Digital story telling: 
Let your story be heard with digital storytelling. Learn creative ways to convey meaning through the use of images, voice, text, and music. This class utilizes simple tools to bring any event to life. Your child will learn valuable communication methods to foster both personal and academic growth. This class is only offered to campers who are registered for the full six weeks. At the end of the six weeks the student will be able to present their finished projects in a red carpet event. Other avenues of educational technology will be explored with campers that are registered weekly. 

In a totally organic nature where nothing is brought in from outside for enhancement students will exploration how plants grow above and below the surface. Each house will take full responsibly of the community garden by watering, weeding and checking for insects. The garden has an abundant supply of cantaloupes, watermelons, tomatoes, peas, beans, acorn squash, cucumbers and carrots. Campers will enjoy these hearty fruits and vegetables as a snack during the day. 

Predator/Prey week: 
This week campers will experience simulated wildlife scenarios that recreate animal responses in various predator/prey situations. Campers may become deer, coyote, bear, rabbits, wild salmon, or even sea turtles as they learn the dangers and hardships wildlife encounter on a daily basis. 

During the Bubble-ology Camp students will be introduced to light, color, aerodynamics, chemical composition, surface tension and technology through the exploration of bubbles. Students will have the chance to predict when a bubble will pop; use materials to see which one produces bubbles; test certain solutions to see which bubbles last the longest; to testing Bernoulli’s theory on bubbles as well as other activities. By the end of the week students participating in this camp will learn to: make observations; measure and record data, experiment; calculate averages, graph results; make references and draw conclusions. The Bubble-ology camp will be enlightening for students. 

Students will become real-life engineers, solving problems through a hands-on approach and exploring the world around them through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, Challenges will be appropriate and enjoyable for students of all age and grade levels and will include physics, aerodynamics, chemistry, art and more. 

Integrating Art into the Curriculum: 
This week campers will see how artistic expression can help us understand other subject areas. Campers could see connections between art and math, art and science, theatre and reading, music and social studies; the possibilities are only limited by their creativity and imaginations. Patent leather beetles: The first session is entitled, "Bug Power" and we will be harnessing the energy of Bess Bugs to move objects many times their weight. In the next two sessions, we will solve a mystery using the tools of Forensic Science.