Religious Studies

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 Religious Studies
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Program Director: Karen Bray Professor of Religious Studies
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Religious Studies is the critical inquiry into cultural expressions – such as myth, ritual, symbols, and sacred texts – that address fundamental human concerns. The student of religion develops a broad methodological base from areas such as history, philosophy, sociology, and literature to address comprehensively and cross-culturally such issues as the origins of religious communities, their similar and divergent practices and beliefs, and their literature. For information about specific courses offered, please see our Academic Catalogue.


Vivia Fowler Viva Fowler Professor of Religious Studies, Provost of the College, and Vice President for Academic Affairs. B.A. (Religion and Sociology) Columbia College 1976; M.A. (Religion) The Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary 1980; Ph.D. (Psychological and Philosophical Foundations of Education) The University of South Carolina 1994. My disciplinary interests are in biblical studies, women's studies, and philosophies and practices of religious education. In higher education, I am interested in issues related to student success and retention, especially in the first year of college. Tate