Board of Managers

Ashley Garrett ’90 Athens, GA
Advanced Degree: M.A., Auburn University
Occupation: Information Services Education Manager
Alumnae Activities: Former Secretary, Vice President for Publications and Public Relations, Vice President for Educational Enrichment, and President-Elect, WCAA; Atlanta Wesleyan Alumnae Club; Loyalty Fund Chair; AAR; Society for the Twenty-First Century; Fiscal Fitness Convocation Speaker; e-Link; Candlelighter; e-Rep; Alumnae Weekend and WWW Volunteer;

Melanie Filson Lewis ’93 Fayetteville, GA
Occupation: Business Support Manager, Bank of America
Alumnae Activities: Former Treasurer, WCAA; Class Liaison; AAR; Atlanta Wesleyan Alumnae Club; Alumnae Christmas Coffee Hostess; Wesleyan First Contact; Reunion Planning Committee; Fiscal Fitness Convocation Speaker; Candlelighter; e-Link; Alumnae Weekend and WWW Volunteer;

Jaime F. McQuilkin ’06 Smyrna, GA
Advanced Degree: Certificate in Design,
The Creative Circus
Occupation: Interactive Designer, CSE
Alumnae Activities: Wesleyan Atlanta Young Alums Planning Committee and Member; Atlanta Club, Member and Hostess; Reunion Attendee; Sisters 4 Sisters; Designer, WCAA  Activities; Co-Designer, PK 2006 Newsletter; Candlelighter; e-Link; AAR;

Lynn Moses ’77 Macon, GA
Advanced Degree: UGA Sales Leadership
Academy 2010
Occupation: Georgia Power Company, Sales Manager for Central Region
Alumnae Activities: Class Reunion Co-Chair; Loyalty Fund Liaison; Convocation Speaker; Thousandfold Society; Candlelighter;

guylucyVice-President for Admission
Lucy Guy ’09 Dublin, GA
Advanced Degree: Executive M.B.A., Wesleyan College, Class of 2013
Occupation: Vice President of Marketing, Horse Creek Auction Company, Inc.
Alumnae Activities: Founder, Young Alumnae Dublin Chapter; Candlelighter;

abbieVice-President for Publications and Public Relations
Abbie Smoak Lacienski ’01 Statesboro, GA
Advanced Degree: M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, Georgia Southern University
Occupation: CTAE Director for Bulloch County Schools (Career, Technical, and Agriculture Education)
Alumnae Activities: Class Reunion Planning Committee; Sisters 4 Sisters; Candlelighter;

prisAlumna Trustee (2009-2013)
Pris Gautier Bornmann ’68 Alexandria, VA
Advanced Degree: M.S., Purdue University; J.D., American University
Occupation: Attorney
Alumnae Activities: Washington, D.C. Metro Area Alumnae Club; Society for the Twenty-First Century; Class Liaison; Vice Chair, Campaign Major Gift Committee, Forever First Campaign; AAR; Career Mentor; Internship Hostess; Candlelighter;

elliotkAlumna Trustee (2011-2015)
Glennda Kingry Elliott ’65 Macon, GA
Advanced Degree: M.FS., Master of Family Studies, Mercer University
Occupation: Social Worker; Retired as Coordinator of Senior Services, The Medical Center of Central Georgia, Director of Golden Opportunities (older adult program) and Geriatric Care Manager
Alumnae Activities: Past President, Macon Wesleyan Alumnae Club; First Vice President, Finance and Nominating Committees, WCAA; Reunion Chair and Co-Chair; Class Liaison; Presidential Inaugural Gala Committee; Candlelighter; AAR; Macon Club Christmas Coffee Hostess; Society for the Twenty-First Century; WWW Volunteer;

mitchellbevAlumna Trustee (2010-2014)
Beverly F. Mitchell ’68 Woodstock, GA
Advanced Degree: Ph.D., Florida State University
Occupation: Professor and Associate Dean, Kennesaw State University
Alumnae Activities: Atlanta Alumnae Club; Candlelighter; Alumnae Weekend and WWW Volunteer;

kelsoMember-at-Large for Nominations (2012-2013)
Carol Bacon Kelso ’73 Thomasville, GA
Occupation: Caterer and Former Local Cooking Show Host; Community Volunteer
Alumnae Activities: Former Alumnae Weekend Chair, WCAA; Class Reunion Co-Chair; Reunion Committee; Class Liaison; Alumnae Office Volunteer; Candlelighter; Thousandfold Society; Tallahassee Alumnae Club; Wesleyan mother to PK ’06; AAR;

Member-at-Large for Alumnae Weekend (2012-2015)
Rita Parker McGarity ’75 McDonough, GA
Advanced Degree: M.Ed., GA State University
Occupation: Retired School Teacher, Henry County School System and Retired Director of Music, McDonough Presbyterian Church
Alumnae Activities: Class Liaison; Class Reunion Chair; Reunion Committee; Society for the Twenty-First Century; Loyalty Fund Liaison; Thousandfold Society; Candlelighter;
woodwardsusanPast President
Susan Woodward Walker ’70 Franklin, TN
Advanced Degree: M.S., Old Dominion University
Occupation: Homemaker and Volunteer
Alumnae Activities: Former Vice President for Development, Alumnae Weekend Chair, President-Elect and President, WCAA; Loyalty Fund Chair and Vice Chair; Class Liaison; Class Reunion Chair; Society for the Twenty-First Century; Alumnae Admissions Representative (AAR) Award; Wesleyan First Award Committee Chair and Presenter; Thousandfold Society; Alumnae Weekend and WWW Volunteer;