International Student Information

The International Student Program is committed to providing culturally sensitive services to our international students. A goal of this service is to help our students integrate into the Wesleyan College community. As a part of our student life services, we strive to create an environment that allows for successful educational and personal experiences through orientation, advising, programs and outreach.

The purpose is to make the transition to American culture easier for international students. We provide seminars and information during international and new student orientation and throughout the course of the year on issues such as homesickness, culture shock, language difficulty and a variety of other concerns. We also provide ongoing opportunities for international students to introduce their country and culture to the community through the Wesleyan Host Family Program.

Improving the quality of the campus life, providing for a regular transportation service, and focusing on the special dietary needs of our international students are also high on our agenda.

You’ll find helpful information and forms for International Students on the links below.

Tips for International Students:

Compliance Forms (PDF)