Major: Communication
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Advertising and Marketing Communication
Program Director: David A. Bobbitt
 Associate Professor of Communication
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The field of communication has a long and prominent intellectual history as one of the oldest liberal arts. It dates back to ancient Greece where rhetoric was essential for participation in civic life. In the more than two thousand years since, the field has expanded to study many kinds of human communication phenomena in various contexts such as media, culture, and relationships.

Students pursuing a degree in communication will acquire a broad and deep understanding of communication theory, the ability to engage in informed criticism and analysis of communication acts and artifacts, develop critical thinking skills, and learn to practice effective communication. For information about specific courses offered, please see our Academic Catalogue.

Field Study
Students majoring in communication have interned with the Atlanta Governor’s Program, CNN, the Red Cross, the Cherry Blossom Festival, local television and radio stations, and various law offices, hospitals, schools, and businesses in Atlanta and in the surrounding Macon community.

Special Opportunities
Faculty and students are involved in collaborative research in such areas as media theory and criticism, rhetorical studies, gender and communication, and intercultural communication.

There is no ready-made or single career option for communication students because of the pervasive nature of communication. However, communication students often, for example, go on to work in careers such as public relations, personnel, counseling, human services, journalism, broadcasting, lobbying, speech writing, and teaching. Students in communication also go on to graduate school in communication or other disciplines, law school, or even medical school.


David BobbittDavid A. Bobbitt Associate Professor of Communication and Communication Department Chair. B.S. (Economics) University of Tennessee 1976; M.A. (Media and Film Studies) Memphis State University 1986; M.A. (Cultural Studies) University of Iowa 1988; Ph.D. (Rhetorical Theory and Criticism) Louisiana State University 1992. My primary interests include media/film theory and criticism, cultural studies, rhetorical theory and criticism, American public discourse, and philosophy of communication. Tate

Deidra DonmoyerDeidra Donmoyer Associate Professor of Communication. B.A. (Communication) Kutztown University 1993; M.A. (Communication) Auburn University 1996; Graduate Certificate (Women's Studies) Bowling Green State University 2001; Ph.D. (Rhetorical Theory and Criticism) Bowling Green State University 2003. My research is centered on rhetorical, film, women's, cultural, and pedagogical studies; these interests converge through critical awareness and ideological positionality. Using film as a primary basis of rhetorical analysis, I am able to come to understandings of how women are represented and who they are thought to be, thereby exploring how society may expect women to behave and interact in everyday life. Tate 218.

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