Major: English
Minor: English
Program Director: Regina B. OostProfessor of English
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English offers courses in both literature and writing. The literature program covers British and American literature, as well as other national literatures (in translation). English classes emphasize women’s literature and the role of gender in studying literature. The English major prepares students for graduate study and many professional opportunities. The English major requires 36 hours in English or humanities beyond the general education requirements. The English minor consists of 18 hours beyond general education requirements. All courses in English prepare students to read analytically, think critically, and communicate effectively— skills which prepare students for outstanding positions in the workplace and excellent graduate programs to continue their studies. For information about specific courses offered, please see our Academic Catalogue. 

Field Study
Students majoring in English have interned with The Macon Telegraph, Macon Magazine, local television and radio stations, the Cherry Blossom Festival, the American Red Cross, various law offices, local publishers, nonprofit organizations, and businesses in the community.

Study Abroad
Because many English majors also minor in a foreign language, they often participate in study abroad programs. Others study for a semester or year in the United Kingdom, and some travel abroad for shorter periods and combine those trips with independent study courses during the summer.  Click here for additional Study Abroad information.

Special Opportunities
The English Society, an organization open to English majors or anyone interested in English, sponsors a variety of extracurricular activities such as film screenings, used book sales, and open mic poetry readings. English majors have presented their research at regional and national conferences in such areas as women’s studies, Irish literature, southern women writers, digital media, and British literature. They also have published a variety of creative writing.

Outcomes & Post-graduate Success
Students who major in English often go on to graduate study in English or related fields such as law, medicine, journalism, communication, or library science. In fact, Wesleyan's President Ruth Knox '75 majored in English. Wesleyan prepared her for an outstanding legal career. After graduating from Wesleyan, she earned a law degree from the University of Georgia School of Law and practiced law for more than twenty-five years in Atlanta before returning to her alma mater as its first alumna president. Read her story!

Tamara Francis '05 also chose graduate school. This English major and theatre minor loved late night play rehearsals, work at the Writing Center, and all-night study sessions at the Waffle House. All three prepared her for graduate school at Florida State University. Currently, she's studying for her master’s degree in rhetoric and English composition. 

Many Wesleyan alumnae credit the close relationships they shared with faculty as a factor in their success. Once off campus, students and faculty often maintain strong bonds and enjoy a valuable, life-long network of support. When LaKeisha Lowe '03 got her dream job, she called Wesleyan English Professor Dr. Matthew Martin and shared her news. 


Melanie DohertyMelanie Doherty Associate Professor of English and Director of Writing. B.A. (Comparative Literature) University of Massachusetts 1998; M.A. (English and Comparative Literature) Brandeis University 2004; Ph.D. (English and Comparative Literature) Brandeis University. My research interests include 19th- and 20th-century American literature, media and film studies, digital humanities, critical theory, writing technologies, and writing pedagogy. Tate 225A. 



Joe Lease Assistant Professor of English. B.A. (English) University of Arkansas 1999; M.A.T. (Secondary English) Duke University 2003; Ph.D. (English) University of Georgia 2012. My foremost research interests include 20th century American and British literature, film studies, action theory pertaining to the heroic act in literature and film, and pedagogical issues related to the use of technology in the classroom.
Tate 215. jlease@wesleyancollege.edu 

Matt Martin
Matthew R. Martin Professor of English, Knox Professor of Humanities, and Dean of Faculty. B.A. (English) Furman University 1985; B.A. (English) Oxford University 1987; Ph.D. (English) University of Virginia 1994. My professional interests include creative writing, Southern literature, and African-American literature. Tate 219. mmartin@wesleyancollege.edu

Regina OostRegina B. Oost
 Cobb Alumnae Professor of English. B.A. (English), University of Utah 1984; M.A. (English) University of Utah 1986; Ph.D. (English) University of Utah 1994. My primary research interests include 18th- and 19th-century British literature, literary theory, African literature, and women’s writing.
Tate 216.  roost@wesleyancollege.edu