the last few years that she truly has a passion for helping people love themselves all the more by way of their physical health. Along with the addition of weights, Sydney has decided to use her knowledge of movement and kinesiology to lead others to their fitness goals and beyond!