Weekly focus/content of instructional blocks:
Select the one-week experience that you think your child would enjoy or send them for all seven weeks.  Full summer campers will receive an electronic tablet to keep at the end of the summer.

Please note…There will be a one-week break during the Fourth of July holiday week.

June 8-12
East Meets West
Experience, the beauty, games, language, and art that define the Chinese Culture.  Instructors from Wesleyan's historic Confucius Institute will be teaming up with Kid's College to introduce campers to Chinese culture in engaging and hands-on ways.  Campers will experience classes in calligraphy, classical Chinese dance, mask making, Mandarin, and so much more.  They are sure to leave with a new appreciation for our friends from the Far East.

June 15-19
Animals on the Move
This week campers will experience active simulations of predator/prey interactions in the wild via Project Wild curricular experiences led by certified classroom teachers completing their Master of Education courses. Symbiotic and Parasitic relationships within environmental ecosystems will be actively explored and experienced in symbolic and physically engaging ways.

June 22-26
I Like to Move It Move It
This week campers will experience the skills and motions needed to play various sports such as volleyball, soccer, and softball.  They will also experience popular dance trends, on campus scavenger hunts and more in this kinesthetically themed week.  Make sure to wear some comfy shoes!

June 29-July 3

July 6-10
Full STEAM Ahead
Campers will experience the merging of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math this week as they work and process through the planning, designing, testing, and revising cycle to accomplish a variety of engaging problems across a variety of content areas. Participants will be designing towers that can withstand high force winds, bridges that can support suspended weights, and so much more. All classes will be taught by STEM certified practicing classroom teachers or engineering professors.

July 13-17
Something Beautiful 
Campers will be defining what is beautiful to them in a variety of ways this week.  We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this week students will be 'beholding' of many beautiful things.  From crafting unique jewelry, to creating innovative sculptures students will hone their artistic eye and create something they can call beautiful.

July 20-24
Let's BOOK it
For the book lover in all of us, the activities this week will tie in children's literature, poetry, writing, reading and possibly some theatrical representations as well.  How many ways can we bring a classic childhood favorite to life?  We can't wait to find out!  Campers will leave with a new appreciation for a tall tale or two and possibly one of their own!

July 27-31
There's an App for That!
Apps are EVERYWHERE!  This week we'll spend time exploring new and innovative apps to enhance learning across multiple subject areas.  Campers will engage with new technology, experience new games, and apply content in innovative ways.  They'll return to school ready to teach their teachers a few things for sure!