Portfolio Review

All students who wish to pursue studies in studio art should present a portfolio of work for review. Students who present work will be eligible for scholarships recommended by the Art Department. If you are unable to present your work in person, we will accept a portfolio CD. You are encouraged to submit your portfolio early. Most scholarship money is awarded by mid-March. Art scholarship money is restricted to students who plan to major or minor in studio art or art history.

The purpose of the Portfolio Review is to provide an opportunity for prospective students to demonstrate capability and achievement. The Art Department faculty is interested in seeing examples of your work! Review the following guidelines as you prepare your portfolio for review. If you, or your teacher, have questions about preparing for the review, call the Art Department (478-757-5189).  

To schedule a Portfolio Review appointment, call the Admissions office at (478) 757-5206. 
Complete a Portfolio Review Application Form. Download one:
Portfolio Review Application Form

Portfolio Review Checklist
  • Include 10-15 works of art representing a mix of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional media.
  • Work should be original and not copied from other artists, photographs, or magazines.
  • One work should be a current self-portrait drawn from life, not a photograph.
  • Written recommendation from an art teacher.
  • 500 word essay discussing your use of the elements (line, shape, value, color, texture) and principles (balance, unity, rhythm, scale, emphasis) of design in one of the pieces included in your portfolio. The paper should be set in 12 pt. type, Times New Roman, and double-spaced.

The portfolio review is best done in person with the original work. The review lasts 20-30 minutes and includes an interview with members of the Art Department faculty. If a work in your portfolio is too large or fragile to transport, or you live outside of the country and cannot attend an in-person interview, we will accept a portfolio on a CD.

CD Portfolio Guidelines

Photographing your work
  • Photograph your work in natural light or a well-lit room. Using a flash may wash out your image or create hot spots. Three-dimensional work should be shot against a neutral background.
  • Be sure that your camera is parallel with your artwork to prevent distortion. You may want to use a tripod to ensure that your images are not blurry. 
  • Digital cameras should be at least 5 mega-pixels and set to a medium or high-resolution setting.

Preparing your files for the CD
  • Rotate your images to their correct viewing position.
  • Crop your images to the edge of the artwork.
  • Adjust any color, contrast, or brightness so the image looks like the original artwork.
  • Your files should be 1024 pixels on the longest side, 72 dpi, and in RGB color mode.
  • Save your files in JPG format at the highest quality setting.
  • Name your files with your last name and a number beginning with a 0. (i.e. johnson_01.jpg)

Burning your CD
  • Be sure that your CD is both Mac and PC compatible.
  • Do not use a photo slideshow application to display your images. Simply burn the files to the CD.
  • Test your CD to ensure that you have burned it correctly.
  • Neatly write your name, phone number, address, and email on the CD with a permanent marker.

To Include With Your CD
  • A completed Portfolio Review Application Form (including all items on the checklist).
  • A typed list of all the artwork on the CD. Use the same numbers used for the file names. Include each piece’s title, size, media, year created, and assignment guidelines (if any). Include your name and contact information on the sheet.
  • Return postage and mailing container for your portfolio.

If you have questions, please contact:
Dennis Applebee, Associate Professor of Art
Phone: 478-757-5194
Email: dapplebee@wesleyancollege.edu