Favorite Wesleyan Memory

“When you KNOW something is ‘good’ and, you BELIEVE in it, you STAY with it! All of the way! (Church, husband, family, job, and friends, etc, etc!) This belief began at Wesleyan and has become a part of my life as a girl- like “intentiona,” I have weakened many times, but it has grown strong as the years have passed. Betty Corn, Class of 1947

“No woman needs to sit around and wait for some man to do something” I seriously developed and left Wesleyan College with the sense that women can achieve and accomplish in any sphere she chooses to – affecting change for the good of all.” Pamela Henry Pate, Class of 1971

“A kind touch can heal many wounds” Eloise Gray, Class of 1980

“A young woman, who is an only child, who has lived in her own room all her life, needs a crash course in dormitory living” Margaret D. Sewell, Class of 1949

1 John 4: 7-8: “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

“Do right!” Helen Proctor Morris Watson, Class of 1946

“Grow old… don’t just get old. Sometimes wisdom comes with age. Sometimes age comes all by itself. Keep connected.” Annie Mays Larmore, Class of 1928

“Do it now, not later! Time waits for no man.” Nancy Bowden Wiley, Class of 1961

“Never underestimate the power of a woman in the lives of many. In the workplace, always stay true to your standards and ethics. It takes perseverance but many will be blessed by your strength.” Robin Jacquith Ward, Class of 1981

“Never need a man; keep them around for fun!” Lynn Stark Biester, Class of 1986

“When someone asked Cornelia Shiver, professor of history, why she never married, she replied: When the last one asked me; I did not know he would be the last one!” Ginger Sumerford York, Class of 1960

“Enjoy your time at Wesleyan and your sisterhood.” Judy Lear, Class of 1986

“You can do anything you want to in this world, just clean up real good when you get done.” Tamara Mullis Hawkins, Class of 1986

“Always make sure you take care of yourself. Set the standards high in how those in your life treat you. You deserve respect. Vonda Klein, Class of 1986

“You can achieve anything you want if you work for it. If it hasn’t been done before, be the first one to do it.” Valerie Huron Brewer, Class of 1996

“You learn the most when you ears are open and your mouth is closed.” Kristin Conley Lamble, Class of 1996

“I learned that you can value and love people who are very different from myself.” Rebecca Dodd Hollady, Class of 1951

“Friends come and go, with a precious few we hold on to. Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle, because the older we get, the more we need the people who knew us when we were young.” Mary Joe McGee, Class of 1953

“Be a friend, have a friend. Having lived almost 90 years, I know that having a friend is the most valuable pearl one can have. And if a friend is a Wesleyanne, one is doubly blessed.” Dr. Louie Woodward Marshall, Class of 1942

“You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.” Rita Delaney Harris, Class of 1987

“Kick as high as you can for as long as you can!”
Mildred Efland, Class of 1942

“I can't think of anything more meaningful and lasting than the "golden rule." Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!" Gretchen Nelson Scott Vann, Class of 1957

“I can't always control what happens in life, but I can control how I react to what happens.” Cynthia "Cyndi" Bell-Lee, Class of 1983

“Life is what you choose it to be.” Annabel Fowler, Class of 2011

“We learn the most about ourselves when we seek to serve others.” Crystal Church Tanner, Class of 2010
“Pick your battles wisely. Winning the war is what is important.” Jasmin Shy Coates, Class of 2006

"Faith is not about everything turning out OK. Faith is about being OK no matter how things turn out. I would rather live my life as if there is a God, and die to find out there isn't than to live my life as if there isn't, and die to find out there is." Carol Bacon Kelso, Class of 1973

“We don't have friends, we don't have enemies, there are only teachers.”
Elaina Winter, Class of 2003

“I have learned that our lives are defined by the choices we make. I am so glad I chose Wesleyan sixty-one years ago!” Syd Willis Blackmarr, Class of 1954

“Ask Wisdom to dwell in your heart (24/7) . 1 Corinthians1:24, Proverbs 2:10-17” Charlise Mallory (Mrs. Jerry L. Black), Class of 1960

“You learn the most about yourself in the unlikeliest places. Your character, values, and faith are strengthened when you listen to the experiences of others, help a sister deal with a difficult situation, play a sport, or even make those midnight trips to Steak and Shake. It’s how you react to situations and other people long after graduation when you realize how much Wesleyan truly taught you about life.” Stephanie Hood, Class of 2008

“Everyday is a new day to start again.”
Catherine Dermody, Class of 2008

“Don’t judge people unless you have walked in their shoes.”
Jean Marie Bond, Class of 1991

“The most important pearl I learned is on our seal: Trust not in outward appearances!
Kristin Lamble, Class of 1996

"love love love"
Sophia Theidis, Class of 2015

"Laugh often and love deeply..."
Amanda Moore, Class of 2009

“When the worst thing that can happen happens, there's nothing left to be afraid of.”
Kathy A. Bradley, Class of 1978

"My three best Wesleyan friends are still my closest friends today!"
Dorothy Wilkin Repass, Class of 1945

“I can learn so much from reading words that are placed together in incredible ways, from lowering my sun visor and heading straight into a Georgia sunset, and from looking into my students' faces. Teachers are all around us if we keep our eyes and hearts open. “ Dorothy Ellen Hardman (Hawkins), Class of 1981

“My beginnings at Wesleyan taught me to look at ideas as a scholar if I want to understand their meanings; my little goddaughter in Vietnam taught me to look at people "eyes to eyes" if I want to see their souls.” Dorothy Ellen Hardman (Hawkins), Class of 1981

“The world is a catalog, just think about and choose what you want, then go get it!”
Dahlia Wright, Class of 2011

“Always believe in yourself, in what you are capable of achieving, and never let other people steer your life. Be the rudder for your own boat and set the course for what your dreams and goals are.”
Sybil Hall-Beheler, Class of 1995

“The key to a peaceful life is finding beauty, balance, and blessings in all that come your way. The importance of memories created in youth and the appreciation of being a Wesleyanne become stronger as life becomes shorter.” Evie Birmingham, Class of 1968

“Learning and growing go hand in hand.”
Gabriela M. Medina-Marrero, Class of 2011

“Realize the experiences and memories you are making are precious, historic, and will remain with you forever.” Jessica Dermody, Class of 2008

“Open your life to new experiences & adventures- you will be a better person for it.”
Gloria Dollar Knight, Class of 1965

From Dr. Marcile Taylor: "I try in every class to call on each student, not with an eye to discovering what they do not know nor to embarrassing them, but rather to guiding them to see what they do know."
Christy Powell Garner, Class of 1990

"A Wesleyanne is a Lady at all times, in all places, under all circumstances." (From the 1962 Student Handbook) May it be so throughout our lives for all Wesleyannes.” Dr. Jane Robertson Westerfield, Editor/Co-Author of "This One's For The Birds! A Gulf Coast Anthology of Poetry, Prose & Art,” Class of 1966

"I often say Wesleyan gave me the "Big Ticket" -- the foundation to do it all- how I chose to punch that ticket was then up to me as I walked the big path of life- I like to think that I punched them all.” Gail S.T. Webster, Executive Vice President, Huntington National Bank

“As a 16 year cancer survivor, I've learned to live life with NO regrets and to love me exactly as God created, unique!” Tina H. Mobley, Class of 2003

“Don't be afraid to let your light shine! Worry is simply wasted energy-experience life and be all that you can be!” Ursula Tyson Baker, Class of 1997

“One can never have too many sisters. You have four years to be irresponsible here. Relax. Work is for people with jobs. You'll never remember class time, but you'll remember time you wasted hanging out with your friends. So, stay out late. Go out on a Tuesday with your friends when you have a paper due Wednesday. Spend money you don't have. Drink 'til sunrise. The work never ends, but college does.” Sarah Owenby, Class of 2010

“Be strong, yet kind. Go in peace!”
Angie O'Neal Wright, Class of 2008

“A true sister will not only give you love and encouragement, she will also always tell you the truth - even when it hurts.” Catherine Cela, Class of 2012

“The best things in life are not things.”
Yanira Chevere, Class of 2001

“Never take anything for granted because life can change in a moment. Persevere through hardship and smile as often as you can.” Gabrielle Reed, Class of 1988

“Never wait for someone else to determine your value; they'll always seek a bargain.”
Jasmine Jackson, Class of 2008

“The most important lesson I took from my four years at Wesleyan is to have faith in myself. After Wesleyan, and having the opportunity to work with people who were educated at other institutions, I learned that the old adage is true - you get what you pay for. Thank you for an amazing education, Wesleyan!” Susan Horton Secord, Class of 1995

“You life may not turn out the way you envisioned it. This is ok. If at graduation someone were to describe where I'm at, what I'm doing, and who I've become now, I would have laughed and cried at the same time, but now, I wouldn't change a thing.” Elizabeth King, Class of 2004

“Everyday, give at least one person a reason to smile.”
Rhonda Pollard Bauer, Class of 1975

“Saturated for four years with ‘A Wesleyanne is a lady at all times, in all places and under all circumstances’ I learned prevented us from doing absolutely nothing! Instead it gave us elan and eclat which set us apart as we accomplished any and everything we set out to do.” Leticia Ritchie Eppink, Class of 1965

“Wesleyan gave me a foundation of knowledge that has kept my thirst for learning unquenched, which is good! As years pass, our sisterhood takes on even deeper meaning. -- If I were to give present students advice, it would be to get to know your classmates! Years later they are even greater treasures!” Janet L. Keys, Class of 1978

“I've learned to dream big and often and to be true to myself!”
Heather Russell Brown, 1988

“Prayer, purpose, and passion are key ingredients to blessed and productive life.”
Allyssa Green, Class of 2006

"Cherish, value and nurture beautiful "sister" friendships over the years."
Eva Maxwell, Class of 1982

“If you want it, go get it.”
Pragna Halder, Class of 2008

“Follow your heart to do what you love, and you won't be disappointed! Never stop learning. Take an occasional class, learn a new technology or craft, have a curious mind and let it grow. Always build your network! Elizabeth Bockmiller Ceranowski, Class of 1994

“I have learned how to be more loving, caring, and supportive. I’ve learned how to give back to the society and appreciate those who need the highest dedication and love. I have learned to spread my enthusiasm and to change lives through words of wisdom. I have learned to value myself and know that I can cope with what life brings on my way.” Krista Ivanova, Class of 2010

“Most of us alum's have super touches of Wesleyan College all through our lives.”
Lucy Neeley Adams, Class of 1956

“Persevere with God.”
Linda Chambers Mahan, Class of 1961

“Accept change, as life is ever-changing.”
Kathryn Nichols, Class of 2005

“Clarity of meaning is a virtue, the signature of intellectual honesty. And achieving it is devilishly hard work.” Joan Wadsworth West, Class of 1956

I never did learn how to "shoot a hot line like a Mercer co-ed" but I eventually learned to "kiss like the Wesleyannes do!" Leigh Lambert Goff, Class of 1978

“Never be afraid to try new things. A whole new world has opened up for me by learning to use the computer. I have been up in a balloon, parasailed and rode in a glider. I like to learn something new to do or make each year such as calligraphy, wheat weaving and making egg baskets. We are never too old to learn. I am 98 and still want to learn more.” Charmian Thompson, Class of 1934

“Don't wish your life away. Live your life everyday.”
Elizabeth O'Donnell Stewart, Class of 1976

“Dr. N.C. McPherson was Preident of Wesleyan in 942-1946, the same years I was a student. When he was chapel speaker his message, repeated at least once a year, was: "Be careful what you set your heart upon, for you shall surely have it." Rebekah Yates Anders, Class of 1946

“Many people talk about growing up in this town or that place. But I "grew up" at Wesleyan. I learned it was okay to be my crazy, goofy self, and still get a "real" education. Vocal Performance was my focus, but finding me and my circle of life was just as equally important. I celebrate the person Wesleyan allowed me to become. Thank You for the pearls of green, purple, gold, and red. I am thankful for them all. WE are the BEST!!!” Mollie Bell Smith, Class of 1992

“Keep moving forward. At the end of a day, a month, a year, a decade, look back and you will be surprised at what you have been able to accomplish.” Robyn Sullins Bish, Class of 1976

“Question everything, never stop learning and find something to love in every person you meet.”
Amelia Wells, Class of 2006

“Believe in yourself and your abilities. Live with confidence in all that you can accomplish.”
Carrie Walker Dumm, 5th grade teacher, Class of 1999

“Never let anyone steal your joy!”
Karen Miller Smith, Class of 1976

“Make friends with everyone, and if you ever have enemies, forgiveness is key.”
Sarah Jim Kaplan, Class of 2010

“As a Freshman, don't be too quick to determine your major. Take a lot of different classes so you can find your passion!” Betsy McPherson, Class of 1980

“Value sisterhood.”
Susan Swain Goger, Class of 1968

“Live one moment at a time; Live well and sober and joyful -- Gratitude is the best antidote to any depression or feeling blue that I know! I have travelled all over Europe, Russia and the US and in essence we are all the same! We went to be heard, seen and valued as a human being with a sensitive heart!” Frances Popstojanovic, Class of 1966

“The sisterhood of Wesleyan instills a confidence that will take you far and high.”
Cecilia Underwood Kovacs, Class of 1988

“Dream Big! You never know where it will take you!”
Cynthia Busbee, Class of 1992

“Never let "good enough" be good enough. We should never be so focused on fixing that which is wrong that we miss what's right. ” Erin Davis, Class of 2000

“Say what you mean and mean what you say because those who matter don't mind and those who mind...don't matter -Dr. Seuss.” Virginia Wilcox, Class of 1990

“I believe that every single human being is as worthy as every other human being and should be treated with utmost respect and caring. I also believe that continuing after personal goals and never giving up is what makes the utmost difference in achievement. I believe in unconditional love for family members makes all the difference in relationship outcomes.” Sheila Leto Scott, Class of 1961

"When people show you who they are, believe them the first time!"
Maya Angelou” Arizona Williams White, Class of 2003

“Life is too short, too precious, to work somewhere you don't enjoy. If you cannot stand the idea of going to work everyday, it is time to find a new vocation!! Work your hobby, your passion. Even on the difficult days, at least you will enjoy going to work.” Erinne Guice Hatchett, Class of 1995

“Protect your good name. Travel while you're young...you may not get a chance later. Choosing your husband is the most important decision you will ever make; choose well. Never make the same mistake twice. Friendships should last a lifetime so be a good one. Family is the most important.” Pamela Lohr Hendrix, Practicing attorney, Candidate for superior court judge, Western Judicial Circuit (Oconee and Clarke Counties), Class of 1988

“Be thankful, live joyfully, laugh often, and treat all humans with dignity.”
Mary Monfort, Class of 1981

“Wesleyan taught me how to be a strong and independent woman. I came in as a girl and walked out as a woman.” Allison Lieneck Davies, Class of 1988

“Presentation is everything.”
Beth Dilworth Beaver, Class of 1982

“Love God and your neighbor as yourself!”
Margaret Cornell, Class of 1960

“We are all interconnected. By loving others, I lift myself up.”
Debbie Hobbs Walker, Class of 1977

“If you're called a genius by people you think are idiots, don't decide they're right for once.”
M. S. AtKisson, Associate Member at Grant Writers Seminars, Class of 1984

“Although I spent only one year at Wesleyan College, I feel that the total Wesleyan experience, academically, extra curricular, and environmentally, layed the foundation for all the things I have accomplished over the years-- One cannot underestimate the Spirit of Wesleyan!” Judyth Davis Connell, Former Youth Leadership Coordinator of Thomasville Chamber of Commerce, Class of 1963

“Even a small voice can have a big impact.”
Rebecca Curtis Basset, Class of 1971

“Choose your words carefully, for sticks and stones may break bones, but words will break a heart.”
Erin Davis, Class of 2000

“Be careful what you say out loud to others, because it may get you in trouble!”
Janice Cromer Holbrook, Class of 1976

“KINDNESS in every circumstance is the best gift you can offer anyone, and giving it will fill your life with pleasure.” Martha Cash Tanner, Class of 1966

“Excelling in life means working hard, appreciating others, and honoring who you are in everything you do.” Stephanie Pate Lewis, Class of 1997

“If you want to see the big picture, you have to step away from your small one.”
Rachel Garrison, Class of 2004

“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Treat everyone you meet with the utmost care and you will be infinitely successful.” Nancy Williamson Witek, Class of 1976

“Find the pearl of great price and understand how much the heavenly Father loves you. It will change your life!” Dottie Rhoden Hicks, Class of 1962

“Still working at soon to be 75 years old. Real Estate is a challenge these days, but the learning and changes continue to make life interesting. Short Sales, Forclosures and everyone looking for a bargain and life goes on!” Bee Epley, Realtor, Class of 1958

“As a result of my Wesleyan undergraduate experience, I became an empowered woman. My Wesleyan years taught me to continually challenge myself intellectually and personally. This valuable experience drives my passion to contribute meaningfully to my field and to my local community.” Lori Yvonne Downie Hudak, Class of 1995

“Pay compliments to others.”
Virginia B. Perkins, Class of 1963

“The friendships I made at Wesleyan 50 years ago are still my best friends.”
Martha Middlemas-Bryant, Class of 1958

“Elegance is important, worth the effort to achieve it. Enjoy it in persons, places and things. Appreciate people around you who live- out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Grow closer to Him while having a "Not yet" aspect of your salvation. "Hitch your wagon to a star" and pile it high with self esteem, surprises, excitement, worship, family and respect for your fellow persons.” Betty W. Sweeny (aka: Mary W), Class of 1947

“If you want to learn, go teach.”
Michele Arduengo, Class of 1988

“Never stop.”
Kelly Page, Class of 2011

“Dream Big and do not let anyone sway you from your course!”
Beth Elaine Gledhill, Class of 1979

“Wesleyan College prepared me for a lifetime of opportunities.”
Gwyn Brown Chesnut, Class of 1956-57

“Don't be afraid to dream big and work hard to make your dreams come true”
Wanda Maynard Schroeder, Class of 1980

“Laugh and laugh often.”
Melanie Lewis, Class of 1993

“Exposure to diversity - in viewpoints, experiences, backgrounds, and its other definitions - pays!” MayowaFabode (nee Akintobi), Class of 2004

“Never turn away an opportunity. You never know where you might end up!”
Sarah Dushame, Class of 2005

“Assess seemingly difficult situations or events with the following questions-- Will this be so important to me in a year? Five years? Will I even remember it at all? It helps put things in their proper perspective.” Nancy Sinnott Parker, Class of 1981

“Smarts" are not wisdom Wisdom is not "smarts." But it is wise to be smart, and it is smart to be wise.” Manita Bond Dean, Class of 1959

“Be open to new experiences, and don't fear stepping out of your comfort zone. That's when the adventure begins!” Nancy Wyatt Ezzard, Class of 1951

“Send personal, hand written notes of appreciation” Katherine Hammes, Class of 1996

“Many things are lost for want of asking. Also, pray for what you want but work for the things you need.” Lisa Morgan Edwards, Attorney, Class of 1987

“As an educator for 35+ years, "my pearls" are the ideals, values, and expressions I have instilled into my children, students and friends. In all things, whereever you are, whatever you do..."strive to be honest, respectful, responsible, civil and kind, dilligent, assiduous in all matters. Show kindness to others, be generous with your talents, strive for excellence, work and study hard, play often, discover your passion and follow that dream.” Shari Arrington, Class of 1971

“Always be confident, but not arrogant. Confidence is yours and yours alone. No one can give it to you or take it from you. Much like your education, your self-worth and your happiness....” Allison Selman-Willis, Class of 1997

“Apply for any job that you think might be interesting even if you don't match the description of what the company is looking for. Let them decide if you are qualified or not.” Ashling Thurmond Osborne, Class of 2005

“My Wesleyan years imparted living lessons that are much more valuable than any book knowledge. Born and raised north of the Mason-Dixon line, I often felt out-of-step with (and alienated from) fellow Wesleyannes. I was forced by circumstance to slow down, accept other ways of thinking and doing, and honor my inner voice. Since graduating I have "given birth" to 3 businesses, an accomplishment I attribute to my learning flexibility and self-direction while at Wesleyan.” Dena Radley (nee Deborah Rix), Class of 1972

"Practice legato in your life." -Norman Mclean” Valerie Edith Cowart, Class of 1980

“Rules for Travelers: Don't stand when you can sit; Don't sit when you can lie down; Never pass up a restroom!” Lloyd Y. Flanders, Class of 1956

“The "learning" that I've retained most was not anything that I learned in one of the classrooms. It was the spirit of the school, of the people, that shines through the Wesleyan traditions -- like STUNT, Color Rush, RAT. Those are the things that I remember about Wesleyan most.” Jackie (Webb) Bullard, Class of 1979

“To whom much has been given, of her will much be required, but the joy is in the giving.” Anne McKay Garris, Class of 1951

“Stay connected with friends and family, live life fully” Patsy Lockhart Schutte, Class of 1970

“Life will take you on roads you never planned. Roll with the speed bumps and detours, and enjoy the journey!” Anne Cordeiro, Development Manager with the Memorial Health Foundation, Class of 1992

“No one will ever love you as much as your mama.” Teresa Morris Futral, Class of 1991

“Best liberal arts education for women! Also the place where you find your best friends for life.” Elizabeth Hasty Sutton, Class of 1986

“Sisters you choose are often the purest examples of sisterhood ever.” Janet Brooks, Special Needs Teacher for Greenville Co. School District, Class of 1978

“Cherish your Wesleyan friendships!” Linda Brown Walker, Class of 1973

“Never pass up an opportunity to serve and encourage others!” Eileen Moffitt Batchelor, Class of 1972

“Learn from your mistakes, there is nothing wrong with making one, unless you keep making the same mistake over, and over, and over again and expect a different outcome.” Hale C. Edwards, Class of 1973

“Find a good place to work – Wesleyan College!” Reverend Bill Hurdle, Chaplain

“Hear your own voice, don't let it drown in a sea of doubt.” Carol Durham Taylor, Class of 1985

“Never Never Give Up On Your Dreams” Heather Mathis, Class of 2008

“Don't be afraid to participate, enjoy yourself or lead. The experience will mean so much more.” Heather Beene Booker, Class of 1999