Self Designed Interdisciplinary

In addition to the standard disciplinary majors, Wesleyan allows interested students to design their own program of study. An interdisciplinary major should be planned by a student in consultation with a faculty advisor and representatives of each of the major and minor programs involved. The major should interrelate at least two fields of learning, yet have a central and cohesive theme. It is reserved for students who have a strong interest in interdisciplinary studies and who have demonstrated both initiative and academic excellence. Only students in good academic standing are eligible to submit a proposal for a self-designed major. For information about specific courses offered, please see ourĀ Academic Catalogue.

1. The self-designed interdisciplinary major must include at least 39 semester hours, beyond the general education requirements.
2. If the major and minor programs involved have courses in methodology, these must also be included in the major.
3. A minimum of 21 of the 39 hours should be at or above the 300-level, exclusive of the senior project, honors thesis, or internship. These 21 hours should include at least three courses from each of the major and minor programs involved.

1. The interested student chooses an advisor form one of the disciplines involved.
2. Proposals must be approved by all departments involved in the plan of study before submission for final approval by the Curriculum Committee.
3. Interdisciplinary major proposal forms (available in the Office of Records and Registration) must be submitted for approval to the Curriculum Committee at least four weeks prior to the end of the fall semester of the junior year. The interested student is, however, encouraged to submit materials by the end of her sophomore year.
4. The Curriculum Committee reviews proposals and makes recommendations as to the validity and viability of each proposal. Changes in the proposed plan of study must be made by the student within two weeks of the initial review. At that time, the Curriculum Committee reviews the final proposal and makes a decision regarding its acceptance.