Meet a Representative

Email us at or call us at (800) 447-6610.  Need to know more? Request information.


Steve Farr
Vice President for Enrollment Services
Steve is responsible for the overall strategic direction of Admission and Financial Aid. In addition, Steve develops recruitment strategies, philosophies, and approaches aimed at prospective students and parents. He works to develop and manage strategic financial aid plans to meet the needs of students. He also builds relationships with international educational institutions and organizations. Contact Steve at or 478.757.5206.


Amy Lines Whaley
Director of Recruitment

As Director of Recruitment, Amy is responsible for making sure that every student who is interested in Wesleyan receives the individualized attention and care that we are known for both in the classroom and on our campus.Wesleyan is a great match for a young woman who hungers to pioneer new horizons and it is Amy's job to make sure that we develop a strong relationship with each student at the outset so that she begins to feel at home way before she has to take that leap as a first year. Contact Amy at or 478.757.5102

lgoodmanL2 Leslie Goodman
Admission Operations Manager
Leslie is your contact if you have questions about Office of Admission’s on-campus events such as Fall Preview, Scholarship Day, Welcome to Wesleyan Weekend, Pioneer Weekend, and Junior Day (see the visit page on our website for more information about these events). Leslie also manages the accounting, publications, promotions and marketing for the Office of Admission. Contact Leslie at or 478.757.5139.

Pam Huber

Nontraditional Admission Counselor
Pam is your admission counselor if you have been out of high school for more than 3 years and are interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree at Wesleyan College through our Evening Program or Encore Day Program. These programs welcome adult learners – both full time and part time – who are either beginning their college education or would like to transfer credits to Wesleyan and complete their degree here. You may contact Pam at or 478.757.2802.
lodgeL Danielle Lodge
Director of Financial Aid
Danielle works with applicants and current students to determine the best financial aid package for each individual. She reviews all financial aid packages and endowed scholarship awards. Danielle is the primary financial aid contact for new traditional students. She is also the contact for veteran’s educational benefits. Contact Danielle at or 478.757.5161.
Karen Kitchens
Retention and Student Advocacy Coordinator
Karen works to support nontraditional students after enrollment. Karen is your admission counselor if you are interested in applying to the Master of Education in Early Childhood Education. Karen received her undergraduate degree from Wesleyan College through our nontraditional program. Contact Karen at or 478.757.5180.
parrishL Parrish S. Jenkins '06
Assistant Director of Admission
Parrish is your admission counselor if you attend high school in Central Georgia. Parrish is a 2006 graduate of Wesleyan College. Contact her at  or 478.757.5150.

Anna Mishina Cooper '04
Assistant Director of Admission

Anna is your admission counselor if you are an exchange student or international student. (Note that international students are identified as not being US Citizens nor permanent residents and can be attending high school anywhere in the world.) She is also the counselor for ALL students attending high school in the city of Atlanta, Northeast or Northwest Georgia. Anna received her undergraduate degree from Wesleyan through our Russian exchange program. Contact Anna at or 478.757.5146. 
Annabel F. Brooks '11
Admission Counselor
Annabel is your admission counselor if you live in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada,  Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, and Alaska. She also works closely with United Methodist churches and their youth groups. Annabel is a 2011 Golden Heart graduate of Wesleyan. Contact Annabel at or 478.757.5163
 lculpepper Lindsey Culpepper
Admission Counselor
Lindsey is your admission counselor if you attend high school in South Georgia, Alabama, or South Carolina. She is also our main contact for high school students in their junior year. Contact Lindsey at or 478.757.5152

Gabriel Wagner

Admission Counselor

Gabriel is your admission counselor if you attend high school in Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New York, or New Jersey. Contact Gabriel at or 478.757.5118.


Tracy Tilley '89

Alumnae Admission Program Director
Tracy Ward Tilley '89 Alumnae Admission Program Director Tracy is your admission counselor if you live in North Carolina. She also recruits alumnae to assist the Admission Office with college fairs, yield parties and contacting prospective students. And be fair warned....When YOU become an alumna of Wesleyan, she will call on you to help the Admission Office! You may contact her at or 478.757.5149.

Susan Hagemeyer

Director of Applicant Records
Susan maintains records for traditional-aged and transfer applicants to the college. She processes applications, school transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation for candidates, and prepares the student's admission folder for review. She supervises the mail flow and communication stream to students who have applied, been accepted, and paid their enrollment deposits. In addition, she maintains statistical data on applicants, and coordinates Office of Admission functions with other campus departments.  Contact Susan at or 478.757.5164.
 steinbackL Mary Ann Steinbach
Admission Visit Coordinator
Mary Ann is the person to contact if you are interested in scheduling an individual visit to our campus and/or a campus tour (see the visit page on our website for more information about your visiting options). Contact Mary Ann at or 478.757.5165.