Imagine being surrounded by hundreds of people who are absolutely convinced you can do anything.

That’s how it is as Wesleyan. Our professors – noted scholars with the highest degrees in their fields from places like Oxford, MIT, Georgetown, and Vanderbilt – will push you to think harder and aim higher than you ever have before. They’ll challenge you to think across disciplines and delve into moral and ethical issues.

Since most of your classes at Wesleyan will have fewer than 20 students, you’ll be well known by every professor you have. But be prepared: they’ll expect you to speak up and express yourself. In return, you can expect them to support you, care about your success, and help you get internships, summer jobs, and graduate school appointments.

Wesleyan will prepare you to attain top positions and lead in your career field. According to several national studies, women’s colleges are more successful than co-ed colleges in graduating unique women that report high levels of satisfaction, whether academic, developmental, or personal.

One third of the women board members of Fortune 1000 companies graduated from women's colleges. In addition, one of every seven state cabinet members graduated from a women's college; women's college graduates make up 20 percent of the one hundred most powerful people in Washington D.C. The Black Enterprise Magazine identified that 20 percent of the most powerful African-American women in corporate America graduated from women's colleges.

Wesleyan isn't just a women's college, it's a community of learners and doers -- of women who have big plans for the future and refuse to limit themselves. Wesleyan will teach you about character, conscience, and the unlimited creativity you have to transform the world.