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Chemistry, Applied Mathematical Science
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 Charles Benesh, Associate Professor of Physics
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Physics courses are offered in support of majors in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and educational studies and also to fulfill the College's General Education requirements. Students interested in further studies in physics should consider the physics minor. For information about specific courses offered, please see our Academic Catalogue.

Related Programs
Wesleyan has a pre-engineering dual degree program in conjunction with the Georgia Institute of Technology, Auburn University, and Mercer University. Under the dual degree program, a student attends Wesleyan for three years (90 semester hours) and then attends one of the cooperating institutions for two to three years. After completing the academic requirements of the two institutions, the student is awarded a bachelor's degree from both Wesleyan and the cooperating engineering school.

Our pre-engineering program is administered through the Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The pre-engineering curriculum is designed to give an engineering student a strong background in the liberal arts as well as the basic mathematics and science she will need for her engineering coursework. We have had graduates in electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, aerospace, and nuclear engineering.

Laboratory experience plays a central role in study of physics at Wesleyan. Each of our introductory laboratory stations features a wide variety of sensors and interfaces for computer data acquisition and analysis. Apparatus are available for the study of more advanced topics in optics, nuclear and atomic physics, and chaos. Several small telescopes are available astronomical studies. The department has also put together a Linux-based Beowulf cluster for use by students interested in projects in computational physics.

The Randolph and Margaret Munroe Thrower Astronomy platform, a rooftop observing space atop Munroe Science Center, provides space for 8-10 telescopes for use by astronomy and physics students. 

Field Study
Physics students are strongly encouraged to participate in undergraduate research both on and off campus. 

Scholarships and Awards 
Munroe Scholars Program. Provides substantial financial support for outstanding students majoring in science and math. 
Lise Meitner Award. For the outstanding physics student.


Charles BeneshCharles Benesh Associate Professor of Physics. B.S. (Physics) Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1982; Ph.D. (Physics) University of Washington 1988. My primary research involves the description of sub-atomic particles and interactions in terms of their quark and gluon constituents. Taylor 210.