First-Year Students

As a first-year student at Wesleyan, you can count on being exposed to a lot. Classmates from places like Malaysia and Cameroon. Professors with PhDs from Oxford and Yale. And a curriculum that will challenge you to think across disciplines and delve into complex moral and ethical issues.  

And the setting? It’s truly inspired. Wesleyan’s 200-acre lakeside campus features 20 Georgian-style red brick buildings; multi-million dollar wellness, athletic, and equestrian facilities; a student café; art studios; science labs … In other words, all the comforts of home – and then some. Click here for a list of admission requirements.

When to submit your application depends on a couple of things. But generally, we say, "Why not submit it now?" Applying to Wesleyan online for free.

Early Decision Applicants
If Wesleyan is your clear first choice, you’ll want to apply under Early Decision, which is a binding decision. Applications (and all supporting documents) must be received by November 15. You’ll hear from us by December 15; if admitted, you’ll be required to withdraw applications from all other schools, and pay your enrollment and housing deposit at the time we notify you of your acceptance.

Regular Decision/Scholarship Priority Applicants
Regular Decision/Scholarship Priority applications and supporting documents must be received by January 15. Applicants meeting this deadline will have first consideration for Wesleyan’s merit scholarships. You’ll hear by February 15, and will have until the national reply date of May 1 to pay your enrollment and housing deposit.

If you have any questions please contact