Women Studies

Major: Women's Studies
Program Director:
 Deidra Donmoyer Associate Professor of Communication
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The Women’s Studies interdisciplinary program offers courses that teach students about the ways that women’s lives are shaped by biology, society, and cultural notions of gender. Students take courses that are cross-listed from other departments at the college, such as Psychology, Art, Economics, English, Political Science, Communication, Philosophy, and Sociology. The unifying feature of the course work is the focus on women’s issues. Goals of the minor include bringing students to a greater awareness of the roles of women in both developed and developing countries, and giving women knowledge that will allow them to play active roles, in their communities and in the world, as advocates for women. For information about specific courses offered, please see our Academic Catalogue. 


Regina OostRegina B. Oost Professor of English and English Department Chair. B.A. (English), University of Utah 1984; M.A. (English) University of Utah 1986; Ph.D. (English) University of Utah 1994. My primary research interests include 18th- and 19th-century British literature, literary theory, African literature, and women’s writing. Tate 216. 

Deidra DonmoyerDeidra Donmoyer Associate Professor of Communication. B.A. (Communication) Kutztown University 1993; M.A. (Communication) Auburn University 1996; Graduate Certificate (Women's Studies) Bowling Green State University 2001; Ph.D. (Rhetorical Theory and Criticism)  Bowling Green State University 2003. My research is centered on rhetorical, film, women's, cultural, and pedagogical studies; these interests converge through critical awareness and ideological positionality. Using film as a primary basis of rhetorical analysis, I am able to come to understandings of how women are represented and who they are thought to be, thereby exploring how society may expect women to behave and interact in everyday life. Tate 218. ddonmoyer@wesleyancollege.edu

Karen Huber
Karen Huber Professor of History. B.A (History, French) University of Dayton 1998; M.A. (History) Ohio State University 2002; Ph.D. (History) Ohio State University 2007. My professional interests include women's history, French history, modern European history, world history and reproductive history. Tate 13. khuber@wesleyancollege.edu

Jan LewisJan Lewis
Associate Professor of Theatre. B.A. Brandeis University (Theatre Arts); M.A. University of California, Berkeley (Dramatic Art); M.F.A. University of California, Los Angeles (Directing); Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara (Dramatic Art).  I have spent many years as an actor, director, dramaturg, and director in the professional theatre. My research interests include American theatre, musical theatre, and race, ethnic, and gender studies in theatre and film. Porter Fine Arts 109. jlewis@wesleyancollege.ed